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Am I missing something here? Meghan Markle

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Whitehorseinthehill · 13/11/2019 16:15


Sorry for the Meghan Markle thread and DM link, but I have found this really amusing today.

Story out today saying Harry and Meghan apparently aren't spending Xmas with the Queen this year. Lots of comments below blaming Meghan, saying she's isolating Harry from his family, saying the Queen must be really upset. Everyone at work was chatting about it today saying similar.

Am I missing something? I mean we don't even know if it's true. But even if it is, aren't they entitled to spend Xmas as they please? She has her own mother she may want to see.

Ok I get that it's the Queen and it's the usual tradition but is it really a big deal?

OP posts:
Encyclo · 16/11/2019 20:35

I always think of Kate as Kate Cambridge.

SunsetBoulevard3 · 16/11/2019 21:01

I wouldn’t think Meghan wants to be a Markle anymore. Not with all the stuff her father has done.

MarziPam · 16/11/2019 21:03

'Well we don't call Kate, Kate Middleton any more'

Some people do. Does it matter? I really can't see it is a slur to call someone by their maiden name anyway.

Lellikelly26 · 16/11/2019 21:20

The tabloids are sickening. I really feel sorry for Meghan. I expect they’ll be moving to America and I don’t blame them.

MissEliza · 16/11/2019 22:40

@StoneofDestiny I'm not quite sure how you want her new family to 'speak' up for her but I did think Prince Charles 'giving her away' (bloody awful term) was a significant gesture of support.

Bluerussian · 16/11/2019 22:43

Those who say it really doesn't matter are right, it really doesn't but I haven't heard that Middleton and Markle still call themselves that - they might though!

Lellikelly, I hope they don't move permanently to America but I think they might; I too feel sorry for them both.

All this horrible publicity - so typical of the media, they've done it to so many for so long - just goes to show that having a moneyed and privileged life is not everything. I would not swap with them for the world.

Poppy3249 · 16/11/2019 22:50

Guessing they want to spend the time with their baby son rather than playing charades with the Queen. Are babies made welcome at the royal Xmas lunch table or sent off for tea in the nursery with a nanny. Think they’ve made a good decision!

ElizaStrawberry · 16/11/2019 23:20

'When Andrew said he was being 'honourable', I think he meant 'loyal' and that would have been a far better word to use.' I think you over estimate his grasp of, er, the Queen's English. He's not the brightest spark.

StoneofDestiny · 16/11/2019 23:57

She wasn't under fire from the press then!
We've all got friends when the going is good. Real friends stand up to be counted when the going is tough.

Bluerussian · 17/11/2019 00:42

By all accounts everyone enjoys Christmas at Sandringham, it's very child friendly. However not unreasonable to alternate, especially as Meghan's mother is in the USA - I mean, it's not like they can nip down in the car to see her on Boxing Day.

TiddlerontheRoof · 17/11/2019 00:51

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lyralalala · 17/11/2019 01:18

re babies made welcome at the royal Xmas lunch table or sent off for tea in the nursery with a nanny.

The children are around various parts of the day, but they eat in the nursery until their table manners are good enough to join the main table

Bluerussian · 17/11/2019 01:24

Diana didn't like Balmoral, I don't know about Sandringham. Most people do like Sandringham (I do, it's lovely). I think the Sussex couple just want to go to the USA and see Meghan's mother, that's natural enough. If they don't go to live in America, they'll probably do alternate years.

TiddlerontheRoof · 17/11/2019 01:46

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SunsetBoulevard3 · 17/11/2019 05:45

Subs they are flying out to a hot country?

SunsetBoulevard3 · 17/11/2019 05:45


MissEliza · 17/11/2019 17:40

Sandringham does sound beyond awful. I'd be delighted to have breakfast served in my room though.

NormanSmith · 17/11/2019 18:49

I'd want a full English though not flipping fruit

converseandjeans · 17/11/2019 19:04

Whatever she does will be wrong. Feel really sorry for her tbh.

MissEliza · 17/11/2019 19:07

I couldn't handle a full English on Christmas Day. No room for the main event!

Encyclo · 17/11/2019 19:15

The Prince Andrew scandal will put all of Meghan's perceived "sins" into perspective.

The media have a much bigger royal fish to fry now, and the timing of Harry and Meghan's 6 week break couldn't be better.

All eyes on Andrew now, and the narrative of Harry and Meghan not wanting to be in the same house as Andrew for Christmas might start to gather a bit of traction.

StoneofDestiny · 17/11/2019 19:23

Exactly - who would want to be in the same air space as Andrew (or Philip or Edward for that matter).

speakout · 17/11/2019 19:29

I don't fancy kindeys for breakfast.
At least if you are one of the "ladies" eating breakfast in your room you can wash it down with a nice glass of breakfast gin.

TiddlerontheRoof · 17/11/2019 22:11

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AlorMy · 17/11/2019 23:28

On the subject of whether it’s right that we continue to call the duchess of Sussex “Meghan Markle”, and the duchess of Cambridge “Kate Middleton”, Princess Diana was often referred to as “Lady Di” well after her marriage but no one complained about that. Maybe it’s because she was from aristocracy...

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