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To ask where I can buy bigger condoms?

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Fighternotalover · 29/10/2018 21:38

Long story short, the pill is making me crazy. Nobody can stand to be around me because my moods are so bad! ... including myself! I can't use a lot of contraception due to severe migraines and don't want to use others for various reasons.

So we are left with condoms. Only problem is standard ones don't fit the boyfriend and neither do the 'xl' ones from standard brands. Only ones we've found that do are from theyfit/myone and at almost £7 for 6, I can't afford to be having sex! 😂

Can anyone think of any brand etc that I may have forgotten? Or am I just going to have to give up sex (definitely not risking another baby after an almost 11lb one earlier this year....definitely not considering that for a long time!).

Thanks x

OP posts:

PoxAlert · 29/10/2018 22:38

On Jeremy Kyle once someone used a toffee crisp wrapper, have you considered this Op

Thanks @anitagreen - I properly laughed at that. And winced a little. 


Barbadosgirl · 29/10/2018 22:43

Best. Thread. Ever.


runoutofgasagain · 29/10/2018 22:44

If this isn't a total scam of a thread...
These are meant to be good (haven't personally tried them!) - they have 66 different sizes and you print out a measurement guide.
I think I saw them on Dragon's Den a few years ago...


overagain · 29/10/2018 22:45

MyOtherProfile but that doesn't mean they are comfortable, they also split more easily when a bit of the snug side.


Avegemitesandwich · 29/10/2018 22:45

they have 66 different sizes and you print out a measurement guide.

66 sizes? Shock

That's a very specific number of sizes as well!


anitagreen · 29/10/2018 22:45

@PoxAlert they had a lie detector test about it too I cannot for the life of me remember the result now it's on YouTube though 😂


Stressedout10 · 29/10/2018 22:48

Femidoms (female condoms)


Littlelambpeep · 29/10/2018 22:48

It's not the size if the nail... it's the force of the hammer behind it that counts 🤣🔨


KungFuPandaWorks · 29/10/2018 22:50

anita I'm sure they came back and did a lie detector on that and it was proven that the old friend was just spreading lies.


AuLoinSontVontLesNuages · 29/10/2018 22:52

Another vote for Mysize or Lelo Hex Respect


Flyinggeese · 29/10/2018 22:52

OP I was going to say Skyn from Tesco, Sainsbury's, Boots etc. But others have funnier answers. :)

Seriously though, even though condoms stretch A LOT, it takes quite a lot of stretch to do that and I presume the regular size ones are too tight a fit and that can't be comfortable.

Having saId that, from what you're suggesting I assume you've tried all the usual brands.


TheCakeCrusader · 29/10/2018 22:52

Just in time for Halloween too!

To ask where I can buy bigger condoms?

TokyoSushi · 29/10/2018 22:53



t00dle00 · 29/10/2018 22:53

Your poor fanny.


TokyoSushi · 29/10/2018 22:53

Oh my emojis don't work! That was a 😂😂


patsywineeyedwillie · 29/10/2018 22:55

A bag for life could do the trick.


Carlyrichards · 29/10/2018 22:59

A toffee crisp wrapper? Oh man. That has made me clench!


theworldistoosmall · 29/10/2018 23:02

I feel sorry for everyone who doesn't believe this is possible grin wink

I also feel for those who don't think it's possible. There are poor sods out there who cannot squeeze into condoms. Some around half way down they won't roll without possibly damaging the condom forcing it to go further. And you can actually see it squeezing the poor sods cock. It's not nice for them. An ill-fitting condom is like us wearing ill-fitted bras and also why some guys don't like wearing them. Once fitted properly they enjoy wearing them.

And yes I know this is odd considering they can stretch to fit across a person's head. But I think that's because they are unrolled first and stretched a bit like a balloon.


GunpowderGelatine · 29/10/2018 23:06

Well I think the answer is quite obvious - it's the fault of all the small cocked men forcing condom companies to produce a product for the mass market. Speak to your MP. Small-cock shame men everywhere. Get some interest going, groups set up and lobby Durex. Don't let the Grande Penis brigade be marginalised by the fucking selfish pin-dick meninists flaunting their agenda.


StripySocksAndDocs · 29/10/2018 23:07

I feel sorry for everyone who doesn't believe this is possible grin wink

Whilst it’s very, very kind of you to feel sorry for the disbelievers, I think you’ll find the disbelief is about the OP, not the lack of wonder and awe of giant dicks.


19lottie82 · 29/10/2018 23:22

When my DH and I used condoms he found regular ones a bit tight, so we got larger sized ones for free from out local sexual health clinic.


PossibiliTea · 29/10/2018 23:27

Halloween Grin

TittyBoneGhoul · 30/10/2018 00:00

Do you have to have a penis bucket rather than a beaker?

I’d imagine he fills the bath and flumps it in. Personal flotation device


FieryGhoulie · 30/10/2018 00:21

You can fit a condom over your head 👀 ouch...


steff13 · 30/10/2018 00:26

A large condom can fit over an average man's forearm.

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