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To ask if some houses are unlucky/give bad vibes?

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Artofhappiness · 23/10/2018 14:25

I don’t believe inanimate objects can be ‘unlucky’ or ‘negative’ but starting to think there’s something a bit off about my house.

Bought it five years ago after being in three generations of the same family since is was built in the 1950s. Ex-council, nothing unusual about it, it does sit at an odd angle to the street e.g sits north west to south east but I’ve had the most extraordinary run of ‘bad luck’ since moving here!

My life, five years from moving in is totally unrecognisable - illness, pregnancy loss, career loss, money problems, family illness, losing friends, relationship breakdown, random accidents. Pretty much the works. Nothing is interlinked either i.e job loss was due to bullying rather than illness. It’s almost like I’ve been living someone else’s life by accident!

It sounds nuts, I know, but wondered if anyone else has had a run of bad luck in a particular place?

Any ideas what I could do to improve things with the house, even just to shake off the ‘unlucky’ feeling (moving not currently an option)

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JenniferJareau · 21/04/2019 08:27


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Roomba · 21/04/2019 08:56

I am a vehement non believer in anything Woo, but some houses definitely have odd atmospheres.

I moved into a student house with some friends. It was grotty, but no grottier than many other student houses. But that house had the darkest, most oppressive, miserable atmosphere. A couple of us developed depression, a couple more took to drinking even more than usual so they could stay out of the house as much as possible, we all argued like mad and fell out with each other when we got on well before... Everyone refused to go in the cellar as it was really spooky - empty, but somehow made your hairs stand on end!

After we moved out (and all got on fine again) I was chatting to a guy who it tur4ned out had moved in after us. He said don't tell anyone he asked, but had anything 'strange or odd' happened to any of us when we lived there? No idea what had happened to him but he seemed pretty freaked out. I agreed it was a very odd house, despite being completely renovated in between us moving out and him moving in. I've seen this house up for sale by different owners every couple of years over the last 15 years or so, so no one seems to like living there!

Whereas I walked into my current house, and despite it being nothing special or different to the other 50 terraces I'd looked round, I just felt happy and bought it immediately. Still has a happy family feel to it. It was owned by the same family for over 100 years before I bought it and I update the lady who grew up here on the house in our Christmas cards as she loved it too.


mazv1953 · 21/04/2019 10:00

Years back we went to a large group viewing of a very cheap house. As soon as I entered the door I had a dreadful sad feeling and could not bring myself to go upstairs. Within a few minutes everyone had left - most only made it into the hall! The only time a house has felt that way ...


Whatdoyouknowwhenyouknownowt · 21/04/2019 10:05

I work in property & you defo feel "happy houses" & ones with an atmosphere.


Comet456 · 21/04/2019 10:10

I’m on my phone and I can only unwatch threads which isn’t helpful in this case. Thanks for your consideration though 🙏


Glitterblue · 21/04/2019 10:14

Definitely. The house we bought after we got married was unlucky, I'm sure of it. The day we moved in, student loans started phoning my elderly grandmother looking for me - how they had her details I have no idea, plus I had never been earning enough to pay it back and had filled in the deferment forms every year. That stressed my grandmother out so much, she was really upset and in turn it stressed me, on what should have been a happy day. Oh and also we didn't get the keys till 4pm after both taking the day off to move, so it all got off on the wrong foot. That first weekend I remember sitting on the stairs feeling that something was going to go wrong and that feeling never left. Whilst living in that house we had so many awful things happen. MIL passed away very suddenly, we had a very premature baby and I nearly lost my life having her, we had constant debt, both of us had long spells off work with depression, DH had health scares, we lived in constant fear of debt collectors or bailiffs turning up and the mortgage kept increasing so much that we eventually just couldn't afford it and handed the house back to the lender before it was repossessed. Since then, everything has been so much better in our lives and I've never had that feeling again. It never felt like home, it was a lovely house but I never felt relaxed in it or like it was really ours. My friend's family home is extremely unlucky and people who have lived in their house before them have said the same.


SilverySurfer · 21/04/2019 10:40

I don't believe in ghosts/spirits etc but do believe buildings can have different vibes, both good and bad.

When I was looking to move I saw several properties which just didn't feel right but I couldn't put into words why that was. As soon as I stepped through the front door of where I live now I very nearly said to the EA that I would buy it. After the viewing I made an offer which was rejected so I payed the asking price which is something I would not normally have considered doing. That good vibe has never left.


OldBean2 · 21/04/2019 10:51

Absolutely. Growing up there was a house round the corner where a lovely family moved in. He was a Captain in the Merchant Navy but left to be at home more. She fell pregnant but her elder daughter caught German measles which Mrs D also contracted her son was born dead and blind. Mr D could not settle to civilian life, the job was an in mitigated disaster.

They then moved, a large win on the Premium bonds happened in their first week, followed by another at the end of the week. He then got offered a great job with an oil company. Next they found a great school for their son, with an option for in week boarding as he grew older. Their lives just turned around.


JenniferJareau · 22/04/2019 06:55


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Hooverisalwaysbroken · 22/04/2019 08:43

I can actually relate to this thread a lot. Our flat felt beyond spooky when we moved in and I was terrified to stay there alone. Our oldest DD claimed to see “shapes” when she was about 3 which freaked me out. 8 years later it now feels much happier. Three happy children and a happy marriage may have balanced the vibes slightly if there are such things....


Comet456 · 22/04/2019 09:46

I’m on chrome and the watch this thread feature doesn’t appear. Here, I’ve done a screen grab for you.

To ask if some houses are unlucky/give bad vibes?

Tawdrylocalbrouhaha · 22/04/2019 09:57

I don't believe houses in themselves are lucky or unlucky, but I do believe people can have a run of bad luck, and that when this happens it may be wise to shake things up by moving on and changing things (including moving house).


Tilikum · 22/04/2019 10:29

It says 'unwatch this thread' because you are already watching it. If you click 'unwatch' then it will change to 'watch'

Your watched threads link should be down at the bottom of your screen.

Nothing really to add to this thread but the story about arms reaching up out of the garden and the couple being injured / dying when they were coming to view the house was Shock

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