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To ask if some houses are unlucky/give bad vibes?

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Artofhappiness · 23/10/2018 14:25

I don’t believe inanimate objects can be ‘unlucky’ or ‘negative’ but starting to think there’s something a bit off about my house.

Bought it five years ago after being in three generations of the same family since is was built in the 1950s. Ex-council, nothing unusual about it, it does sit at an odd angle to the street e.g sits north west to south east but I’ve had the most extraordinary run of ‘bad luck’ since moving here!

My life, five years from moving in is totally unrecognisable - illness, pregnancy loss, career loss, money problems, family illness, losing friends, relationship breakdown, random accidents. Pretty much the works. Nothing is interlinked either i.e job loss was due to bullying rather than illness. It’s almost like I’ve been living someone else’s life by accident!

It sounds nuts, I know, but wondered if anyone else has had a run of bad luck in a particular place?

Any ideas what I could do to improve things with the house, even just to shake off the ‘unlucky’ feeling (moving not currently an option)

OP posts:

Maelstrop · 23/10/2018 19:47

I echo the burning of sage. Google how to use salt, too.

There’s a house far too bloody close to near me which I swear is cursed. A lovely retired couple moved in, lady dropped dead. Next couple, the woman died in childbirth. The next guy to buy it seems very nice and was about to move in when the tank in the loft (?) overflowed and completely ruined the interior. Maybe it was a mains leak, because the entire outside of the front was soaked. It took weeks to dry out and then we had all the rain. Poor guy still hasn’t been able to move in. He’s basically had to totally gut it, walls, everything came out.


Tillytrotter123 · 23/10/2018 19:59

I agree, when I moved into my house me and my ex split, we got burgled and I lost my job. Initially I fell in love with the cottage style but in reality it’s dark, cold and has a tiny garden. I just get a really closed in feel which is a bit depressing, my house has also sold way more times than any other on the street. It’s odd isn’t it. Good luck.


bobstersmum · 23/10/2018 20:33

Mil has had bad luck since moving to her new house. Illness for both her and her dh. The lady living there before had two disabled children both born there too. I believe a place can be bad luck but can't explain why that might be. I would move op.


bumblenbean · 23/10/2018 20:42

There was definitely some kind of ‘presence’ in the house I grew up in, but it was an entirely benevolent one and in fact many people that visited over the years commented on the house having a very warm / welcoming ‘vibe’. Numerous inexplicable things happened but I thought of it as a sort of friendly spirit. What confirmed it for me was when my parents told me a few years ago that very often when we were kids they would her distinct footsteps on the upstairs landing at night, and when they got up to check on us my brother and I were fast asleep. They are very un-‘woo’ and they were both absolutely convinced there was something there.

Conversely, a friend had to ask to be moved from the room she was assigned in uni halls of residence because something about it just felt very oppressive and dark. It transpired that the previous year the occupant had committed suicide in the room. So I do think it’s posisble that places where something terrible happens can retain some kind of imprint of it. No idea how to explain it though! Grin


LadyFlumpalot · 23/10/2018 20:46

My dads old house felt hideous, really unhappy. When we went to view it I developed an awful headache, fuzzy vision, felt sick. The headache cleared almost as soon as we drove away again.

The entire town of Glastonbury gives me a headache. Every time we decide to go and have a look at the Tor (I don't live very far) we never manage to get very far as I'm usually feeling awful within 10 minutes.


categed · 23/10/2018 23:17

We lived in a house when i was a teenager that we had completely gutted and extended. There was an uncomfortable feeling in most of the rooms and i remember as it was being built putting talismans around the walls.

Used to see an old lady feeding chickens in the yard, silber floating balls in my room and breezes through old shut off doorways that could snuff out a candle.

When walking up the drive you would get to the bottom of the garden and the temp would go up, the house, garden, yard and fields all have a murky muggy feel to them.

Lots of bad and unlucky things happened. New wiring systems failed, animals got sick, my mum got ill with what would eventually kill her. We ended up losing everything there and evwrytime i have walked on the driveway since moving out a pet has died within a few days.

To cleanse a house whilst waiting for other people to help or equipment. Clean and de clutter, get rid of anything negative that you have. Pull the furniture away from the walls where possible and sprinkle salt around the outside of the room. Burn a clean candle (white unsented) to cleanse the air. Leave for a day then sweep or vacuum the salt. You can also leave a dish of salt in rooms where it feels really heavy, change daily at first then as feelings improve every few days or weekly.


Catsize · 23/10/2018 23:41

Really glad that I started reading this thread in the dark and at bedtime and my son has just started saying random things in his sleep next to me. 🙈


livingontheedgeee · 23/10/2018 23:47

I do believe the energy in a house can bring bad luck.

We've had nothing but bad things happen since we moved into our current home and we'd love to move if we could find somewhere else.

My parents lived in a house where every single female resident had previously died from cancer. My mum subsequently did and then the lady who bought it after them did too.

Makes you wonder.


Athena51 · 23/10/2018 23:53

I do think that houses can 'absorb' negativity and nastiness. I've been house hunting in the past and walked into ostensibly lovely houses and I've felt on edge and just know that I couldn't live there.

My current flat felt like a home as soon as I walked in. I feel very comfortable and safe here and many people have commented on what a lovely atmosphere it has.

I'm sorry that you've had a run of bad luck in your home OP. I wouldn't hesitate to get my house blessed but I was brought up Catholic so it seems a natural thing to do for me.


InkyGrail · 23/10/2018 23:56

I believe they can, yes and it can work both ways. The moment I set foot in my current house it felt warm, friendly and caring. Sounds mad but I felt very welcomed here and have since the first day I moved in. My life has also improved dramatically and I've been happier here than anywhere else in my life.

I don't know why I feel it but I feel safe here even though on occasion I get a tiny bit spooked since part of me expects to see whatever it is from time to time. But so far not and I think I'm good with that!


steff13 · 24/10/2018 00:05

The house I grew up in had a very bad vibe. My mother spent some of her growing up years there, too, and she said my grandparents fought nonstop there. Nowhere else they lived did they have problems like that.


LipstickHandbagCoffee · 24/10/2018 00:07

No of course not.bricks and mortar don’t have a memory
But locations of ghastly events or notoriety will put off potential buyers
So may reduce price for the less woo who don’t feel dem vibes buyers.


WestBerlin · 24/10/2018 00:11

I used to live in a house connected to my job, in Norwich, that I came to believe was horribly haunted. You’d hear footsteps on the stairs, and doors banging and glasses smashing in the kitchen when you were home alone. Things would go missing and turn up in random places. There was one room none of us would sleep in because anyone that did seemed to go ‘crazy’ and leave within a week. It was a running joke that the place was haunted.

The worst room was the master bedroom at the front of the house, you’d be lying in bed and covers would be pulled off you, or the bed would shake (not like traffic vibrations, but like someone was grabbing the bed frame and violently shaking it). The worst experience for me came just before I moved out, I was lying in bed watching movies on my laptop and the atmosphere in the room changed, the temperature just dropped and I remember this feeling of such tension. When I looked up from the screen I saw this black mass by the door just sort of ‘crawling’ towards the bed. Sounds unbelievable I know, I wouldn’t have believed it myself had I not experienced it. Needless to say I noped the fuck out of that room after that night, and moved out about a month later Confused


Dontfeellikeaskeleton · 24/10/2018 00:14

Ex boyfs house was haunted. I used to shout hello when I came in, even when the house was empty. Would say 'give it back' when I'd lost something, it'd turn up 2 mins later. Had a good vibe.

When house hunting with DH we saw a house that had a terrible feel inside.

It's since been for sale 3 times in 5 years.


recklessruby · 24/10/2018 00:22

I lived in a house like that once. We moved out of our lovely little two bedroom happy house into a 3 bedroom when dd was a year old.
I went to see it and had a real feeling of sadness I couldn't shake. Everyone else thought I was mad as it was a big house and garden with enough space for both dc.
My ds was 7 at the time and said he missed the old house as this one was cold.
It never felt warm even with the heating on all day.
Things started to go wrong right away. Dp cheated on me and left me.
I hurt my back lifting dd out of her cot.
We got rats in the attic.
My ds had been a good sleeper but started to wake in the night saying he could hear breathing in his room.
When ds was 13 he fell into a clinical depression.
Dd never spent a night alone in her room and saw things.
Even as an adult I wouldn't sleep with the hall light off.
Every couple that have moved in have split up.
We moved out in the end to a lovely old Victorian house where we have been happy now for 17 years.
I really don't want to scare anyone but long after we moved we found out 2 children had been murdered years ago where the house was built.
Get it blessed and cleansed.


greenlynx · 24/10/2018 00:26

Do you have anything left from the previous owners? Get rid of this to remove their bad luck and redo as much as possible, move furniture. Could you give house a name ? Something positive. And definitely yes to blessing the house.Good luck.


PickAChew · 24/10/2018 00:27

Surely most of that would have happened wherever you lived.


LipstickHandbagCoffee · 24/10/2018 00:29

You know what there are scammer and faith types who’ll happily fleece you to
Contact spirits
...and fact you’re already considering it just makes you a soft touch.


Bishalisha · 24/10/2018 00:33

My house has a lovely happy, and peaceful vibe to it. I’m the biggest wimp to ever walk the earth and have never had a weird vibe about this place.

From the moment I walked in to view it- my (then permantly grumpy) toddler explored happily and on his first night- slept through the night for the first time ever! I found out from neighbours that 11 babies were born in this house, which I think explains the happy vibe... we added 2 more to that total Grin


LipstickHandbagCoffee · 24/10/2018 00:35

I live in an old period property,undoubtedly death,and shenanigans and birth at location
Because it’s old.


MyShinyWhiteTeeth · 24/10/2018 00:43

My last house was a very unhappy place for me. It was the nicest looking house I'd lived in and had excellent facilities. The location was great. I was so looking forward to the move.

My relationship started breaking down within months of the move. Things broke constantly and it just didn't feel like home.

My next house was much smaller but felt like home almost immediately. It just felt safe and calm.


makeitalargegin · 24/10/2018 00:43

Without sounds wooey here's some things you can do in the house to 'cleanse' your house.

Buy some white sage, (eBay) set it alight, then go to each room and waft it around (it smokes)
Throughly do each room, corners etc. While saying pleas leave.

Open all the windows in the house go round each room clapping your hands and whooshing your hands towards the windows.

Use a pendulum (get them eBay cheap)
Go round each room making circles and asking them to leave.

As I said this sounds awfully wooey but what harm is the sound it?


rosieposey · 24/10/2018 05:03

The house I grew up in was terribly haunted, constant walking up and down the long corridor daytime, eve it didn't matter and when we had friends there or not. when my dad was converting it from the cob barn that it was to the house that it is now there was a hole for the stairs for a couple of weeks whilst they put new stairs in and something pushed me backwards down the staircase hole, concussion and a weekend in hospital was the result. I didn't trip, I was 12 and a fair way from the edge I fell backwards and I remember being pushed.

It was 2 miles or so from the nearest village so in the middle of nowhere. My Ex DH and I bought it off my brothers when my dad died, goodness knows why as I knew it's history and DH worked away in London during the week and I was there on my own - I bought a bull mastiff puppy.

I was there alone with 3 children, eldest DD who is now 26 remembers clearly when we moved in the first morning after waking up and seeing 'black tube like fingers' coming up between the wall and her bed, she was 7 at the time and didn't tell me for quite a while, she was delighted ( again without telling me why ) when I moved her bed to the opposite side of the room to make room for a large chest of drawers, she didn't see them again.

mirrors would fly off the wall with the nail and wire intact on the back laying on the floor. my sister saw a ghost in my doorway of my bedroom and didn't tell me until I moved out ( I was moving out as a result of our divorce ) we lasted two years in that place. She was bunking in my room, DH had moved out by that time. She went to my mums the next day ( she was visiting the area to see us both as Mum and I lived 40 miles apart). As she wouldn't stay another night there.

My Mum babysat for me once and the electric went, it was stormy outside and she heard me calling her repeatedly ... except I was at my friend's ten miles away. I had to get a taxi back straight away as Mum was so scared in that massive place on her own.

We had a summer dinner party with all the windows open and every member heard a child signing through the window over the chatter. Children all upstairs asleep though as it was 12.30am.

Saw and heard some awful things in there and I've since heard although we live two counties away now ( my sil works on the village pub though) that the lady who lives there with her husband says they have a ghost and it doesn't like women.

I think something terrible happened there, when we sold the house ( it was a huge 6 bed barn conversion ) we only sold it with the land it came with approx an acre.

The other land that had belonged to my dad and was with the house my two brothers had actually kept it when they sold the house to exdh and I, it was a large field and an orchard. My Db fell on some hard times and split up with his dw and had to put a mobile home in the field when he had no where to live for a couple of months. He didn't live in the house growing up but obviously came to visit as he lived with his Mum my df's ex. He said that he was scared living there in that caravan even though the 5 acre field was some way from the house and that there was a horrible atmosphere when he stepped outside his caravan at night for a cigarette.

Just before I moved out put only neighbour, who lived about a five min walk away shot himself in his barn Sad no one has any luck there.

Luckily my brother is happily in a new relationship with a lovely home together. ( this is 5 years ago) they still own the land and my db runs a business from there so I visit occasionally. Always in the daytime and always briefly. ( tbh as far as the house was concerned it didn't matter if it was day or night for the shenanigans)

I've bought quite a few houses in my 47 years and only once have I loved anywhere else with 'bad vibes' thank goodness we were only renting it to 'try it out' and still owned our other house, this is with my now DH, we only lasted six months and moved back to our house.


rosieposey · 24/10/2018 05:04

Wow that was long sorry! Blush


Monty27 · 24/10/2018 05:13

I have broken into a sweat reading this. I thought I was a bit nuts. My DD died here, cot death, had two more beautiful DC's so all should be good? No. Got divorced.
I have always thought this house is cursed.
I never moved because of a pull.
I need to.

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