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To ask if some houses are unlucky/give bad vibes?

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Artofhappiness · 23/10/2018 14:25

I don’t believe inanimate objects can be ‘unlucky’ or ‘negative’ but starting to think there’s something a bit off about my house.

Bought it five years ago after being in three generations of the same family since is was built in the 1950s. Ex-council, nothing unusual about it, it does sit at an odd angle to the street e.g sits north west to south east but I’ve had the most extraordinary run of ‘bad luck’ since moving here!

My life, five years from moving in is totally unrecognisable - illness, pregnancy loss, career loss, money problems, family illness, losing friends, relationship breakdown, random accidents. Pretty much the works. Nothing is interlinked either i.e job loss was due to bullying rather than illness. It’s almost like I’ve been living someone else’s life by accident!

It sounds nuts, I know, but wondered if anyone else has had a run of bad luck in a particular place?

Any ideas what I could do to improve things with the house, even just to shake off the ‘unlucky’ feeling (moving not currently an option)

OP posts:

LipstickHandbagCoffee · 24/10/2018 13:37

I live in a house in that time I have experienced death,illness,birth,good news,bad news
This is all to be expected, given these are significant life events we all experience
The recurrent variable is me,not the property,I have been affected by all of these events
That’s not bad luck,that’s life

I agree some people have dreadful life events,often a sequence of sad events,and that’s bad luck,social factors,premorbid factors.


FrankIncensed · 24/10/2018 13:38

Ignoring the spat above, I am a sceptic, world is solid all the way through type person. But I do understand houses having a "bad vibe".

I know that it is most likely to do with my subconscious picking up on light levels/frequencies of sound I can't hear/ the position of the land all playing a factor, but I am not going to buy somewhere with a bad vibe to work it out!

We once went to view a house as a family that just felt so desperately sad. We later found out it had been repossessed. Looking back I think it was that the house was mainly North facing and the light was very cold. It was also mostly empty but had some scattered possessions left lying around which all contributed to the sad feeling but 22 years later I still think about it sometimes.


LipstickHandbagCoffee · 24/10/2018 13:43

Locations are atmospheric with a vibe of course
Attributable to environmental cues,location,social cues and how we unconsciously have a template for creepy. This template for creepy is socially acquired and reinforced in movies & literature
After all most of us like a scary movie,ghost tour as it reinforces and pings at a very familiar set of beliefs. We understand the rules
There is a majority opinion of what constitutes creepy,we know and assimilate these cues and rules


Feelings · 24/10/2018 13:47

We just bought a Victorian house and it's caused health problems arising from lots of wet rot and fungi. The whole house was just off.. and I kept trying to convince my husband who works overseas. He didn't believe me until we ended up at the doctors who promptly told us not to go back.

So yes I do believe houses can give bad vibes. I knew something wasn't right with it when I first viewed it.


flamingofridays · 24/10/2018 13:53

those that don't believe, have you never walked into a building and felt anything other than normal?

or have you felt weird/cold/watched/whatever, but just put it down to your imagination?

to me all houses "feel" different and it could well be the way they are decorated, the light in the room, the actual temperature but sometimes a place just feels unwelcoming.

I have been into a couple of houses where I just wanted to leave immediately. They weren't cold in temperature, dark or damp they just felt..... off.


Wonkydonkey44 · 24/10/2018 13:57

We bought a new build on a large estate a few years ago and I think ours is unlucky we’ve had cars stolen , burgled and we go from one crisis to another it feels .


Ontopofthesunset · 24/10/2018 13:59

As a previous poster says, we are finely attuned to associate certain smells, shadows, sounds with 'bad things'. I've never walked into a place and felt something strange - as in inexplicably strange. I've walked into places that smelt, that were dark and creepy feeling, that were damp and mouldy, that made spooky creaky noises, where there was a sense of tension from the people living there. But those were all atmospheric or circumstantial things.

Bad things happen to people wherever they live. Sometimes unfortunately a number of bad things happen in a short period of time. This is different from a house having a funny 'vibe', which I have never experienced.


PhilomenaDeathsHeadHawkMoth · 24/10/2018 14:00

Houses can definitely give off vibes, ours is very lively.


Ontopofthesunset · 24/10/2018 14:02

But I've been burgled in several different houses I've lived in and my parents have been burgled at least three times in their house. My car's been broken into in the past too. Maybe the estate you live on has a high crime rate, but do you really think it would be different if you had moved into the house next door?


LipstickHandbagCoffee · 24/10/2018 14:05

Location,if north facing,environmental cues,fabric of building all add to vibe
vibe isn’t a process or a phenomenon,vibe is usually a transient feeling
I have a friend who won’t buy period properties only new builds a she doesnt like the thought that someone else has lived there before. Wants a clean slate


WhatsGoingOnEh · 24/10/2018 14:07

I wouldn't bother with Karen Kingston's spendy courses, but I bought one of her books years ago and I loved it.

I often worry that the same problem will affect every owner of a house. For example, when we were house-hunting I didn't want to buy anywhere that the owners were selling due to divorce, or death, or repossession, just in case we got those problems too 😆

I moved back to my home town 5 years ago and I've been ill off and on ever since. I don't know if it's just my age, or something in the water, but I've had so many health niggles here. Can a whole town be unlucky?!


LipstickHandbagCoffee · 24/10/2018 14:10

Haha Karen Kingston's spendy courses dont you have a spare $5000 Aus dollars?
I’d never heard of Ms Kingston or her certified practitioner until now


PickAChew · 24/10/2018 14:10

Feelings maybe in your case a damp specialist would have been more appropriate than a bit of burning sage, though?


Feelings · 24/10/2018 14:17

We did all the works and it still didn't go. The entire house smelt like weird dust! PickAChew


Ontopofthesunset · 24/10/2018 15:19

So you've done all the appropriate damp proofing work and got rid of all the wet rot and mould, and still the house feels funny? So have you sold it? Did those things not come up in the survey? If they are intractable damp and mould problems, causing medical issues, how have you managed to sell it?


flamingofridays · 24/10/2018 15:34

if feelings did all the work, there is no reason why any damp would come up on the survey is there?

might still have felt funny, but you cant downvalue something for that if you're a surveyor!


Ontopofthesunset · 24/10/2018 15:40

Feelings said they were all getting ill and the doctor told them to leave at once. So I don't understand why those problems didn't come up when they bought the house. And she says they did all the work but it 'didn't go', which suggests that the work was not successful. She specifically talks about getting ill from damp and mould, not a spooky vibe.


prismWitch · 24/10/2018 15:48

If all the work was done, it probably was ok and didn't smell dusty. It probably was just subconcious that was makig it feel like it smell dusty to her. It is like when you step in a dog extrements and even after you wash your shoes 1000000 times you still can swear you can smell it.


flamingofridays · 24/10/2018 15:50

but ontop as fas as the surveyor is concerned, if the damp has been treated, and you can prove it, they cant really dispute it can they?

It might smell damp but if you turn round with the invoices for the work and say theres no problem.. what can they do?

im not saying you should do that, but you could. As for the health problems you're hardly going to declare that to any potential buyers are you!


Puzzledandpissedoff · 24/10/2018 16:31

FrankIncensed your position is much like mine, in that I accept even hard-to-explain things might just be down to something we're picking up subconsciously

But the point is I don't know, so for now I'll go right on passing up something which feels downright wrong, rather than take the chance


Orangecake123 · 24/10/2018 16:53

I'm a vibey person.I grew up in an home with a lot of domestic violence. I can feel the energy and tension whenever I walk in.


Wizzywoo18 · 24/10/2018 16:58

Yes, I definitely believe some properties can have 'bad vibes'. I had a flat like that and stumbled from one problem to another when I lived there. We then struggled to sell it, even though it was priced fairly, was light and airy and opposite a beautiful park.

Aside from de-cluttering and saging, there are space clearing essences from Petaltone that you dilute in water and spray into the corner of each room. I couldn't believe the difference it made in the stagnant atmosphere of our house.

If that doesn't shift things, then google someone who can check your home for geopathic stress and/or do space clearings.


anitagreen · 24/10/2018 17:04

I believe in house vibes. My partners house used to have a really homely happy vibe. My mums house was always abit off. My nans house was nice until you was in the hall way and I swear to this day no one still doesn't like the hall way you can sense something their. she has frosted glass doors and as a kid we used to all lay there and stare through them as if we was watching something. My kids are now toddlers and they do the same thing. It is creeepy


lovesugarfreejelly63 · 24/10/2018 17:25

Despite having a house blessing we have been plagued with health problems, i.e. strokes, heart attack, broken bones, cancer, aneurism and sepsis. Do I believe my house to be cursed? most definitely.


WhoWants2Know · 24/10/2018 17:38

Saw the below and thought of this thread

To ask if some houses are unlucky/give bad vibes?
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