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Theresa May needs to resign!

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autumnbreeze25 · 19/10/2018 08:44

I have supported Theresa May throughout the last few years, and I voted for her in the elections confident she could be trusted. I considered her to be a practical, capable and considered leader at the helm for what was always going to the most challenging situation of our times.

However this trust has been replaced with a pressing need for her to either resign immediately or to be pushed out now.

TM in the last 24 hours has shown that she has failed miserably and she needs to go.

Where did the blazing leader that was going to fight to the end? She limped into the meeting and limped out conceding immediately! My eight year old could do a better job!

The EU were never ever going to give the UK any kind of 'deal'. This was never their intention. I am absolutely amazed anyone is even talking about a deal anymore. This idea is totally dead in the water. There is no deal, there was never going to be, and it is now time for a change in the leadership with full preparation to leave without a deal or switch to the Canada option. Even TM doesn't want to talk about the Chequers deal anymore.

We should walk away now or be forever in a limbo of a vassal state.

There is no way we should agree to any kind of extension that means we will still be paying enormous bills to the EU but will have no influence whatsoever over the decisions made. This is utterly unacceptable and leaves us in a very dangerous situation. How TM has managed to back herself into a corner of this nature is just beyond me, she has let the entire country down.

The traitor that is Oliver Robbins should do the decent thing and leave, this is all down to his 'advice' he has screwed her over properly for sure as he was really working for the other side all along (he can pick up his payment and pension from the EU on his way out)

I am incredulous that Theresa May is still in post, and I hope by the end of the week she will be replaced by someone capable of steering the country out of this unholy mess.

OP posts:

kalokagathos · 19/10/2018 12:55

Cannot stand JRM, BJ, DD, grrrr!


Lweji · 19/10/2018 12:59

At least it's nice to see physics concepts applied to politics.

Schroedinger's Brexit as a concept has been applied since 2016 and it seems that the box is still closed.


SusanWalker · 19/10/2018 13:10

I love it when brexiteers tell remainers to leave the country, having spent the last forty years campaigning to leave the EU, when they could have left the country themselves. Now the boot is on the other foot and we are campaigning to stay they don't like it. Double standards much!


derxa · 19/10/2018 13:16

But tomorrow’s march should get them in the Guinness book of records if nothing else - how many middle class middle aged tossers can you fit into one square mile of London? Grin


Buteo · 19/10/2018 13:22

I’m very disappointed in OP, we haven’t yet had:

“The nasty EU is just using the NI border as an excuse to stop us leaving”

“The EU is punishing the UK to make an example of us”

And of course the evergreen:

“They need us more than we need them” (usually citing German car manufacturers or Spanish tourism)

3/10 must try harder.

Or, in the new Brexiteer maths, 9/10 because 3 can be rounded up to 9.



frankiestein401 · 19/10/2018 13:25

oh yes - the threat of the EU Superstate.
As a patriot, what would be best for the UK
a) being able to veto movement to further integration and eventual superstate
b) having no veto and taking a chance that the superstate advocates don't succeed.

If such a Superstate forms how much influence would we have as a 3rd country (gdp < $3 trillion and stalled versus the eu gdp ~ $20 trillion growing at 2% pa)


prettybird · 19/10/2018 13:28

I think that this must be a Reverse Grin

The OP is so full of batshit Leave canards and her (I'll assume Wink) subsequent posts just compound matters with suggestions like "Ireland should just leave the EU" Hmm, "Remainers should just leave" Confused and "It's not democratic to continue to oppose what is happening" Confused

It does wonders to help support the case for Remainers Grin


Mumbojumbob · 19/10/2018 13:44

I voted leave.

Tomorrow, I’m marching.

I believed the lies we were fed just like you OP. I get it, I’ve been where you are now and I can promise you, the scales WILL fall from your eyes.

I regretted my vote a year ago when it became apparent that project fear was a sound bite and the remain camp were the ones actually telling us the bloody truth.

I’ve been angry as fuck ever since so tomorrow, I’ll be carrying a banner that says:

‘I voted leave. I trusted you and now I’m fucking furious’


PortiaCastis · 19/10/2018 13:45

In the midst of all this shitstorm there are people, yep people like you and me and our friends and relatives in Europe who've had their lives turned upside down because of an unworkable ideology.
My good friend and employee has returned to Poland because of disgusting racism in the form of name calling and her car being daubed with crass obscenities such as "polak go home you scrounger" . Is this what we as a Country want, chasing hard working people away with vulgar and ignorant insults.

Well shame on those that perpetuate such ignorance and they do not speak for me.


MinorRSole · 19/10/2018 14:04

That's the sad reality @PortiaCastis
Work situation has become almost untenable for dh - a large number of Eastern European workers have left. They are seriously understaffed, crying out for staff - none of the British unemployed who harp on about foreigners taking their jobs have bothered applying!


Hadjab · 19/10/2018 14:17


I know how my husband votes but we don’t need to agree and act as the Borg.

This 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾


WoodenCupCake · 19/10/2018 14:18

Mumbojumbob Star


InspectorIkmen · 19/10/2018 14:27

Portia that makes me so sad. Brexit unleashed horrible horrible racism and xenophobia - and it's the fact that THOSE are the kind of people who voted for it, who celebrate it - it's that fact that saddens me almost more than anything else. Actually no - the whole shitshow saddens me. And then you get the hard of thinking like the OP and that sad hanger on who's been posting in support throughout the thread crowing on about having 'won'. As if yay them - how fucking clever they are! They won don't you know! Shit.


BollocksToBrexit · 19/10/2018 16:11

It's not just foreign migrants who get abuse. I'm a british migrant in an EU country. I've been called, amongst other things, a traitor and been told that any impact on my life here are my own fault for abandoning my country. (And that's just from my family)


DGRossetti · 19/10/2018 16:24

It's not just foreign migrants who get abuse.

I was born in the UK with a "foreign" name and grew up with it. Which is why now it's ramped up again, it's like old times. in a way. Breaks my heart for DW and DS though.


DGRossetti · 19/10/2018 17:06

A U.K. bid to rejoin a $1.7 trillion public procurement alliance stalled because its application was missing key information, according to a U.S. official familiar with the proceedings.


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