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‘Energy and persistence conquer all things’ - even vile orange ones. Trump thread con.

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TheClaws · 29/09/2018 02:44

From the august Benjamin Franklin. This thread is no. 84.

Old thread:

‘Energy and persistence conquer all things’ - even vile orange ones. Trump thread con.
OP posts:
TheClaws · 29/09/2018 02:49

The above cartoon is by the pro-Trump Ben Garrison, for anyone confused by its puerile tone Grin

OP posts:
SheGotBetteDavisEyes · 29/09/2018 02:56

Thanks Claws. Let's hope they do indeed conquer all things. These threads are moving along apace at the moment.

That cartoon...a glimpse into what Trump sees in the mirror?

AcrossthePond55 · 29/09/2018 02:59

Thanks for starting a new thread.

I got a giggle when a commentator on Rachel Maddow referred to Kavanaugh as "Trump's Poodle". I could have real fun with that if I had any photoshop skills.

Quantumblue · 29/09/2018 03:09

Thanks Claws. What times we live in, eh?

PerkingFaintly · 29/09/2018 07:09

Morning, morning, thanks for new thread.

(Have we lost the unique identifiers, then, and gone onto real number of the thread? Happy to do that, but for anyone in the future looking back, this thread would have "no 96" in the title as a unique identifier, and it follows the thread with "no 95" in the title.)

ohmymimi · 29/09/2018 07:28

'Scenes from Jeff Flake's Supreme Court rebellion.
The Arizona Republican's head-snapping moves Friday left Washington in shock and Brett Kavanaugh in renewed jeopardy.'

ohmymimi · 29/09/2018 07:30

Yes,lion, I hadn't watched it all when I posted it. He really hit the spot on.
(Reposted from end of last thread, I hadn't noticed the new threadSmile )

ohmymimi · 29/09/2018 07:35

Ugh, disgusting, but hardly surprising:
'For female Republicans, party loyalty trumps #MeToo.
GOP women in Congress overwhelmingly side with Brett Kavanaugh.'

By RACHAEL BADE 09/28/2018 09:18 PM EDT

ohmymimi · 29/09/2018 07:38

'Mueller defends authority, hearkens back to Garfield administration.'

'Special counsel Robert Mueller cited more than a century’s worth of presidential scandal on Friday as part of a sweeping legal defense of his own authorities.'
The lead Russia prosecutor made the historical references — that attorney generals have needed special investigators dating back to the 1870s — in a legal brief to a federal appeals court considering the case of a reluctant witness tied to a longtime supporter of President Donald Trump who is seeking to have Mueller’s appointment thrown out on constitutional grounds.

PerkingFaintly · 29/09/2018 07:40

Here's that Colbert link ohmymimi & lionheart are talking about, for those me who haven't watched yet.


ohmymimi · 29/09/2018 07:56

'Supreme Fiasco: Did the Kavanaugh Drama Just Break the Senate?
SCOTUS watchers weigh in on Thursday’s Capitol Hill fireworks'

A credible witness maintains the same demeanor during direct and cross examination. Under questioning from sex crimes prosecutor Rachel Mitchell, the designated voice of the Republican senators, Ford remained calm and seemed genuinely to try to be as cooperative as possible. At one point she even told Mitchell she had asked an “excellent question.” ....
When Ford was addressed by the Democrats, who overwhelmingly chose to use their five minutes by lavishing her with praise, the only change in her expression was to blanch occasionally, as if she was embarrassed. At times, she leaned away from the microphone, as if to place a distance between herself and these over-eager compliment-dispensers. That is what a credible witness does—put distance between herself and the home team while taking great care to be respectful and responsive to her inquisitor.
^A witness who is not credible lashes out at his accusers and assumes a more reasonable demeanor under neutral questioning. That is exactly what we saw with Kavanaugh.
While a falsely accused man has every right to be angry, Kavanaugh’s rage—whether he is innocent or not—played poorly in large part because it was infected with self-pity and devoid of insight. It also played out selectively. With Mitchell, and later with the Republicans who took over the questioning, Kavanaugh was calm and answered directly. When it was the Democrats’ turn, Kavanaugh was rude, sneering and combative.^

ohmymimi · 29/09/2018 08:04

Thanks for re-upping the Mr. C. link, Perking.

Oh Jesus:
Jerry Falwell
Conservatives & Christians need to stop electing “nice guys”. They might make great Christian leaders but the US needs street fighters like @realDonaldTrump
at every level of government b/c the liberal fascists Dems are playing for keeps & many Repub leaders are a bunch of wimps!

PS Jerry:
Sometimes I wish I were real.

ohmymimi · 29/09/2018 08:11

True, but fear of exposure is also on Flimsy Linski's mind:
Steve Schmidt: Graham has been ‘corrupted by ambition’
<a class="break-all" href="" rel="nofollow noindex" target="_blank">

TheNorthWestPawsage · 29/09/2018 08:19

Still persisting as energetically as I can!

Gumpendorf · 29/09/2018 08:31

Thanks to Across and lion for their replies on Congress's timetable on the previous thread. Thanks

Christine Blasey Ford's family is just as lovely as she is. Her Sils speak with Chris Hayes.

Gumpendorf · 29/09/2018 08:31

And many thanks to Claws for the new thread.

lionheart · 29/09/2018 08:46

Thank you for the the new thread Claws.


Here's a horrible reminder of the 1980s.

Gumpendorf · 29/09/2018 08:48

Trump has been anxious behind the scenes, and at times had intensely angry discussions with McConnell. He has, so far, not let most of that air publicly.

As the president celebrated Judge Kavanaugh’s performance, Angry

ohmymimi · 29/09/2018 08:53

11th Hour
BREAKING: The @LATimes reports FBI agents are expanding their Kavanaugh investigation beyond Blasey Ford's allegation seeking to immediately interview another woman. Learn more ==> (link: #11MSNBC #11thHour

Gumpendorf · 29/09/2018 08:55

The Vox article is excellent, lion. Thank you for posting.

ohmymimi · 29/09/2018 08:57

This shows every time Dr Ford and Kav. did/did not answer a question. You will not be surprised by the outcome:
Michael Hawley
Michael Hawley
You might find this graphic informative:

ohmymimi · 29/09/2018 09:04

Pretty sure the FBI already have 👀on this. If the investigators did not already know these definitions, pretty sure even the most callow of them know about Google:
Bess Kalb
The Devil’s Triangle is a sex act between two men and one woman. It is well documented and widely known. There is no drinking game called “Devil’s Triangle.”
Renate Alumni is bragging about having been inside Renate.

Perjury is a crime.

And nobody in the history of flatulence has ever, in any civilization, referred to it as “Boofing.”
Google it for the actual definition. It has to do with rectal insertions and is an outdated slang term used by frat boys I knew. This guy yelled and whined and lied about everything. Now you know.
In 1982, when Kavanaugh was 17, the drinking age in Maryland was not 18. It was 21. I did not go to Yale Law School.
These are some of the dumbest mistruths and lies Brett Kavanaugh said under oath yesterday. Another one was that he and Mark Judge didn’t get wasted and pin down a young Christine Blasey at a party and sloppily attack her in a way she will remember for the rest of her life.


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ohmymimi · 29/09/2018 09:12

Kav. should have factored in, when composing his Trump friendly staterant, that the bitter, blatantly partisan political/conspiracy element was not just playing to an audience of one. Blinded by his lifelong sense of entitlement?

TheClaws · 29/09/2018 10:01

Perking, this is the correct thread number. When I put a number in the title a few threads ago, I estimated incorrectly (by only a few threads). Another helpful poster counted up our threads from the very beginning to reach this number. I reckon it would be good to keep the number in the title so we can effectively keep track. (And avoid my pervasive mistakes!)

OP posts:
Roussette · 29/09/2018 10:14

Claws thanks muchly for new thread Smile

How rational and sensible sound the SIL's of Christine B Ford, just like she was when being questioned. Compare that to the bellowing, whining and shouting of Kav. And the total avoidance of the Q's as shown in Mini's graph.

When Sen. Kamala Harris questioned him, her last question was to ask had we watched Dr. Ford's testimony. He said NO. He lied. He did. If he can lie about something so simple, surely his testimony was built on a web of lies.

And this is from his original hearing in July... more lies....

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