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To wonder who buys this shite?!

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Tryingtoswallow101 · 25/09/2018 19:50

Gwyneth Paltrow has opened a store for her Goop shite...

The £145 necklace vibrator has obviously shot straight to the number one spot of my Christmas list.

And also the pube oil - I can just image DH’s face if he walked in as I was oiling my pubes Grin

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Dontfeellikeamillenial · 28/09/2018 01:18

Paltrow purports to dissect the complexities and woes of being a working mother with a panel of famous gal pals: Cameron Diaz, Tory Burch, Nicole Richie and Miranda Kerr. How do they do it?


Yeah, man, like how?


Bloody hoity toits


MipMipMip · 28/09/2018 02:42

I am entirely innocent. 😇


Bedheadretention · 28/09/2018 08:49

[grin]@sheldon. Leg raised kick boxer stylee, firing out cross eggs from under her tooshortskirt


MipMipMip · 28/09/2018 15:44

A word of advice for anyone who wishes to use a singing bowl to help them meditate in the bedroom. It's a bit loud so if you don't want your neighbours to assume every time they hear a noise then I suggest sitting in your garden occasionally playing and going ommm. Then when they hear it late at night they will assume you're really really well centred.


JaneJeffer · 28/09/2018 15:55

Or just a noisy fecker...


LoisWilkerson1 · 28/09/2018 16:01

Oh you are all just jealous cows with unoiled nether regions. I pity you.


iklboo · 28/09/2018 17:19

We could start an MN ninja-stylee squad of foof egg firers.

Pew! Pew! Have at thee!


straightjeans · 28/09/2018 18:24

I am curious about the pube oil to be honest.


JaneJeffer · 28/09/2018 20:25

Curiosity killed the...oh no, wait


sheldonesque · 28/09/2018 23:37

Curiosity might have killed the pussy

Ms P was more lenient than curiosity. She merely oiled it and shoved a crystal in it to silence it.


AhYeahOkayThen · 28/09/2018 23:42

Who thought Goop could get any worse! (SMH)


Wauden · 29/09/2018 00:07

The site has an article on 'what we can learn from termites'.


sheldonesque · 30/09/2018 14:57

And meanwhile, as they got down to bizness on the wedding night….

Groomio found himself clamped by 4 years worth of crystal eggage.

As he fought to free himself, uncoupled ex blasted him with notinmybirdmate spray. As he shrivelled into a deeper sense of consciousness, he noticed that world had gone all yellow...


Liskee · 30/09/2018 15:27

Why do you need an egg for your fanny? How do you get it out again?!?!!

And I've never oiled my public hair? Should I be? Like, is that a thing?

And a vibrator that's also a necklace? What the actual fucking fuck would you buy that for?

I am, obviously, the most sheltered human being that graced this earth.


Tryingtoswallow101 · 08/06/2019 21:32

I know this is ZOMBIE thread, but it’s my zombie thread, therefore allowed, and I just need to add.... GP, my pube de-matting hero is adding a line for men!

Now, as far as I can see it’s purely overpriced jumpers at the moment, but this quote ‘So ask yourself,” she added, “Are you crystal-curious?’ has me very exited for DH and his arsehole balance Wink

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