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Professional Northerners

228 replies

DonaldStott · 30/07/2017 09:35

Disclaimer - I am a Northerner, but I cannot fucking stand these people. Jason Manford, peter kay, shelley lindsay, paddy mcguinness, 'ooh I'm so northern I go the chippy for me breakfast', ooh only northerners get me cos I'm so northern',

Fuck off.

Only because I have just heard jason manford on the radio making up his northern stories that never happened and it really annoyed me Angry

OP posts:

SaskiaRembrandtWasFramed · 30/07/2017 09:37

YANBU, I'm from the Midlands, Ozzy Osborne has a similar effect on me.


LegoCaltrops · 30/07/2017 09:44

YANBU. I'm from Yorkshire, frankly some people make me cringe with their excessive eagerness to prove they are from the North. Not content with their accent, they have to play up to every cultural stereotype & make it appear that we are all uncivilised louts.


AccrualIntentions · 30/07/2017 09:48

I'm from the north east and yes, see it around me up here. In terms of prominence on tv etc it tends to be people from the north west and it bugs the hell out of me. It's a kind of inverse snobbery.


dadadadathatslife · 30/07/2017 09:48

Hahaha I'm from mean city.

We're hard as nails up here.....apart from me Grin


DonaldStott · 30/07/2017 09:48

There's a scouser on channel 4 now. So over egging his scouse accent. Pathetic.

OP posts:

DonaldStott · 30/07/2017 09:49

Yes. I it definitely a north west thing I think. I am from the north west, so liverpool, manchester, wigan etc.

OP posts:

Londonyardwork · 30/07/2017 09:53

In the north of Scotland im sure people turn up the accent when conversing with Tourists or people they dont know. Its like some badge of weird pride. I always try to make sure i annunciate clearly when conversing with people - especially to people i dont know.

I was born in England but have lived in Scotland for most of my life. I understand the doric dialect perfectly well, its just ..... so ridiculous.


RandomDent · 30/07/2017 09:55

I immediately thought of Stuart Maconie.


DonaldStott · 30/07/2017 09:57

Yes. He is one of them for sure random

OP posts:

showergel1 · 30/07/2017 09:58

I lost my high school friends over this. We (northerners) had a holiday in the south where I already went for uni. They spent the entire time being 'funny cos they're northern.' It was constant and I didn't find it amusing. We had a massive argument and that was that really.
In hindsight it was harmless but I was really annoyed and embarrassed by then at the time.


Ceebeegee · 30/07/2017 10:00

Yes! Sometimes their accents seem a bit 'forced' iykwim?
I'm from the Midlands and went to a gig in Leeds and the majority of the crowd shouted over the band "Yorkshire Yorkshire Yorkshire ". The band wasn't from Yorkshire Confused


Lanaa · 30/07/2017 10:04

I'm from Yorkshire they do it there too. Obviously I love Yorkshire, but the constant "Four Yorkshireman," routine that all my old friends do when reunited is tedious!


insancerre · 30/07/2017 10:04

Not sure I even have an opinion on this
Jason manford is a comedian, he's not Samuel Pepys
We all know his stories aren't true


Brittbugs80 · 30/07/2017 10:10

I think Jason Manford is hilarious, and Peter Kay. It's relatable comedy which I find funny. I'm not sure it's meant to be entirely fact based.


Caenea · 30/07/2017 10:11

My FIL (and to some extent my OH) are a bit like this sometimes, especially when I'm in the offing and polluting them with my Southern ways...

If I hear tin tin tin one more time I may have to maime them both...


WhoreOfBabyliss · 30/07/2017 10:22

I know four people from Yorkshire and they all use that fact as an excuse to be rude. They actually say it. "I'm northern, what can you expect?" No, you are just being too lazy to bother not offending people.


x2boys · 30/07/2017 10:27

I love Peter Kay and Paddy Mcguinees cos I live in Bolton too on one of Peter Kay's shows he was talking about a pastie shop where he gave the assistant £20 and the assistant said £20 going in and he made some comment I know that pastie shop ! I also know St Gregs club where they filmed Phoenix nights so I do have a soft spot for them


Floellabumbags · 30/07/2017 10:27

I agree. It's that "only people in the north have ever done this" attitude.

I'm a northerner (I've lived both sides of the Pennines) but I don't believe for one second that only people from Bolton have experienced the same things as Peter Kay.


x2boys · 30/07/2017 10:31

I saw another of his shows and he was talking about his school my son will start at the same school next September and no not just people from Bolton will have experienced the same things as him but it makes me smile when he talks about local places and roads etc.


DailyFailstinks · 30/07/2017 10:31

I'm a northerner too and I completely agree! Playing up to an outdated stereotype.


Looneytune253 · 30/07/2017 10:31

To be fair none of these people you've mentioned are even in the north lol. Maybe it's just cos I'm more northern but they're all southerners to me 😂


Gwenhwyfar · 30/07/2017 10:32

"they all use that fact as an excuse to be rude."

Are they actually rude or just direct. MN's definition of rude seems to include any conversation with people you don't know that's not about the weather.


Sparklingbrook · 30/07/2017 10:35

Vernon Kay and James Martin.

Both now live in Buckinghamshire IIRC. But harp on about the North all the time. Grin


starzig · 30/07/2017 10:36

Jason Manford is from salford. That's not even vaguely north.


f0g · 30/07/2017 10:37

YANBU - it's even worse when they're not in the north or abroad and if people don't find them hillarious it's because they're southerners with no of humour. It's so boring and an embarrassment to Britain. I wish they'd go away.

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