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To wonder what the actual fuck all these hobbies are

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cod · 23/07/2017 13:31

That men on mumsnet seem to have. And why people never just state them. "His hobby" sounds so pervy

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AllTheWittyNamesAreGone · 23/07/2017 13:32

They are all furries

TeenAndTween · 23/07/2017 13:32

Mainly cycling seems to take ages.
Then the more obscure 'outing' ones like Historical re-enactment.

Alicia555 · 23/07/2017 13:33

If be very interested to know too cod!

cod · 23/07/2017 13:34

Sport. Just say "he plays cricket of rugby". Surely.

Gaming. He does minecraft "stuff"

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cod · 23/07/2017 13:34


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BellaGoth · 23/07/2017 13:34

Well if it helps, my husband's hobby is dog agility. It can be VERY time consuming.

cod · 23/07/2017 13:34

He's an amateur tank renovator.

I dunno.

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VladmirsPoutine · 23/07/2017 13:34

I'd say 95% of the time it's a man that just can't be arsed to be a part of his family life and therefore his 'hobby' could be anything from trading obscure figurines to sitting in the pub for entire afternoons.

IHaveBrilloHair · 23/07/2017 13:34

No one in real life ever talks about hobbies, they just say the name of it

Butterymuffin · 23/07/2017 13:35

There are an awful lot of them. Most people I know have their week full from work, looking after the kids and general life tasks. The people with hobbies are mostly the ones without kids.

cod · 23/07/2017 13:35

Taxidermy. Everyone loves a stuffed stoat.

OP posts:
Justhadmyhaircut · 23/07/2017 13:35

Swinging likely isn't openly mentioned on mn!!

Beeziekn33ze · 23/07/2017 13:35

I always imagine someone's DH going furtively into his manshed!
In fact the hubby's hobby usually turns out to be cycling. Unless they just cycle a few mikes away from home and congregate at some big hubby hobby shed!

cod · 23/07/2017 13:36

I do believe everyone needs something more than work and family for mental health tbh. But just say what the hobby IS

OP posts:
cod · 23/07/2017 13:36

Lol at hubby hobby

OP posts:
Motoko · 23/07/2017 13:36

I'm always dying to know what these "expensive hobbies" they have are!

cod · 23/07/2017 13:36

My husband has a "hubbyhobby™'

OP posts:
Beeziekn33ze · 23/07/2017 13:36

miles ...

HollyHollyHo · 23/07/2017 13:36

Hang the fuck on is that an actual cod or someone's unfortunate name change?

You can't just go round these parts calling yourself a cod ya know Angry

How do you feel about a school run dress?

cod · 23/07/2017 13:38

My h has at various times played sport and kayaked.
When he went at night my mum said "kayaking at NIGHT... are you sure that's what he's doing ?!" Grin

OP posts:
cod · 23/07/2017 13:39

Oh I don't do school run now! I did get a beauty from h&'M tho

OP posts:
HollyHollyHo · 23/07/2017 13:40

In that case I'll chuck "training" as a hobby into the hat.

Training?'re going to the gym. Just say I'm going to the gym

cod · 23/07/2017 13:41

Ditto running. Annoy them by saying you're going for a jog

OP posts:
cod · 23/07/2017 13:41


To wonder what the actual fuck all these hobbies are
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Thegiantofillinois · 23/07/2017 13:44

We work full time and have 2 dc. Dh once dared to complain th as t other men have hobbies (cycling an g gym don't countHmm). I pointed at the two small children sitting i ng at the table, eating their tea."see them? They're your hobby."

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