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Tentative links to celebrities

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WestEndVBroadway · 12/07/2017 16:31

A friend of mine had a cousin who happened to also be a cousin of Jim Kerr from Simple Minds. Although my friend was not actually related to Jim Kerr she referred to him as her half cousin. Another friend used to boast that she and Simon Le Bon were at school together, they did indeed go to the same school but not at the same time. Anyone else got any vague claims to fame?

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TartanDMs · 12/07/2017 17:34

DH's sister was at school with (in the same year as) Clive Owen. They were not close.

DH as a child also lived next door but one to Onslow's house in Keeping Up Appearances.

My mum was friends with Mandy Jordache from Brookside when they were kids, and her cousin was friends with Pete Waterman.

Full of star stories here! But very obscure ones.

NoLoveofMine · 12/07/2017 17:34

BluebellsareBlue I'm not sure how. It's something my parents have told me the said neighbours have told them. I was born in 2000 myself so would have no recollection or idea about it...hence tenuous link.

user1485342611 · 12/07/2017 17:34

My cousin once served Princess Diana in Hamley's.

BadTasteFlump · 12/07/2017 17:34

My sister's ex boyfriend 's nan had Elton John play the piano at her wedding when he was a little boy - he was very good apparently.

vikingprincess81 · 12/07/2017 17:36

I once saw Ruth (Scottish woman from the late 90s I think?) from Eastenders on the tube on London - the District Line if memory serves. I nudged dh, gestured furiously with my head towards her and quite possibly scared the poor woman and yes, she saw me! It was a very crowded carriage she was probably grateful I couldn't get nearer to her

LittleCandle · 12/07/2017 17:36

Oh and my mother once sang with Annie Lennox's mother and had a lovely chat with her.

Bumbumtaloo · 12/07/2017 17:36

Grant Mitchell (Ross Kemp) stole my stool in a pub and signed an egg for a friend of mine.

Stuffofawesome · 12/07/2017 17:37

My dad was the doctor for a former Aussie PM who once awkwardly mistook my stepmum for my mum. Also headmistress at primary was DIL of another former Aussie PM

BadTasteFlump · 12/07/2017 17:38

Also years ago i was in a pub with an ex boyfriend. Joe Maccann (scouse actor) was in the same pub and ex and I ended up having a big row because apparently JM was giving me the eyeball and I was flirting back (I wasn't).

Judashascomeintosomemoney · 12/07/2017 17:39

My best friend went to school with Eddie Marsan. My ex BFs brother was best mates with Tommy Walsh. And, you know nearly all old Bethnal Green residents claim they knew the Krays, my Nan really did as she lived in Vallance Road (til, like a proper Eastender, she moved to Essex Grin.) Thought mine were all Eastend based but then I remembered this South London and DH once helped catch Ginger Bakers escaped dog that was running around the country lanes of where we now live. DH is a Cream fan but we didn't know it was Ginger Bakers dog until I was telling my friend, who works for a local dog walking company, and she said 'Oh yes that dog's notorious for escaping, it belongs to Ginger Baker, apparently he's famous but I've never heard of him'. DH was Shock.

spaghettiforhair · 12/07/2017 17:39

I once fell down some stairs in a club and landed at the feet of mick hucknell...

My uncles, wife's uncle is Gerry Francis.

JamieLannisterToMyBedchamber · 12/07/2017 17:39

I briefly worked with the brother of a member of The Wonderstuff (band popular in the late '80s/early '90s, still going)

Terry Scott once commented on my friend's parking skills (I was with my friend).

VeenyCat · 12/07/2017 17:39

My cousin wrote a lot of the music for the Spice Girls (and some for East 17 as well).

ludog · 12/07/2017 17:41

My mother's from the same home town as Louis Walsh and managed to get him to send me a Christmas card a few years ago grin

I was just coming on to post that I'm from Louis Walsh's hometown (maybe I know your mum Grin) He's also a first cousin of my second cousinSmile

NoLoveofMine · 12/07/2017 17:41

JamieLannisterToMyBedchamber stop being so "oh wow, look at me now" with your name dropping. Your friend's parking skills might have been impressive but with the space the size of a cow anyone could have managed to fit their car in.

BadTasteFlump · 12/07/2017 17:42

Ooh and my best one! I was once on the Big Wheel at the same time as Paul Daniels.

BeyondDrinksAndKnowsThings · 12/07/2017 17:42

I share a relatively rare surname with a political pundit. We may be related, we are from the same general area Grin

MidnightAura · 12/07/2017 17:42

DH works with a woman who was at school with David Tennant.

iklboo · 12/07/2017 17:43

I can genuinely six degree myself to Kevin Bacon.

DearTeddyRobinson · 12/07/2017 17:43

BIL's ex-girlfriend worked at a bar with Benedict Cumberbatch's ex girlfriend 😀

HoobleDooble · 12/07/2017 17:43

My ex-boyfriend's sister briefly went out in her teens with the bloke who played Adrian Boswell in Bread.

LucyTheLocalBike · 12/07/2017 17:44

My former best friend's husband was a second cousin of cat deeley


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Justhadmyhaircut · 12/07/2017 17:44

My dm cousin's wife is the dn of an actor in keeping up appearances. . . Think string vest. .

Mablethorpe · 12/07/2017 17:44

My husbands brother was taught drama at school by Greg Davies. Much of his early stand up was about how shot that school was and how much he hated the kids he taught.Grin

PunnetSquare · 12/07/2017 17:45

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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