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The thread where we meet to discuss the unfolding Trump administration catastrophe, but end up discussing adoptions from Russia

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illegitimateMortificadospawn · 12/07/2017 12:56

If we can get our hands free to type from the constant facepalming, we should be able to post on this topic.

Continuation of the previous thread:

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 22/07/2017 20:51

I appreciate that, Across - which is why I said 'when this is all over'. The fact remains that there are a goodly number of people who would feel disenfranchised if 45 went. I see no other way to give them a voice and a stake in the country.

cozietoesie · 22/07/2017 20:52

Sorry. The quote was approximate and not exact.

cozietoesie · 22/07/2017 21:23

Oh Dear. I guess that someone ought to be thinking about a new thread? Grin

illegitimateMortificadospawn · 22/07/2017 21:26

So much rich material to choose from for the new header. Someone else should do the honours in the tradition of our collective.

OP posts:
lionheart · 22/07/2017 21:28

Yes to new thread. Smile


Jim Sciutto‏Verified account
Breaking: House & Senate negotiators reach deal on Russian sanctions bill including new ability to block WH from easing penalties

cozietoesie · 22/07/2017 21:33

Ah Hah. Sounds like you're in the mood, illegitimate? Wink

OnTheDarkSideOfTheSpoon · 22/07/2017 21:45

Yes please to new thread!

Bruce Bartlett
Bruce Bartlett @BruceBartlett
Republicans plan to raise taxes on those in blue states in order to pay for tax cuts for those in red states.

cozietoesie · 22/07/2017 21:47

There's a vote on Tuesday? And then it goes to 45's desk for signature? (Which it was might not get.)

cozietoesie · 22/07/2017 21:48

Ignore that 'was'. My autocorrect reminding me of its presence, I think. Grin

orlantina · 22/07/2017 21:57

So who's going to start the new thread?

It has to reference Sean.

AcrossthePond55 · 22/07/2017 22:03

The Russia Sanctions bill really puts Scrotus between the devil and the deep blue sea, doesn't it? But I have a feeling he'll side with his butt-buddy Pootie in the end. Ha ha. Get it? In the end. Grin

cozietoesie · 22/07/2017 22:06

Across has had a cocktail! Smile

illegitimateMortificadospawn · 22/07/2017 22:15

DH just said "I'm going to miss Spicey!"

OP posts:
lionheart · 22/07/2017 22:20

I think he has no choice (also known as an issue with Kompromat).

AcrossthePond55 · 22/07/2017 22:23

Across has had a some cocktail(s)!

(White Linens to be specific)

FTFY cozie Grin hic!!

BTW, did you know that gin & soda with a splash of Ribena tastes pretty good? My local grocery has just started stocking it. I'd never had it before so I'm trying it with everything. So far, so good!

cozietoesie · 22/07/2017 22:28

Never tried it. Grin I stay pretty .........uncocktailed at the moment, (The better to ignore the siren song of The Big Bible next door. Trust me - you don't need me reading from Revelation!)

illegitimateMortificadospawn · 22/07/2017 22:41

I love that Ribena is exotic in the US. It is ubiquitous here & my kids get through a lot of blackcurrant squash. My Dad told me a while back that 95% of UK grown blackcurrants go into Ribena/generic blackcurrant squash. I can believe it (though I wish they were easier to get hold of for making blackcurrant & vanilla curd).

OP posts:
M0stlyBowlingHedgehog · 22/07/2017 22:45

Catching up slowly. Hackmum - "I used to love Soap. Don't know many people who remember it!"

I remember it. One of the funniest things of all time.

"Confused? You won't be after this week's episode of Soap!"

ParanoidBeryl · 22/07/2017 23:27

Haven't caught up with the full thread, but I note
45 thanked Spicey for his service, but did it through the medium of SHS.

No personal tweeting from 45. Sad.

AcrossthePond55 · 23/07/2017 00:04

An so we bid a fond adieu to this thread's episode of........

AcrossthePond55 · 23/07/2017 00:05

"As the Trump Squirms"

(This is a pretty US-centric pun. Who gets it?)

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