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The thread where we meet to discuss the unfolding Trump administration catastrophe, but end up discussing adoptions from Russia

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illegitimateMortificadospawn · 12/07/2017 12:56

If we can get our hands free to type from the constant facepalming, we should be able to post on this topic.

Continuation of the previous thread:

OP posts:
cozietoesie · 21/07/2017 19:55

Huckleberry is apparently to be the new Press Secretary. She's given over this briefing to Scaramucci, it seems, to allow him to 'get to know' the press.

Roussette · 21/07/2017 19:56

Well... it's the first one in nearly a month we can watch. He talks the talk that's for sure

cozietoesie · 21/07/2017 19:57

He's not been asked any real questions though. Smile

Lweji · 21/07/2017 20:00

Melissa Spicer was sacked? Retired? Resigned?

A tribute.

cozietoesie · 21/07/2017 20:02

All of those, I guess, Lweji. Wink

Lweji · 21/07/2017 20:04

I guess Melissa McCarthy will have to reprise the character for one last time

She's already said goodbye to her character a while ago. SNL is prescient. (and Spicer had it coming for a while)

cozietoesie · 21/07/2017 20:18


Oh - and talking about having it coming?

Microsoft takes on the hackers

Lweji · 21/07/2017 20:32

Microsoft takes on the hackers

Ah, don't mess with the Gates. Nice.

Still, it's reactive rather than really protective.

Lweji · 21/07/2017 20:33

Sorry, should have read the last paragraph of the story before posting. Still...

cozietoesie · 21/07/2017 20:37


cozietoesie · 21/07/2017 21:06

I don't think that Rick Wilson is much of a fan.

When will Republicans learn......

OnTheDarkSideOfTheSpoon · 21/07/2017 21:30

This bit stood out cozie

Their legitimate fear of their constituents was greater—finally—than their fear of Trump.

Women, look what we did! #6MonthsSinceWomensMarch

(Video via @KerryGFleming)

Rachel Maddow MSNBC @maddow
I have covered a lot of marches and protests in my life -- footage of this one is still astonishing to me.

OnTheDarkSideOfTheSpoon · 21/07/2017 21:46

Russian minister suggests other Trump, Putin talks

Does anyone think the "Maybe they went to the toilet together," was a deliberate poke?

OnTheDarkSideOfTheSpoon · 21/07/2017 21:51

Whoops, if I'd watched the discussion afterwards I'd have seen that some people do think that Blush

cozietoesie · 22/07/2017 01:08

I don't actually have a problem with a theoretical POTUS meeting with/calling a theoretical Russian president. What troubles me is 45 meeting alone with Putin.

TheClaws · 22/07/2017 01:30

He looks so happy. As I would be! Scaramucci looks very slick, though, but in a bad way, like something you can't get off the bottom of your shoe.

The Hill‏Verified account @thehill 28m28 minutes ago
Spicer: I'm feeling "relieved" after resigning from Trump White House

The thread where we meet to discuss the unfolding Trump administration catastrophe, but end up discussing adoptions from Russia
saffronwblue · 22/07/2017 01:36

Hope spicey has a good rest and a great book deal.

OnTheDarkSideOfTheSpoon · 22/07/2017 01:52

POLITICO @politico
House panel to interview Kushner on Tuesday

OnTheDarkSideOfTheSpoon · 22/07/2017 01:56

Kyle Griffin
Kyle Griffin @kylegriffin1
WaPo FLAG: Sessions discussed Trump campaign-related matters with Russian ambassador, U.S. intel intercepts show.

OnTheDarkSideOfTheSpoon · 22/07/2017 02:08
OnTheDarkSideOfTheSpoon · 22/07/2017 02:18
OnTheDarkSideOfTheSpoon · 22/07/2017 02:35

Laurence Tribe
Laurence Tribe @tribelaw
No, Trump can't pardon himself. Read our Washington Post op-ed to learn why:

OnTheDarkSideOfTheSpoon · 22/07/2017 02:39

Yashar Ali
Yashar Ali @yashar
The lede on this WSJ story about Spicer.

The thread where we meet to discuss the unfolding Trump administration catastrophe, but end up discussing adoptions from Russia
TheMysteriousJackelope · 22/07/2017 02:45

Why doesn't Trump just move the whole board of Goldman Sachs into the second floor of the White House? He could probably get a deal on the furniture move and it would save time.

To think that people were criticizing Hillary Clinton for being in bed with Wall Street.

'The Mooch' uses the word 'effective' in nearly every sentence and said that Trump is the most 'effective' communicator in the White House and he really likes how he uses social media to link with regular Americans. I'm not surprised Spicer quit, if I had to work with that attitude I'd be pulling out my hair and eating it within a week.

saffronwblue · 22/07/2017 05:41

This came up on my facebook feed today.

Trumpian Rhapsody (Ray Cochrane)

Is this the Fox life?
Is this just NBC?
Caught up in a fake news,
An escape from reality.

Open your eyes,
Look up in my eyes and see,
I’m not a poor boy, I have no empathy,
Because it’s money come, morals go,
Little lie, little low,
Any way my hair blows really, really matters to me, to me.

Mama, just fired a man,
Putin’s gun against my head,
Pulled his trigger, now I’m red.
The sell off has just begun,
But now Jnr's gone and colluded it away.

Taxes, great,
Didn't mean to tell a lie,
If there’s no wall this time tomorrow,
Carry on, carry on as if nothing really matters.

Too late, my time has come,
Get lawyers on the line,
Money making all the time.
Golf time, everybody, I've got to go,
Gotta leave you all behind and face the course.

Macron, ooh (any way he hand holds),
I don't wanna lie,
I sometimes wish I'd never had Donny at all.

I see a little shrubbery see a man,
Scaramucci, Scaramucci, will you do the samethingo?
Sarah Sanders’ starting,
Spicer is departing see.
(Trumpineo) So they say go.
(Trumpineo) he said go go,
Trumpineo fire go
Spicer go-o-o-o-go.

He’s just a poor boy, nobody loved him.
He's just a lie boy for a comb over,
Spared now his life from that monstrosity.

Easy truth, easy lie, he did it on the go
Covfefe! YES, we will let you go. (Let him go!)
Covfefe! We will let Comey go. (Let him go!)
Covfefe! We want Mueller to go. (Let him go!)
Yes, we will let them go. (Let them go!)
Never Sessions (recused, recused, recused, recused let him go)
Great great great oh
Ho, ho, grab, grab, grab, lie, ho
Oh, Melan ia, Melan ia (Melan ia, lets me ho.)
Trumpebub has a law put aside you’ll see, you’ll see, you’ll see.

So you think I can’t meet Ruskis who spit in my eye?
So you think Don Junior would leave me to die?
My baby, won't do this to me, baby,
Just gotta lie more, just gotta lie right outta here.

(Like, soo great, sooo great)

Money really matters,
Anyone can see,
Money really matters,
Money really matters to me.

Any way my hair blows.

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