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The thread where we meet to discuss the unfolding Trump administration catastrophe, but end up discussing adoptions from Russia

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illegitimateMortificadospawn · 12/07/2017 12:56

If we can get our hands free to type from the constant facepalming, we should be able to post on this topic.

Continuation of the previous thread:

OP posts:
MrsT2007 · 22/07/2017 06:30

Someone so has to make that into a you tube vid

Sessions looks like he's in deep on the Russia trouble according to the WaPo. Another Mensch score. For all her utterly bananas stories about marshals and stuff she gets some stuff right.

Twitter is alive with Mueller firing stories this last day or so. Saturday night massacre v2.0 maybe?

OnTheDarkSideOfTheSpoon · 22/07/2017 07:16

Grin saffron that is sessionsational! sorry

mrst I've unfollowed Mensch so I don't know what she's saying these days. Which bit did she get right?

Roussette · 22/07/2017 08:31

Like Rhapsody saffron!

This is an interesting set of tweets. Sccaramucci had a soul once. Wonder what his views on guns are now?

The thread where we meet to discuss the unfolding Trump administration catastrophe, but end up discussing adoptions from Russia
BiglyBadgers · 22/07/2017 08:47

They are some interesting tweets. Hardly standard gun rhetoric from the Trump base. Wonder if they will pick up on these.

TheNorthWestPawsage · 22/07/2017 08:53

Summer vacation: FAA says Trump is scheduled to be at Bedminster golf club from August 3-20

TheNorthWestPawsage · 22/07/2017 09:01

Every GOP figure I've spoken to at #AspenSecurity assumes Trump leaked this to force Sessions out. "Certainly not a Mueller leak," one said.

BiglyBadgers · 22/07/2017 09:05

This Khan thread from April outline the influence of the Koch brothers in the trump administration and their relationship with Russia. They would benefit hugely from Russian sanctions being lifted for a start.

PerkingFaintly · 22/07/2017 09:06

Yeah, I wondered who chose this particular moment to leak this.

After sitting quietly on this information while Sessions was nominated and confirmed.

BiglyBadgers · 22/07/2017 09:06

Sorry,wrong thread again! Havinga discussion on US with someone on Westminstenders and had to come one here to look some stuff up? Easily confused me Blush

TheNorthWestPawsage · 22/07/2017 09:07
The thread where we meet to discuss the unfolding Trump administration catastrophe, but end up discussing adoptions from Russia
OnTheDarkSideOfTheSpoon · 22/07/2017 09:09

Scott Dworkin
Scott Dworkin @funder
BREAKING Research: Anthony Scaramucci's selling his company to Chinese co that owns $740,000,000 stake in Russian $ launderer Deutsche Bank.

Scott Dworkin
Scott Dworkin @funder
Replying to @funder, @joncoopertweets, and 9 others
UPDATE: Chinese co Scaramucci's selling his company to owns 10% ($2B+) of Deutsche Bank & is the largest shareholder

The thread where we meet to discuss the unfolding Trump administration catastrophe, but end up discussing adoptions from Russia
TheNorthWestPawsage · 22/07/2017 09:16
PerkingFaintly · 22/07/2017 09:37

Don't apologise, Badgers! Interesting link!

TheNorthWestPawsage · 22/07/2017 09:37

Interesting summary of Steve Bannon's 'non-involvement' in Trump's most recent WH shenanigans. Could he be on the way out??

From article:
But he now plays a surprisingly minor role in key administration policy debates. White House aides speculate about whether Bannon is trying to protect his job amid long-running talk of a White House staff purge. Several West Wing advisers said they expect Trump to decide once and for all on a White House shakeup during his planned vacation next month, when he is expected to consult with friends beyond the Beltway. “If there is a big staff shakeup, it will be in August,” said a senior White House aide. “My guess is that Bannon probably sees that and doesn’t want to be in the press.”

PerkingFaintly · 22/07/2017 09:43

Pahahaha! NorthWest that is superb!

Gumpendorf · 22/07/2017 10:09

Well, such a lot has happened since yesterday.Grin It's been quite an episode of the Trump Show.

I'm glad Spicer is out. The Pope slight was just so ultra mean I don't know how or why he continued to work there. As for the fridge icebox story, working in a mean environment makes you do mean things, sometimes.

I love that Scaramooci loves everyone. What a salesman and straight from central casting too. Will SHS get better ratings than Spicey? How far will she go with the makeover?

The Sessions WaPo story is interesting timing. Will he stay? Will resigning make him look as guilty as he is? If he resigns, will Trump appoint a friendly to fire Mueller?

Jared missed $100m from his disclosure form? Easily done! Which of us can say we can account for every $100m?

I'm again reminded of the US comedy show Soap. Anyone else old enough to remember? It was a cough 1970s Sunday evening show in UK in the days when US shows were on mainstream channels because they're weren't any others.

I'm sorry for trivialising something which is serious but sometimes it's important for my sanity. Smile

Thanks for the info on pardons, Across Flowers
PerkingFaintly · 22/07/2017 10:14

Ooh, "superb" was for the RandyRainbow Room Where it Happened.

But the news about a staff shake-up is also very interesting.

Lweji · 22/07/2017 10:38

Well, such a lot has happened since yesterday.

Even Rachel Maddow was mentioning on a clip that news came over the commercial break.

Lweji · 22/07/2017 10:39

I'm mostly surprised they found aomeone who still wants to work for and be seen to defend Trump.

Does he have a death wish?

BoreOfWhabylon · 22/07/2017 10:59

Scaramucci is a proper little Gordon Gecko with his slicked-back hair and wolfish grin

Thunderbolt and lightning, very very frightening...

lionheart · 22/07/2017 11:43
TheClaws · 22/07/2017 11:57

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 8m8 minutes ago

The Failing New York Times foiled U.S. attempt to kill the single most wanted terrorist,Al-Baghdadi.Their sick agenda over National Security

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 21m21 minutes ago

A new INTELLIGENCE LEAK from the Amazon Washington Post,this time against A.G. Jeff Sessions.These illegal leaks, like Comey's, must stop!

BossyBitch · 22/07/2017 12:18

So why are you talking to the failing New York Times then, Donnie?

One could almost get the impression that you were trying to discredit them on account of you yourself saying some supremely stupid stuff in your interview ...

TheMysteriousJackelope · 22/07/2017 12:35

I wonder how bad Scaramucci is if Spicer isn't willing to work for him. He worked for Donald Trump for six months but he isn't willing to work for Scaramucci for one second? That doesn't bode well.

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