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The thread where we meet to discuss the unfolding Trump administration catastrophe, but end up discussing adoptions from Russia

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illegitimateMortificadospawn · 12/07/2017 12:56

If we can get our hands free to type from the constant facepalming, we should be able to post on this topic.

Continuation of the previous thread:

OP posts:
AcrossthePond55 · 12/07/2017 15:52

Even though I don't blame her for keeping a low profile, I'd give just about anything to know what Ivana has to say. She's always struck me as forthright and I'll bet she's torn Donnie Jr a new one.

Or perhaps not. She may very well be enjoying Scrotus' discomfiture and (hopefully) his downfall and feel that Donnie Jr has made his bed.

Ivana, if you're on MN, PM me baby!!

cozietoesie · 12/07/2017 15:59

I rather think she'll be hunkered down trying not to notice the reporters in the bushes, Across. Wink

cozietoesie · 12/07/2017 16:22

But I think you're nonetheless right about her position interesting one. Wink

I've been trying to keep an eye on her for some time.

MicrowaveSpy · 12/07/2017 16:57

A Ruskie place mark.
I feel sorry for the journos - all that work and then Jnr puts it out there for all to see Wink

lionheart · 12/07/2017 17:13

Excellent new thread and title. Smile

cozietoesie · 12/07/2017 17:28


You'll want to watch Mr Colbert on that topic.Smile

lionheart · 12/07/2017 17:37

So far, this must be our cheeriest thread.

Hope it lasts and the Trumps do not ...

OnTheDarkSideOfTheSpoon · 12/07/2017 17:37

This doesn't inspire confidence. Christopher wray asked during his confirmation hearing what someone should do if they're contacted by foreign national offering information about opposition tries to duck it:

SingaSong12 · 12/07/2017 17:38


TheNorthWestPawsage · 12/07/2017 17:45

As a sign of solidarity Eric Trump also releases his emails

The thread where we meet to discuss the unfolding Trump administration catastrophe, but end up discussing adoptions from Russia
AndHoldTheBun · 12/07/2017 17:46

I feel so weary, I can't get excited about the latest revelations yet... there have been so many things already that should have been the tipping point to end Trump politically, in any sane time, and any President with even rudimentary morals would have resigned long ago.

But maybe this really is the beginning of the end Smile

cozietoesie · 12/07/2017 17:52

I doubt he'll resign. Just keep on persisting.

catgirl1976 · 12/07/2017 18:03

Place marking with slightly more optimism than before

OnTheDarkSideOfTheSpoon · 12/07/2017 18:27

Kamala Harris @KamalaHarris

GOP timeline:
Health bill text Thurs
Vote next week.

That's barely enough time to read it, let alone discuss with experts & constituents.

OnTheDarkSideOfTheSpoon · 12/07/2017 18:33

Grin I've missed Colbert

cozietoesie · 12/07/2017 18:35

Well of course it is, Pain. Wink

OnTheDarkSideOfTheSpoon · 12/07/2017 19:26

Manu Raju @mkraju
GRASSLEY says he wants Manafort before the committee NEXT WEEK in hearing about FARA, tells us he is prepared to subpoena

OnTheDarkSideOfTheSpoon · 12/07/2017 19:28


Brandon Friedman @BFriedmanDC

Tamir Rice, age 12: "tall for his age"
Emmett Till, age 14: "looked like a man"
Trump, Jr., age 39: "an honest kid"

The thread where we meet to discuss the unfolding Trump administration catastrophe, but end up discussing adoptions from Russia
InigoTaran · 12/07/2017 19:32
orlantina · 12/07/2017 19:57

Breitbart's initial reaction

"“New York Times has neither seen nor read ‘Russia email’ to Donald Trump Jr,” was Breitbart’s main take on Tuesday morning. “This is only the latest effort by the Times to bring down President Donald Trump that relies on documents it has not seen and verified.”

The story seemed to be working well as a distraction for Breitbart readers – guiding more than 4,000 commenters into a familiar, comfortable debate about bias in the liberal media.

But at 11am, with the Times preparing to publish his emails, Trump Jr decided to bite the bullet and post them himself. The Times ran its story at almost exactly the same time, and journalists at news organizations – including conservative outlets such as Fox News and the Washington Examiner – scrambled to follow up"

Lweji · 12/07/2017 19:59

I've missed Colbert

A whole Russian week next week, it seems. But I'm afraid that it could feel terribly out of date.

Lweji · 12/07/2017 20:06

@Washington Post

Photo surfaces of evangelical pastors laying hands on Trump in the Oval Office

Desperate times...

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