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To leave a shitty note on this car?

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ManchesterBee · 05/07/2017 15:25

We live near a local primary school but the houses were here first if that is relevant. There is a secondary school nearby and parents are allowed to use the church car park.

We have a private and numbered car park with a sign saying it is a private car park.

Between 7.45am and 9.30am and 1.45pm and 4.30pm we cannot get on our own car park. It is full of parents. We have raised this issue with the school for years but nothing has happened. We cannot barrier it as two spaces are customer parking for an business.

We've tried asking parents nicely and got abuse.

Just come back from work. Cannot get on the car park as it is the schools sports day.

One car is half way across our land and halfway blocking the pavement. There's another car parked so people in a wheelchair or buggy cannot pass.

OP posts:
Whosthemummynow · 05/07/2017 15:27

Buy a clamp, put a sign up and start clamping the fuckers

JacquesHammer · 05/07/2017 15:27

Block the exit to the car park. Tell your neighbours what you've done.

SheRaaarghPrincessOfPower · 05/07/2017 15:29

Block them in!

Penguin bollards?

And finally.. DIAGRAM! Grin

grasspigeons · 05/07/2017 15:39

Can you call the council and get a parking official out
It's a nightmare. The type of people that do this can't be reasoned with

LittleWitch · 05/07/2017 15:39

We lived next to a primary school for 12 long long years. we had every variation of parking issue it is possible to think of, up to and including the whole street (no off street parking) getting a letter from the Head asking us to kindly park "elsewhere" on Bonfire Night between 6pm and 8pm so that the "school community" could come together to "celebrate".

We would regularly be unable to leave the house at drop off as the road would literally become a car park - cars parked on either side and down the middle of the road. Of course, the school had its own car park, but nobody wanted to use that because on exit they would be on the A road and straight into a set of traffic lights...

I feel your pain.

Funnyface1 · 05/07/2017 15:39

I would probably put a sign up saying clamping is in effect. In the meantime block in whoever you can. People like this don't start considering others unless they are inconvenienced themselves.

Spartak · 05/07/2017 15:43

Go over to the school now and ask them to put an announcement out to get it shifted.

And if they won't do that, lie down across the running track in protest.

Collaborate · 05/07/2017 15:44

I'd block them all in, then move only to let neighbours out. They'll only stop doing it when their inconvenience matches yours.

Go nuclear!

Collaborate · 05/07/2017 15:44

BTW clamping is illegal. You'll get a criminal record.

Yvetteballs · 05/07/2017 15:45

Park across the entrance.

HipsterHunter · 05/07/2017 15:46

BTW clamping is illegal. You'll get a criminal record.

So it is!

ManchesterBee · 05/07/2017 15:49

There answer is to just send a letter home Spartak despite disabled residents having to repeatedly struggle to park in their own space and having to park elsewhere. They don't care.
There is a sign up threatening clamping but they know we can't.

The guy who parks under the kids bedroom at 7am blasting music for half an hour from his radio is worse...

OP posts:
iamUberA · 05/07/2017 15:49

Buy a sign saying they will be fined

ManchesterBee · 05/07/2017 15:49


OP posts:
Pollypudding · 05/07/2017 15:50

Go over to the school now and ask them to put an announcement out to get it shifted.

And if they won't do that, lie down across the running track in protest.

This- or chain yourself to the railings!

ManchesterBee · 05/07/2017 15:51

We have blocked them in. They were abusive (we reported) and told us they could park where they 'fucking well want'

OP posts:
SoupDragon · 05/07/2017 15:51

Do you have a rugby team handy? They can be good for lifting cars out of the way.

Wattyyyy · 05/07/2017 15:52

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cjt110 · 05/07/2017 15:52

Well... this was short lived. Unless you've kept them blocked in?

Pickleypickles · 05/07/2017 15:53

Block them in!!!
Something similar was happening to us in when we lived n3xt door to a video shop. Our neighbour blocked them in and when the people knocked he said was eating his tea sorry and left them sat there for 30 minutes! He didn't get blocked in/out again for a while Smile

HarmlessChap · 05/07/2017 15:53

Use wall paper paste to attach the note on the driver's side of the windscreen. Some people are so entitled, that they just don't care!

I had a similar situation, with office parking some guy kept parking there and got very aggressive and intimidating when told he couldn't (free country, you can't stop me, I'll park where I effing well want etc.) police didn't want to get involved as it was a civil matter. Even when he was seen crowbaring private parking signs warning of clamping off the walls and throwing them in the river he denied it and they said they couldn't do anything but they doubted he would do it again. It continued in the end I stopped renting the space and the landlord put a container on it.

FairfaxAikman · 05/07/2017 15:53

Is the land owned by the residents/ business?
We had similar - we are 15 mins walk from the city centre, so it was commuters parking ALL DAY.
However the land is jointly owned by all the owners in the complex - vote was carried to bring in a private parking firm (at no cost to us, their revenue is from tickets) and the problem has largely resolved.

calzone · 05/07/2017 15:54

I would block them in and only move at my own convenience.

Could you block the entrance in the morning so they can't get in? Let the neighbors know what you are doing?

lalalonglegs · 05/07/2017 15:57

Would hiring a company like this one help? You take photos of the offending cars, they chase them for fines having displayed the correct signage stating that anyone parking without permission is subject to a penalty. It seems to be free for the rightful car park users.

AngeloftheSouth84 · 05/07/2017 15:57

Chain the school gate shut so no one can get out to inconvenience them

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