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To leave a shitty note on this car?

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ManchesterBee · 05/07/2017 15:25

We live near a local primary school but the houses were here first if that is relevant. There is a secondary school nearby and parents are allowed to use the church car park.

We have a private and numbered car park with a sign saying it is a private car park.

Between 7.45am and 9.30am and 1.45pm and 4.30pm we cannot get on our own car park. It is full of parents. We have raised this issue with the school for years but nothing has happened. We cannot barrier it as two spaces are customer parking for an business.

We've tried asking parents nicely and got abuse.

Just come back from work. Cannot get on the car park as it is the schools sports day.

One car is half way across our land and halfway blocking the pavement. There's another car parked so people in a wheelchair or buggy cannot pass.

OP posts:
MeanAger · 05/07/2017 15:59

Group together with the other residents to hire a parking attendant to charge £5 for entry to the car park. Give attendant cones to block the entrance/exit. Put a sign up saying £5/hour parking. People won't pay it.

cjt110 · 05/07/2017 15:59

Next time, cable tie a kipper to their exhaust. That'll teach them. Fuckers. My husband has never ever done this...not at all Grin

Cleanermaidcook · 05/07/2017 16:00

Get in touch with your local pcso's and ask them to come round at school drop off and pick up times to regulate problem parking, they usually do if someone asks and says there's a real problem x

ManchesterBee · 05/07/2017 16:01

Just for Sherarrrgh
Dodgy squares with circles are cars

To leave a shitty note on this car?
OP posts:
Ohmygodeverynameisfuckinginuse · 05/07/2017 16:02

Same problem at work. Starting sticking signs to the windows every day with tape that left residue. They soon stopped.

BewareOfDragons · 05/07/2017 16:04

Second the taping or pasting of notices with residue ... it will be a misery for them to get off ... they'll soon stop.

ManchesterBee · 05/07/2017 16:06

I did notice the other day a car on the other land near school had a sign on every single window...

OP posts:
ChardonnaysPrettySister · 05/07/2017 16:09

Can you ring up the council to send parking wardens?

That will be a lot of revenue for them.

ReawakeningAmbition · 05/07/2017 16:12

is it illegal to clamp even if the car is on your private land?

MrsF1 · 05/07/2017 16:14

A polite note on every window usually works a treat (as does parking bumper to bumper) - make sure you take a water sprayer with you when putting the notes on, as a quick squirt of water means they'll be peeling the evidence of their stupidity off for weeks (and you aren't actually physically damaging their vehicles).

ReawakeningAmbition · 05/07/2017 16:16

ooh ooh ooh!

You can ticket them and collect fines!! see reference to supreme court case....

EssentialHummus · 05/07/2017 16:19

Block in, as others have said, and only move at 11pm your convenience.

Get some of these and apply liberally. Ideally to the front windscreen at a height that interferes with visibility.

If it continued I'd personally find ways to ensure some splashy paint job or something involving lots of sharp nails was happening near these cars, but other people are more law-abiding.

BitOutOfPractice · 05/07/2017 16:21

I think pasting a note using superglue somthing hard to remove would be your best first option

Bloody frustrating for you!

AttilaTheMeerkat · 05/07/2017 16:26

Do nothing to the parked cars except take photos and show evidence to the council. This is a civil matter so the Police will probably not take a direct interest. It may be worth speaking to the local PCSOs in your locality however.

If you are seen to damage the cars in any way even with parking stickers you could well be facing a criminal damage charge. Its not worth it.

AttilaTheMeerkat · 05/07/2017 16:28

Who is the landowner here; do all of you each own the individual parking spaces?.

Clamping is illegal in the UK and has been for a number of years now.

Madonna9 · 05/07/2017 16:29

Put a barrier up and give the business a key/buzzer/whatever to open the barrier for their guests.

Or start charging 20GBP per 10 minutes of parking. Just sit their with a cash register for a day Grin

ginnystonic · 05/07/2017 16:31

I think EssentialHummus has the perfect solution. The 'you are parked illegally' stickers that are almost impossible to remove from windscreens. Excellent.

AttilaTheMeerkat · 05/07/2017 16:36

I would contact both the council (particularly if they maintain this land in any way though?) and the landowners of this particular car park. This problem is long standing after all, what have the other residents and business owner had to say about this?.

Advocating criminal damage to these vehicles is not the way to solve this problem.

JustArandomUser · 05/07/2017 16:36

Stand there in a hi-vis vest that says "PARKING ENFORCEMENT", and write their registration down on a clipboard, while taking photo's of the offending vehicles.

Then stick difficult to remove notices to their windscreens.

Lucked · 05/07/2017 16:39

As it is a numbered car park get a parking bollard. In fact get a company in to quote doing them all bar the ones associated with the business and then call a exidents meeting.

FairfaxAikman · 05/07/2017 16:39

Mix glitter with Vaseline. Apply liberally to the windscreen.
Or a few drops of kipper oil in the grill at the bottom of the windscreen

rascallyrascal · 05/07/2017 16:40

101? Get them to send a PCSO?


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Ceto · 05/07/2017 16:43

Madonna is right, put a barrier across that the business owners can open remotely.

muckypup73 · 05/07/2017 16:45

Get one of those jokey parking tickets off ebay and stick it on the car.

TeenAndTween · 05/07/2017 16:55

Continue kicking up a fuss to the school.
Make it more effort for the SLT to do nothing than resolve it.

  • ask HT to be on duty watching people at drop off /pick up
  • ask HT to liaise with local parking wardens / PCSOs to be on duty during pick up / drop off
  • letters to the local paper
  • go round to school with photos asking for number plates to be listed and shamed in newsletter
  • ask for meeting with governors to discuss their 'travel to school' policy
  • post on their twitter feed

The school isn't prioritising being good neighbours. Encourage them to change their priorities, whilst being unfailingly polite.
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