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The Beckhams... again

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twittertwit · 27/06/2017 10:10

I would have expected the Beckhams to have learnt their lesson about using charitable causes for shameless self-promotion after the leaked UNICEF emails earlier in the year, but evidently nothing has changed

I was sickened to see young 'photographer' Brooklyn Beckham using the Grenfell catastrophe to promote his new book. These people are quite literally shameless

OP posts:
MrShadows · 27/06/2017 10:24

wow how bad are those photographs, did he take them?

Bumbumtaloo · 27/06/2017 10:24

Some people seem to be dammed if they do and dammed if they don't. The article also states that Brooklyn and his brothers went to help the day after the fire, tbh that's the first I have heard of them being there.

There are other celebrities that have been and helped that were also in the press, there are other celebrities that have donated etc that haven't been in the press.

Anyway that money can be raised to help people try and rebuild their lives must be a good thing, surely?

twittertwit · 27/06/2017 10:26

Why do you feel he should be anonymous OP?

Because I find it unseemly. Especially after the revelations about David Beckham's cynical manipulation of UNICEF for self-promotion purposes. This has a similar whiff about it. All ego and no substance.

OP posts:
MrsJayy · 27/06/2017 10:26

Celebs slipping money anon get a hard time for not showing face.celebs showing face and donating money are given a hard time. They can't win really

WorraLiberty · 27/06/2017 10:26

Goodness OP

You sound every bit as irrational as the newspaper you read Confused

GreenHillsOfHome · 27/06/2017 10:30

I find it a bit distasteful tbh. And yeah, call me suspicious but it strikes me as more of a convenient promo to push forward 'brand Beckham' than anything else.

He could have used 'his name' to attend any number of events in support of do so whilst also advertising your own shitty book is just a bit off.

MrsJayy · 27/06/2017 10:31

Mum and Dad beckham get right on my wick I can't stand them so im not fans but this lad is trying to find his way least he is trying to be decent to other people.

ZaraW · 27/06/2017 10:36

His photos are truly awful and he got a Burberry gig because of his talent?! Elephants are very easy to photograph. Poor kid.

GreenHillsOfHome · 27/06/2017 10:38

Zara I agree... but

GreenHillsOfHome · 27/06/2017 10:39

Zara...I agree. What could be easier to photograph than a huge lumbering elephant Grin Of he was trying to snap lemurs or other small nippy creatures fair enough...but good grief.

Coddiwomple · 27/06/2017 10:41

If someone like the Beckhams only give money anonymously, you will accuse them of doing nothing - because you won't know about it.

If they try to get their hands dirty, they can't stay anonymous! not with everybody armed with smart phones taking photos of everything.

His parents come from nothing, they have built a so-called empire all on their own, and they are trying to give their kids everything and all they didn't have themselves. They might not do it completely right, but can you blame them for trying? That's what any normal parent would do.
I am not a big fan of that kid, but he's young and doing something. He didn't ask for his name and family situation. I am not feeling sorry for him at all, just can't imagine what it's like to be surrounded by paps from the minute you are born, people at school taking the piss of your famous parents etc. He's doing something, not just drinking beer on a yacht somewhere. Good for him.

There are worst people to be angry at. Yes, you do sound jealous.

clearingaspaceforthecat · 27/06/2017 10:50

See no problem with this. High profile people donating time/money will keep the media and public focus on this. How can that be something to sneer at?

ThroughThickAndThin01 · 27/06/2017 10:52

I have no problem with this. He's doing a good thing.

cowgirlsareforever · 27/06/2017 10:53

I have taken better photographs of an elephant than that and I am shit at taking photographs Confused

SkySmiler · 27/06/2017 10:55

Omg those pictures! Grin Utter shite!

JunefromAccounts · 27/06/2017 10:55

Oh come on, you lot! I've nothing against the lad but ...

His snaps have only found a publisher/generated any interest because of the relentless Beckham publicity machine.

He doesn't need to donate any proceeds, he could dip into his trust fund if he wanted to help in a monetary way.

We only know he allegedly helped out because of that same publicity machine.

Here he is indulging in a bit of grief tourism at the Grenfell site. Accompanied by his 'security'

The Beckhams... again
MrsJayy · 27/06/2017 10:55

Brooklyn in famous by default you can't blame him for wanting a media career really it is all he knows least he isn't one of those celeb kids falling out of night clubs or making personal appereances based on his surname.

MrShadows · 27/06/2017 10:56

no he is just selling bad photos using his surname.

StarCrossdSkys · 27/06/2017 10:57

As if there are going to be any proceeds from that ridiculous book anyway.

Of course it's self serving. We'd never have seen or heard of this vanity project if he hadn't spuriously linked it to Grenfell.

JunefromAccounts · 27/06/2017 10:57

Coddi - his parents come from nothing?? Victoria's dad was loaded and used to take her to school in a Rolls (or a Bentley) - hence her nickname Posh.

Nettletheelf · 27/06/2017 10:59

I don't think that you are being unreasonable, OP.

I find it quite comical that anybody would think that the Beckham family would have been criticised for not making an ostentatious (and in my view, rather cynical) gesture after the Grenfell fire if they hadn't done so. It would be the last thing on my mind: I wouldn't even think about them if they hadn't publicly associated themselves with it. I certainly wouldn't be thinking, "why haven't the Beckhams told us all about what they are doing for the victims of the Grenfell fire?"

I don't see why this wealthy family, if they wished to make a donation, couldn't do so quietly. But no, they have to be promoting themselves. It's undignified and yes, OP, unseemly.

Why expose your children to criticism when you push them into high profile, public roles that they aren't suitable for? Why not just let them live normal lives? Plenty of children of rich families do.

Brooklyn Beckham is as much a professional photographer as I am, yet his parents allowed him to be exposed to censure as a teenager for pretending to shoot a Burberry campaign. They allowed the second son to pretend to be a model in a Burberry campaign, when clearly he was only hired because of his parents' fame. The third son was releasing a single aged 13 or something, amidst a PR blitz. Why?

I suspect it's because that family have allowed themselves to become the centre of a publicity machine. They collect hangers on who all need to be kept busy and who will continue to suggest opportunities for promotion and publicity because the Beckhams' management company need to earn their 10% somehow, don't they?

Incidentally, Victoria Beckham did not 'come from nothing'. She came from a well-off family.

Anybody who thinks that every celebrity 'giving their time' to causes, or associating themselves with causes, is doing so entirely selflessly is rather naive, I think. Read 'Cause Celeb' by Helen Fielding - the book she wrote before the Bridget Jones books - in which she nails this particular phenomenon far better than I could.

Nettletheelf · 27/06/2017 11:01

That 'grief tourism' picture says it all, Junefromaccounts.

annielouise · 27/06/2017 11:03

I agree with you OP. The Beckhams do nothing unless there is something in it for them.

QuackPorridgeBacon · 27/06/2017 11:05

It must be hard for celebrity kids. Poor things no nothing other than fame and working in such an industry because it's what they see. He had a Saturday job in a coffee shop in a bid to be normal but of course that really couldn't have lasted long and a normal career isn't going to pass by without fans noticing and ruining for him. So a career in the media is what he can get really. Yes the photos are shit but aren't we all shit until we practice? If selling his book makes money that he can donate I see no bad thing in it. The people gaining from the donations aren't going to complain either are they? They are who matter. From what I've seen he helped out in person so his face was already out there when it comes to grenfell so what's the harm?

Thinking some people are jealous that a kid may be doing more than them, if you are that jealous then get out and make your own book so you can donate the proceeds. Smh a grown woman bitching about a young lad. It's stupid to be honest.

stopfuckingshoutingatme · 27/06/2017 11:07

so he is selling the photos to make money? he is a local child and he was there after is occurred, and he is upset about it

exactly whats wrong with that bitter twisted OP

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