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The Beckhams... again

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twittertwit · 27/06/2017 10:10

I would have expected the Beckhams to have learnt their lesson about using charitable causes for shameless self-promotion after the leaked UNICEF emails earlier in the year, but evidently nothing has changed

I was sickened to see young 'photographer' Brooklyn Beckham using the Grenfell catastrophe to promote his new book. These people are quite literally shameless

OP posts:
Faffandahalf · 27/06/2017 11:07

Caption on one pic above: 'this photo is out of focus but you can tell there's a lot going on' Grin

Seriously lmao 😂

Faffandahalf · 27/06/2017 11:09

Oh come many naive/disingenuous posters here.

Do you think he does anything, anything at all in his life without PR approval?
Everything is 'managed'. That's their life. I'm not bothered but come on...

MondayTuesdayWednesday · 27/06/2017 11:10

I think the comments on the elephant photo are unfair.

He is talking about it being difficult to get the photo using the light like that. It is really hard to photograph into sunlight to get a shadow image like that. People are just showing their own ignorance.

TheAntiBoop · 27/06/2017 11:15

Oh come off it - anyone who has been on a safari knows elephants are not that hard to photograph well! It's not like that will be the only chance he would have had to take a photo and safari guides are very good at getting you in the right position

MrShadows · 27/06/2017 11:16

why do people always say "oh your jealous"
silly, why would I be jealous?
i have nothing against the Beckams, I don't know them.
but an 18yr bringing out a book...well yeah ok, cos he has so much experience.

JunefromAccounts · 27/06/2017 11:17

But the photos are not good enough for publication. Fair enough if he's just learning but he should be honing his craft not getting a book deal and an exhibition because of his parents.

The fact that the book contains photos of his home, his family says it all really. It's all about the brand, not art.

Coddiwomple · 27/06/2017 11:18

yes, sorry, her dad had a his own business, I didn't mean she was living under a bridge, but they were hardly super wealthy!
Whatever they do, some jealous people will always come back to bitch about them, it's goes with the fame thing. I am not sure they are that bothered, and they shouldn't be!

stopfuckingshoutingatme · 27/06/2017 11:18

is he BU to bring out a book when he has feck all experience. YES
is he BU to do something off his own back to make money for Grenfell. NO

ZaraW · 27/06/2017 11:18

Well MondayTuesdayWednesday if he's not able to work with the light do a safari in the early morning. I'm no great photographer but my photos are far superior to his efforts.

I feel sorry for him in a way his mother telling everyone he got his Burberry job on talent does anyone believe that for a second. He has no talent. And no I'm not jealous.

thereallochnessmonster · 27/06/2017 11:20

From what you posted, his book is AWFUL. The photos are shit and the captions banal. He only got the publishing deal because of his family - what a joke!

RebelandaStunner · 27/06/2017 11:22

God forbid you aren't perfect at your chosen career by 18.
He seems genuine enough.
Celebs are allowed to have feelings.

TheAntiBoop · 27/06/2017 11:26

Ok sure with some work he will become a decent photographer but the book shows a lack of self awareness and a lack of pride in what he is producing.

I don't blame him though - he has parents who have surrounded him with yes men no doubt. I wonder if he has really found what he wants to do with his life tbh

ZaraW · 27/06/2017 11:26

LOL he's not even close to perfect never will be with people trying to make him into something he will never be.

He's not a celebrity he's known by his family connections.

PinkHeart5911 · 27/06/2017 11:31

All the proceeds from his art exhibition will go to children affected by the Grenfell tower fire, I can't find any issue with that? Is that a bad thing?
Yes it promotes his book too but all the proceeds from the art exhibition will go to do good for many.

He also went to help sort donations after the fire didn't he?

Shocking I know but celebrities are Human and you know what they can feel for people like those affected by the fire and yes they can even want to help.

Happyfeet1972 · 27/06/2017 11:32

I agree with you OP and came on to say what June did. I note he's donating the profits from the exhibition, conveniently now gaining more publicity for his book but not donating the profits from the book itself.

He visited the tower in the days after complete with security drawing attention to himself. It didn't really seem a genuine desire to help. Without security drawing attention most people under 21 wouldn't know who he was and I doubt anyone at Grenfell would have given a fuck so why he needed to turn up in such a fashion when Adele undoubtedly one of the biggest stars of the world managed a low key visit I don't know.

And as for being a local lad. He may live nearby but he's about as local to Grenfell as Australia. He inabites a completely different world to these people and I'm willing to bet had never visited Grenfell or any other tower block before it became a promotion opportunity. I can't imagine for the victims who had lost their homes, families and friends how it would help them one bit to see a young lad who has lived a life of only privilege and opportunities they will never have purely because of his name looking at some flowers, complete with security before going back to his multi million pound house.

I don't blame him, it's how he's been brought up but I do think people are massively underestimating his parents if they don't think this family wouldn't do this for publicity.

And for what it's worth yes I do think the same of Simon Cowell. He could've donated a shit load of money on the quiet but that wouldn't have got him a number one single.

BandeauSally · 27/06/2017 11:32

Ok so two things could have happened:

  1. Brooklyn sells his book and donates the proceeds to charity without telling anyone. Lovely. Brooklyn sells his book as was as always the plan. Charity benefits.

  2. Brooklyn sells his book but tells everyone the proceeds are going to charity. Brooklyn sells his books as was always the plan but this time charity benefits by a far greater amount than previously because people knew the money was going to charity.

    I know which is better for the charity.
JunefromAccounts · 27/06/2017 11:34

Jealous of what? Victoria Beckham is living her dream and I'm living mine. I would no sooner want to be the promotional face of a fashion brand than she would want to be June from Accounts Wink I don't want her money, fame or her heavily tattooed husband. I'm happy with mine. And I'm certainly not jealous of an 18 year old man who is trying to find his way in the world but being very badly advised. No-one is doing him or his younger brothers any favours.

TipTopTipTopClop · 27/06/2017 11:36

I have to admit there's something unseemly about it, but on balance it's good for the charity.

I'm far more aggrieved that we are asked to accept that BB is a photographer. It's terribly cliche.

TipTopTipTopClop · 27/06/2017 11:36

June from accounts makes a lot of sense. Wink

ArtemisiaGentilleschi · 27/06/2017 11:38

Been awhile since we had a Beckham bashing thread.
Tsk these Beckham children should take a leaf out of other sleb layabout children's books and take overdoses or something. That usually elevates you to instant MN sainthood. Especially if you've managed to have kids first.

QuackPorridgeBacon · 27/06/2017 11:39

Exactly sally.

TheAntiBoop · 27/06/2017 11:41

To be clear - He's not donating the proceeds from his book

He has an exhibition of photos that he is charging £19.99 per head to go to. Those are the proceeds that are being donated (unclear if net or gross proceeds).

Yes it's a good thing to do but it could also be very cynical. I genuinely hope he isn't being cynical but I can't help thinking some of his PR people are!!

ArtemisiaGentilleschi · 27/06/2017 11:42

Roffling at the irony of an OP criticising the empty vacuous self serving Beckhams whilst feting the "common sense" of Twitter, just possibly the most empty, vacuous self serving platform for rentagobs ever invented.

twittertwit · 27/06/2017 11:44

Thanks Junefromaccounts & Nettletheelf !

For those accusing me of jealousy, could you please elaborate? What exactly I am supposed to be jealous of? Genuinely mystified.

OP posts:
silkpyjamasallday · 27/06/2017 11:45

I do think it's distasteful, he didn't need to donate proceeds from his book, I'm sure he has millions of his own that he could give if he was so inclined, but this way, his book is promoted and bought by well meaning people who want to help who have a lot less money to donate in the first place, he is doing nothing but riding a wave of publicity.

He could have simply done a post on social media saying he had donated £X and encourage others to do the same, started something viral like the no makeup selfie or waterbucket challenge, he has the reach and influence to do so.

But no, instead he promotes his shit photography book and makes sure his grief tourism is photographed and published for all to see. And the photos are patently shit, certainly not worthy of publication or exhibiting. Most 16 year olds who get into photography can do better, I certainly took much better photos as a teen on a camera much lower in quality than he will have as did many of my peers, he makes no comment on the type of lenses he used, or displays any knowledge of technical details or an ability to explain why he chose to include the shots he did. I'm sure he has the best equipment possible at his disposal but seemingly can't take a decent picture? He should be embarrassed not proud. Yes his life would have always been like this due to his parents and enormous privilege, but piggybacking on the Grenfel tragedy while living moments away in his mansion and promoting his book off the back of hundreds of deaths of poor and vulnerable people is abhorrent. He and his parents should be ashamed of themselves.

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