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AIBU to ask your advice on wether it's worth taking my Neighbours from hell to court?

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Totallyattheendofmyrope · 21/06/2017 21:04

I've had threads on here about my neighbours from hell.
We've been threatened, sworn at harassed and our visitors harassed.
We have involved the police who initially wanted to issue a harassment order against said neighbours but were overruled by their superior officer who said " it never ends well in neighbour disputes" Confused
The actual abuse has reduced significantly though we still endure low level harassment.
I'm keeping notes etc as recommended by the police.
I've pushed for mediation and have met with the mediator however neighbours are stalling and I doubt very much they will attend.
Currently the favourite form of harassment is to park their vehicles to make it quite difficult for me to park. I can get in and I can get out but I do dread weekends and I dread coming home as I'm always so anxious about what they will have done and will I be able to get in ok etc.
I have checked my deeds and they are blocking my "easement ' and it states in the deeds that no one is allowed to do anything to hinder another's ingress and egress.
Currently the neighbours are freely enjoying and utilising the easement I honour and provide them with on my land.
So- Aibu to consider starting legal proceedings or am I just feeding into their crazy?
What would you do?

OP posts:
SouthPole · 03/09/2017 18:15

Love this update x

NerosFiddle · 12/09/2017 18:19

OP how have the CFN been since they had their arse handed to them?

Totallyattheendofmyrope · 12/09/2017 19:21


It has been bliss here.

I'm still unhappy that they don't seem to have had any repercussions for what they did to my dd. I am pursuing complaints towards the police...

I am trying not to be eaten up by it though. When we arrived here the twits behaviour was appalling and only got worse- we stood up for ourselves and it has taken us the best part of a year but now it is completely different. We should take a moment to feel proud that we managed ourselves to be able to accomplish this...
We also had to handle the mediation alone as the officers were pretty much ill equipped- but at the same time--as other posters said up thread..what are they supposed to do??

We got the outcome we wanted but unfortunately we didn't have the help I feel we deserved at the end.

OP posts:
Motherbear26 · 12/09/2017 20:02

Excellent post. You were let down by the police and the system but hopefully things have worked out now. I think you're striking the right balance between pursuing the issue and moving on. Good luck. Flowers

YouDancin · 14/09/2017 19:15

Well done and hurrah that they are behaving. So pleased for you!

NewLove · 05/10/2017 20:29

I've just been catching up on threads that I had been following that had fallen off the bottom of my page and found your update - that's wonderful news! I hope everything is still blissful :)

YouDancin · 17/11/2017 10:24

How have your neighbours been behaving these last few months?

SophieTurnersEyebrows · 05/08/2019 22:47

Hi OP. Did things stay resolved and did those twat neighbours move house eventually?

Really hope things did improve and stay that way.

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