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To have flattened the sandwiches?

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DryBone · 10/06/2017 14:37

Been dieting for weeks, lost lots of weight and now below target. Thought I'd treat myself to a Burger King today. DH knee my plans as i had been banging on about it all week. I was really looking forward to it after eating like a saint all week.
So plan was today to go and do shopping and then pop to Burger King. Again I mentioned how much I was looking forward to eating this thing I'd been craving all week.

So we took the shopping home, I sort the dog out only to go into kitchen and see DH handing me a bacon sandwich. I said "what's that for?" So he said "well I knew you were hungry so I thought I'd save us the drive". I was fuming and told him I didn't want that, I wanted to go and buy what I'd been planning to buy all week! He said I was being a brat and ungrateful and if I desperately wanted BK I could drive myself - knowing full well I cant fucking drive!!!

So out of pure frustration I hammered the sandwich not realising that he'd put egg in it which splattered everywhere meaning I burnt my hand in the process. Now we're not talking.

AIBU to think he created this by going back on plans and not realising how fucking difficult dieting is when it's relentless for weeks?

Slightly hormonal so am prepared to hear I'm over reacting .

OP posts:
Sirzy · 10/06/2017 14:39

Sounds like a massive over reaction!

Why didn't you go to Burger King while you where out?

Iloveanimals · 10/06/2017 14:39

Not over reacting. He's being mean. Dietings hard.

KungFuPandaWorksOut16 · 10/06/2017 14:40

Over reaction.
How would you react if he did that too you?

Jupitar · 10/06/2017 14:41

I really fancy a bacon and egg sandwich now Grin

HateSummer · 10/06/2017 14:42

Does hunger make you angry? A bit ott, but if he knew you wanted a BK it was rude of him. Why don't you drive? I'd hate to be relied on like a taxi driver.

Sirzy · 10/06/2017 14:42

Did you ask him to take you or tell him that was what was happening?

SteppingOnToes · 10/06/2017 14:43

Hang on - how is a bacon and egg sandwich not OK but a burger king is? I'm lost - YWBU and bratty

ghostyslovesheets · 10/06/2017 14:43

blimey - sorry but that's a bit ott - why not just 'drop' the sandwich by the dog or drive yourself to BK

CaulkheadUpNorf · 10/06/2017 14:44

Just go and get a bk now. If you can't get a bus or train then do deliveroo or something?

DirtyChaiLatte · 10/06/2017 14:44

Why do you think he made the sandwich for you? Was he trying to be controlling? Was he being lazy because he didn't want to drive to BK? Was he trying to be nice because he knew you were hungry?

I think whether or not YABU depends on what you think his motives were.

LedaP · 10/06/2017 14:46

You had been banging on about a burger king all week? Any chance your dieting has become a pita for dh?

You really over reacted. If a woman posted that her dh had done what you did. The behaviour would have been called childish/spoilt/manchild/intimating etc.

LRDtheFeministDragon · 10/06/2017 14:46


Your partner didn't do something awful, and certainly it didn't merit that sort of reaction. It is tedious being the only driver, and it's fair enough if he didn't feel like driving again that he tried to find an alternative.

Kidneybean212 · 10/06/2017 14:47

On the fence - slight ott but BK is soooo tasty.

LedaP · 10/06/2017 14:47

And how long does it take to short shopping that he haf madr bacon and eggs without you knowing?

TeaBelle · 10/06/2017 14:48

I think what you did actually tips unto abusive and intimidating behaviour. You can't blame that on hormones or dieting just twatishness I'm afraid

EvansOvalPies · 10/06/2017 14:48

Ghosty - OP has already said she can't drive.

If I were you, DryBone - if you really want a Burger King, you've been looking forward to it all week and it is your reward, then phone for a taxi to take you to get one. I would!

KoalaDownUnder · 10/06/2017 14:49

He shouldn't have called you names and you shouldn't have 'hammered' a sandwich like an angry teenager.

Silly all round.

pigsDOfly · 10/06/2017 14:50

Ridiculous over reaction. Poor bloke probably thought he was being kind, if someone made me a bacon and egg sandwich I'd think they were lovely.

But then I can't imagine why anyone would go to the effort of dieting all week just to backtrack with something as horrible as anything from BK, but horses for courses I suppose.

SerfTerf · 10/06/2017 14:51

You BEAT UP a sandwich? You're scary! Grin

MargotLovedTom1 · 10/06/2017 14:52

I would have had the sandwich and the Burger King Grin.

Floralnomad · 10/06/2017 14:52

Grow up !

RebootYourEngine · 10/06/2017 14:53

How far is burger king from your house? Why didnt you get it when you were out shopping?


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MrTumblesbitch · 10/06/2017 14:53

Can't you have Burger King for tea? Or order a Chinese on his credit card

picklemepopcorn · 10/06/2017 14:54

I'm on the fence. If you'd come on here grumbling that you'd wanted BK but got a sandwich because DH wouldn't drive you, I'd have been sympathetic. I'd also have pointed out that being the only driver is a pain, and he may not have wanted to go out again.

you shouldn't have hammered the sandwich

Where were you when he was making it?

RebootYourEngine · 10/06/2017 14:54

Margot me too Grin

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