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Picky guest. Rude and ill-mannered or within his rights?

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AddToBasket · 29/06/2015 17:34

Gah. I am throwing a themed dinner party for friends from a particular interest. (A bit like a medieval feast for people from a 12th Century interest group.) The menu is complicated and of the 'Take one plucked flamingo' school of recipes. It's a massive deal and will require military-like organisation to pull off but I'm looking forward to it.

It's at my house but I have a co-host. The partner of the co-host will not eat anything on the menu. There are four options for starter, five for main course, four for pudding. My co-host tells me he eat won't eat any of them.

He's not vegetarian or allergic, he just doesn't like vegetables or anything 'complicated'. I've been asked to serve a plain chicken breast. The menu includes a roast chicken salad (offensive because of watercress) and a plain couscous.

I think it's rude. AIBU?

OP posts:
GoodbyeToAllOfThat · 29/06/2015 17:35

Ridiculous. YANBU.

formerbabe · 29/06/2015 17:35

Oh yanbu! I can't stand adults who are fussy eaters!!

GoodbyeToAllOfThat · 29/06/2015 17:36

I recently had a dinner guest who emailed ahead to ensure that all meat was halal.

Golfhotelromeofoxtrot · 29/06/2015 17:36

Yanbu but he clearly has food issues. Buy something you can microwave.

ollieplimsoles · 29/06/2015 17:36

Whys he coming??!!

LindyHemming · 29/06/2015 17:37

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tobysmum77 · 29/06/2015 17:37

you are offering 5 options for main course Shock ?

Clobbered · 29/06/2015 17:38

What's wrong with watercress? How can it be 'offensive'? I'd give him the plain chicken breast, on it's own, in the middle of the plate. Job done.

FenellaFellorick · 29/06/2015 17:38

tell the co host to cook this person's meal.

yellowdinosauragain · 29/06/2015 17:39

What fenella said

rookiemere · 29/06/2015 17:39

Ok he's fussy and rude, but easy enough just to buy a cooked chicken breast surely?

chairmeoh · 29/06/2015 17:39

Rude and I'll mannered. YANBU.

TinyManticore · 29/06/2015 17:40

I am somewhat of a fussy eater, but if you're a guest somewhere, you eat the parts you like, quietly without complaint, and without demanding separate dishes to be prepared for you. He needs to learn some manners.

DadeGirl · 29/06/2015 17:40

Tell him you are not at home to Mr. Fussypants, and he needs to bring his own food.

OhNoNotMyBaby · 29/06/2015 17:40

as Ollie says - why on earth would you go to a meal like this? TBH I wouldn't want to be sat next to him.....

RabbitSaysWoof · 29/06/2015 17:40

Rude, I hate adult babies.

purplemurple1 · 29/06/2015 17:41

Id get some prices of precooked chicken and he can have some cous cous.
He does sound like a pita and why come to a themed meal and not eat any of it.

KillmeNow · 29/06/2015 17:41

Why do you even know abut his fussy preferences? Let his partner deal with that.

You have other guests to see to and no doubt there will be things some of them dont fancy.

But they will not make a big deal out of their preferences and simply will choose something suitable from the menu and scrape off the offending ingredient - like the rest of us do.

NaiceVillageOfTheDammed · 29/06/2015 17:41

Why would you accept a dinner invitation if you were such a fussy eater? Especially an unusual themed dinner.

CardinalRed · 29/06/2015 17:43

Why is he coming if he is not going to eat the food? Surely it is obvious to him that he's not going to like the good on offer if he's too precious to pick off a bit if watercress
Tell him to bring his own plain chicken as you have more than enough to do. Or let his partner cater for him

AddToBasket · 29/06/2015 17:43

Phew. I was braced for being flamed!

I am of the Fuck That school of thought, but my co-host seems to think it is reasonable. I really did want to scream because 'just do a chicken breast' it actually quite a tall order when this much is being prepared.

OP posts:
arethereanyleftatall · 29/06/2015 17:43

I have a friend like this . I used to cater and go to massive efforts but get cross all the while. Now, I just buy her a ready meal. She's never complained. Well, not to me.

YouTheCat · 29/06/2015 17:43

Why can't he pick out the watercress? Hmm

I'd tell your co-host to sort it.

fastdaytears · 29/06/2015 17:43

Goodbye I think that's a bit different...depending on the tone anyway.

Fussy eating in adults is so not an attractive trait. i'm actually a bit ashamed of how much I judge the nothing-with-sauce-or-vegetable lot once they're over the age of 10.

Loletta · 29/06/2015 17:44

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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