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Posting here or traffic...Aibu to take ds2 back to hospital?

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Badvoc · 08/06/2013 10:59

I know, I know, but I need quick answers and am prepared for some of them to not be very nice...
Ds2 (4) had a choking incident last Saturday at pils.
No one saw it happen, just the aftermath and him being very upset, complaining of feeling sick etc.
On Sunday he was no better, and crying with pain in his throat.
I took him to ooh gp who said it wasn't tonsillitis (I didn't think it was)
By this point he was barely eating or drinking and still complaining of pain and feeling sick.
To gp Monday. Same thing. No tonsillitis. Bring him back on weds if no better.
By weds he had really gone downhill and was still complaining of pain and something being stuck.
He then stared to vomit and couldn't even keep water down.
Gp sent him to a and e where they took bloods and put him on a drip...he was really poorly by this point. Also have him abs as his bloods showed he was fighting an infection? They also did an x ray of his throat and said they were happy with it.
He was kept In overnight. Sadly, his drip came out (don't know how) so fluids and abs stopped.
They discharged him in Thursday afternoon with oral abs and said its probably an infection and will get better and they dont think anything is stuck.
It's now a week since this first started and he is still pretty much unable to eat. He is hungry, but can't seem to swallow easily. I am pushing fluids.
I am very unhappy and worried about him.
He has visibly lost weight.
He is better than he was in that he can now keep food and fluids down, but surely a week is too long to leave a 4 years old like this?
Also in the discharge papers under diagnosis it just had a ?
That's not right, surely?
I want to take him back to a and e but dh is being very difficult and saying the dr know best and we have to wait it out.
How long would you leave your dc like this?
Thanks from reading.

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nohalfmeasures · 15/06/2013 21:29

OP you said this started after a choking episode?
I'm really surprised they haven't scoped him. If there's a bit of food wedged in there somewhere it won't show up on an x-ray (unless it's a bone), and if something has been stuck for all that time it will most certainly be infected by now.

Badvoc · 15/06/2013 21:43

Oh that sounds horrid :( hope you feel better soon exit x
NHM...they are saying that as his white count is normal he has no infection.
He choked/possibly choked on a cheese sandwich so they say that there is nothing to get "stuck". It happened at pils. They weren't in the room so we aren't exactly sure what happened :(
The ENT feels that he had a nasty throat infection (hence pain, reluctance to swallow/eat and raised white count) and the sickness last weds.
His obs have always been temps, sats ok.
They say that they will scope him if the sickness starts again, or he gets a temp.
The ENT doc said that the risks involved in the op negate the benefits ATM.
He has eaten much more today.
Dh reminded me today that I had a nasty sore throat the week before ds became ill....was very painful and I even had a blister at the back of my throat.
Maybe they are right?
I dont know....
Dh feels he has been seen by so many different docs and they are all (pretty much) saying the same thing.

OP posts:
Badvoc · 15/06/2013 21:44

Tbh the ENT scared me re the op.
He said it is high risk.

OP posts:
ExitPursuedByABear · 15/06/2013 21:47

Is that a scope which is high risk? Surprised but I suppose he is only wee. If they don't think anything is wrong why are they keeping him in?

Badvoc · 15/06/2013 21:50

They want to keep a record of what he eats and weigh him again tomorrow.
He has eaten loads more today than Thursday (typical)

OP posts:
Badvoc · 15/06/2013 21:51

With dc they have to put it up the nose apparently.

OP posts:
Badvoc · 15/06/2013 21:53

ENT also said it could be weeks before he is back to normal.
The only thing I can liken that to is when I had glandular fever when I was 18 but it's not glandular fever...or is it?
Can really young dc get that??

OP posts:
steppemum · 15/06/2013 22:16

hi op
my daughter has had loads of endoscopes.
She damaged her throat by drinking 70% vinegar, which is like acid.
As it healed the scar narrowed the throat. They did endoscopes to look and to stretch her throat.

On the one hand, it is a serious op and requires general anaesthetic. (I understood they always do GA for children?) There are always potential risks.

On the other hand it is done regularly by the team and as I said my daughter has had 13, and it has been a good thing.

When her throat was narrow, or sore, we used loads and loads of soft, puree and melt in the mouth foods. Healthy eating came second to eating anything.

Chocolate buttons are good, so are cheesy wotsits (if they like them) Bread is hard to swallow (clumps together) Brioche and croissant are much easier. Fruit is hard, eat it cooked and softened/pureed and mixed with yoghurt/cream/ice cream. Avoid bananas
Ice cream is a good one too. Look for smooth yoghurts, no bits.

All these things are easy and comfortable to swallow. Also snacky foods go down without them realising they are 'eating'

Badvoc · 16/06/2013 07:00

Hi step.
Sorry to hear about your dd. how old is she?
can I just ask....why avoid bananas?

OP posts:
steppemum · 16/06/2013 14:11

like the bread, the bananas clog up and make lumps which don't swallow easily.
Also top to avoid are sausages of any description, unless you chop then into mince like texture.

dd was 18 months at the beginning of it all - now a very healthy 5 yo who eats absolutely anything

Badvoc · 16/06/2013 15:50

Oh! Only 18 months! :( how awful for you all. So glad she is ok now.
Ds is home :)
Taking him back to pre shcool tomorrow to try and get things back to normal/routine.
Docs said to monitor his weight and take him back to the gp if he continues to lose.
Am starting him on kids iron supplements this week too.
Thanks again everyone.

OP posts:
HPsauceonbaconbuttiesmmm · 16/06/2013 20:47

Glad things are improving OP. It can certainly take a long time to get over an infection or indeed whatever else has happened. If he's getting better thats the only thing that matters.

Scopes in kids are done via the mouth under ga and is really not high risk as far as operations go but it general anaesthesia always carries risk and is best to avoid unless necessary. They can put a small flexible camera up the nose to look at the back of the throat under a bit of local spray if the child cooperates but this can't look further than the throat, not into the gullet.

Fingers crossed he will continue to improve and you can put this all behind you. All the best.

HPsauceonbaconbuttiesmmm · 16/06/2013 20:48

Sorry, should really proof read Blush

Badvoc · 17/06/2013 07:36

Thank you x

OP posts:
mylovelymonster · 17/06/2013 19:34

Glad you are all feeling better! x

Badvoc · 17/06/2013 20:10

I could have cried this morning...ds told me his throat felt "peculiar".... it's been 17 days now!
Decided to ignore.
Took him to pre school (he was fine btw)
Saw a friend there and was chatting about ds's illness and it turns out she had pharyngitis (sp?) when she was 17 and she had the exact same symptoms as ds (except the vomiting)
Se said she also felt like there was something "stuck" and lost loads of weight.
She said it took her 3 weeks or so to feel better.
So, oddly I do feel better about it all.
Just hope he feels better soon, poor thing.

OP posts:
myBOYSareBONKERS · 18/06/2013 06:39

It has been an immensely scary time for you but I think you did the right thing to ignore.

I think that as long as he is eating and drinking something - which will increase - then you should ignore it. Otherwise you run the risk of it becoming more of an issue than it is if you fuss over it.

mylovelymonster · 19/06/2013 18:38

You've been through such a stressful time, Badvoc, no wonder you're feeling close to tears. Big >>>>

Hope he's fully recovered soon x

Badvoc · 19/06/2013 19:58

Thanks MLM
I needed that! :)

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