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Posting here or traffic...Aibu to take ds2 back to hospital?

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Badvoc · 08/06/2013 10:59

I know, I know, but I need quick answers and am prepared for some of them to not be very nice...
Ds2 (4) had a choking incident last Saturday at pils.
No one saw it happen, just the aftermath and him being very upset, complaining of feeling sick etc.
On Sunday he was no better, and crying with pain in his throat.
I took him to ooh gp who said it wasn't tonsillitis (I didn't think it was)
By this point he was barely eating or drinking and still complaining of pain and feeling sick.
To gp Monday. Same thing. No tonsillitis. Bring him back on weds if no better.
By weds he had really gone downhill and was still complaining of pain and something being stuck.
He then stared to vomit and couldn't even keep water down.
Gp sent him to a and e where they took bloods and put him on a drip...he was really poorly by this point. Also have him abs as his bloods showed he was fighting an infection? They also did an x ray of his throat and said they were happy with it.
He was kept In overnight. Sadly, his drip came out (don't know how) so fluids and abs stopped.
They discharged him in Thursday afternoon with oral abs and said its probably an infection and will get better and they dont think anything is stuck.
It's now a week since this first started and he is still pretty much unable to eat. He is hungry, but can't seem to swallow easily. I am pushing fluids.
I am very unhappy and worried about him.
He has visibly lost weight.
He is better than he was in that he can now keep food and fluids down, but surely a week is too long to leave a 4 years old like this?
Also in the discharge papers under diagnosis it just had a ?
That's not right, surely?
I want to take him back to a and e but dh is being very difficult and saying the dr know best and we have to wait it out.
How long would you leave your dc like this?
Thanks from reading.

OP posts:
Badvoc · 14/06/2013 17:40

Hi everyone.
On phone at hosp and rubbish reception so apols if this is gibberish!
Ds was seen this am, they have retaken bloods and have admitted him for 24 hour obs.
They will put a scope down tomorrow morning if he is no better.
They seem to think its the result of his infection but it doesn't take 2 weeks to recover from a dore throat!
Anyway, we are here. Ds is ok. I am not, but doing my best x

OP posts:
SueDoku · 14/06/2013 18:09

Keep your chin up Badvoc - he's in the best place and they will do all the tests necessary to put your mind at rest. Flowers

Thurlow · 14/06/2013 19:13

Good luck, badvoc. It's great they are taking you seriously and keeping him in. Hope you get some answers.

LackaDAISYcal · 14/06/2013 19:27

Oh, good luck for your DS Badvoc, and I hope that they get to the bottom of it whilst he is in there. At the very least they will be able to get some fluids and nutrients into him.

Chin up lovely; he is in the right place xx

hellhasnofurylikeahungrywoman · 14/06/2013 19:35

Fingers c

hellhasnofurylikeahungrywoman · 14/06/2013 19:39

Sorry stupid tablet is messing about, wanted to say..

Fingers crossed you get a diagnosis because at least then you know what you are working with.

HPsauceonbaconbuttiesmmm · 14/06/2013 20:11

I'm glad they've admitted him. It can take that long to get over an infection, especially if there is a throat abscess (behind the bit you can see) or resistant bacteria.

If you're not happy tomorrow and they try to send you home, just refuse. Stand your ground and don't budge. You can always ask for open access to the ward too so you can just phone and go back rather than go through a&e.

Hope they can figure it out and reassure you. Let us know how you're doing if you can. Thoughts with you.

Jestrin · 14/06/2013 21:02

Hope all is well OP Flowers

Cuddlydragon · 14/06/2013 22:10

Delurking to say how brave you've both been and I hope it's all sorted very quickly. You've both had a really rough few weeks.

EmmelineGoulden · 14/06/2013 22:55

I'm very glad they're finally giving him some attention. I hope things improve quickly.

Try and get some support for yourself. If family and friends are no use, ask if there's a counselor or pastor (even if you're atheist) or someone attached to the hospital whom you could talk to. It's important not to put yourself last, if only so you retain the strength you need to advocate for DS. Remember, he wouldn't be getting the attention he needs now if you hadn't been fighting for him, he needs you in good shape. (But also because you are important too).

Shattereddreams · 15/06/2013 07:16

Sending a cheery good morning Badvoc.
How are you both today?

ginslinger · 15/06/2013 08:26

hello badvoc I hope that you and your little chap got some sleep and that they find out what the problems are.

Wheresthecoffee · 15/06/2013 08:59

Morning badvoc a Brew for you and a Brew for me.
How are you and DS?

PestoSwimissimos · 15/06/2013 10:38

Morning Badvoc,

Hope you get some answers soon and that DS starts to eat & drink.

Flowers for you

Badvoc · 15/06/2013 11:29

Hi everyone.
Have popped home for an hour to have a bath!
The ENT doc has been round to see ds and his bloods are fine, although he is slightly anaemic (any tips for a good iron supplement?)
He ate better yesterday. Not the normal amount. But he did eat.
The ENT doc feels that he is still getting over his throat infection and that the op is too risky to do bearing in mind he is eating, no temp, clear x ray etc. he also feels its partially psychological now too.
I am not sure how I feel :(
On the one hand I dont want him to have an op!
Otoh we are still no further on really.
They want to keep him in tonight too and if he is ok discharge tomorrow.
He is drinking well which is good.
HP can I ask for your professional advice? The ENT doc (who is very nice) was pretty vague when I asked about how long we should leave him like this.....he felt it could be weeks until he is eating normally again. Do you agree?
He feels that as long as ds eats as he did yesterday not to worry.
Thanks everyone for your good wishes and help.
Sorry I haven't been able to post much but reception at hospital is dire x

OP posts:
Badvoc · 15/06/2013 11:31

Oh, and I had to cancel ds1s b day treat today - I feel like the worst mother in the world :(

OP posts:
Badvoc · 15/06/2013 12:34

Dh just phoned me.
Paeds have been round.
They have basically said the same as ENT doc.
The will weigh him tomorrow to see if he has lost more weight.
He has lost 1.5 kgs in 1.5 weeks :(

OP posts:
EglantinePrice · 15/06/2013 15:03

Glad to hear that they aren't worried and have eliminated anything serious.

A bad infection or virus can take ages to get rid of.

When he's feeling better he'll pile on weight really quickly.

If an ENT and paed have seen him and aren't unduly concerned and in the absence of worsening or new symptoms it is time to try and stop worrying.

That includes stopping asking for further medical advice over the internet (from someone who may well be a Dr but has not seen your child). Although of course I'm sure there are lots of people here who will be happy to give advice or support based on their personal experiences.

What exactly are you worried about at this stage? Is there something you think he has that has been missed?

Have you tried chocolate milkshake?
Spatone for iron (in a bit of fruit juice) if they haven't prescribed him something, or a good childs multivitamin.

He is better than he was. More than one Dr has seen him and they aren't concerned. All tests are clear. This is all good try and relax. xx

Badvoc · 15/06/2013 15:18

I do see what you are saying EG.
Honestly :)
BUT as I said earlier I have had a bad experience in the past (at same hospital) with ds1.
They aren't always right.
I am going to order some floradix iron for him to give him a boost.
I do appreciate your posts and concern, Thank you. It's been a grim few weeks and I am aware that I am probably not at my most objective ATM!!
Thanks again x

OP posts:
SueDoku · 15/06/2013 15:54

Do hope that things start to improve for all of you over the next week or so - keep us posted Smile

Shattereddreams · 15/06/2013 15:55

My DD is often anaemic as she is milk intolerant (gets the runs)!
I give her a multi vit most days which has 100% of her iron in. The boots kids A-Z are very good and my kids are keen on them (not urgh on them as they are with chewy ones)

Sometimes on a Sunday we all have a spatone in our oj with breakfast.

Badvoc · 15/06/2013 21:02

Ds can't drink milk either...makes him sick.
Am at home tonight.
Dh is with ds.
Feel odd.
Like I should be there.
Am going back in @ 8am.

OP posts:
ExitPursuedByABear · 15/06/2013 21:18

Sending hugs.

Badvoc · 15/06/2013 21:20

Thanks exit.
How's the face? X

OP posts:
ExitPursuedByABear · 15/06/2013 21:25

Crap. Feeling a bit miserable to be honest. Abandoned by the hospital and dentist doesn't know what to do, but wants to charge me a fortune for doing it. Soft food only for 6 weeks. Oh joy.

But I will be fine. Hope your DS is ok.

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