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Posting here or traffic...Aibu to take ds2 back to hospital?

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Badvoc · 08/06/2013 10:59

I know, I know, but I need quick answers and am prepared for some of them to not be very nice...
Ds2 (4) had a choking incident last Saturday at pils.
No one saw it happen, just the aftermath and him being very upset, complaining of feeling sick etc.
On Sunday he was no better, and crying with pain in his throat.
I took him to ooh gp who said it wasn't tonsillitis (I didn't think it was)
By this point he was barely eating or drinking and still complaining of pain and feeling sick.
To gp Monday. Same thing. No tonsillitis. Bring him back on weds if no better.
By weds he had really gone downhill and was still complaining of pain and something being stuck.
He then stared to vomit and couldn't even keep water down.
Gp sent him to a and e where they took bloods and put him on a drip...he was really poorly by this point. Also have him abs as his bloods showed he was fighting an infection? They also did an x ray of his throat and said they were happy with it.
He was kept In overnight. Sadly, his drip came out (don't know how) so fluids and abs stopped.
They discharged him in Thursday afternoon with oral abs and said its probably an infection and will get better and they dont think anything is stuck.
It's now a week since this first started and he is still pretty much unable to eat. He is hungry, but can't seem to swallow easily. I am pushing fluids.
I am very unhappy and worried about him.
He has visibly lost weight.
He is better than he was in that he can now keep food and fluids down, but surely a week is too long to leave a 4 years old like this?
Also in the discharge papers under diagnosis it just had a ?
That's not right, surely?
I want to take him back to a and e but dh is being very difficult and saying the dr know best and we have to wait it out.
How long would you leave your dc like this?
Thanks from reading.

OP posts:
EglantinePrice · 13/06/2013 15:06

Why isn't he eating?

Is he in pain?
Does he have a temp?
Is he happy?

Badvoc · 13/06/2013 15:07

He says his thirst want let the food down.
See upthread ^

OP posts:
Badvoc · 13/06/2013 15:07

Sorry,,throat, not thirst

OP posts:
ginslinger · 13/06/2013 15:14

can you telephone the consultant? Or a gp consult by phone?
Personally I'd go for an emergency GP consult - it's gone on for too long

BeckAndCall · 13/06/2013 15:42

OP, didn't you have an appt booked for yesterday morning- what happened then? That might influence what we might suggest for next steps.

littlewhitebag · 13/06/2013 15:57

Could this now be psychological due to the fright he got when he choked initially and the resulting number of medical examinations he has had?

ExitPursuedByABear · 13/06/2013 16:03

Sorry to hear he is still not eating. It could be psychological.

Tallulahmae · 13/06/2013 16:15

When I was a very young child for some time I felt as though I couldn't eat, I was always complaining of having a lump in my throat but am too young to recall the whole situation. My mum took me to the hospital and I had cameras and the like put down my throat to see if they could find what was causing it and there was absolutely nothing wrong with me, in the end they told me that they had removed a crayon that was stuck in an attempt to make me believe that the blockage was gone and in the end I was fine. But even if there is no physical cause for the discomfort the hospital should try to find some way to alleviate his symptoms as they can't leave him unable to eat!


SoftlySoftly · 13/06/2013 18:35

Is he eating, drinking and playing? Is it now just the "feeling sick" statements that he is making.

Its hard but i'm just wondering if he knows "I feel sick" gets a reaction from you now? Does he get the food he wants / cuddles / worry when he says it?

Only because if he is well in every other way he could be trying it on.

If he is off in other ways forget I said anything and get him checked again!

Badvoc · 13/06/2013 20:08

He has hardly ate at all today.
He asks for food, takes a bite and then says his throat is stopping him swallowing (?)
I just don't know anymore.
He hasn't complained of feeling sick for a couple of days.
I can't let this go on.
It's nearly 2 weeks.
Am taking him back to hospital tomorrow morning.

OP posts:
Badvoc · 13/06/2013 20:19

Tallulah...was having the tube down distressing for you?
Sorry to ask, but I think it's the next logical step for us :(
He has always been such a good eater, and normally eats 5 times as much as he can currently manage.
I'm afraid I don't always assume hcps are right. We nearly lost my eldest ds to an infection in his blood when he was 6 weeks old.
No one would listen to me then either....

OP posts:
Badvoc · 13/06/2013 20:20

Beck..yes I did. She just tested his urine. It's fine.

OP posts:
Pouncer1 · 13/06/2013 20:20

Oh gosh! Can you take him tonight?

timidviper · 13/06/2013 20:22

badvoc This may be totally irrelevant but some years ago I had a really bad bout of vomiting and was left with a feeling of something wrong with my throat, a combination of something stuck, a lump in it, pain, etc. It did settle eventually but it took at least 2-3 weeks

Badvoc · 13/06/2013 20:25

Thing is the nausea and not eating pre dated the vomiting by 4 days....
He has been on gaviscon since mind say but obv it's not having any effect....:(
They said sat weds he was fighting an infection. Fine. When they tested again on Saturday his white cells were back to normal.
So, if its not infection, what is it?
I am at my wits end tbh with you.
Dh and I are barely speaking due to this issue.
The ENT we saw last Saturday said to leave it til tues/weds.
Well, its Friday tomorrow.
Maybe they will take me seriously then? :(

OP posts:
Badvoc · 13/06/2013 20:26

He is currently in bed beside me trying to go to sleep...we are planning to take him after dropping ds1 at school should be there by 9am.

OP posts:
Badvoc · 13/06/2013 20:27

Oh, and he has lost more weight :(

OP posts:
OHforDUCKScake · 13/06/2013 20:30

Id say he'd developed a fear of choking and vomiting. Both come about by eating.

It sounds as though he's had one frightening experience after the other. Choking on food and then food making him feel terrible and vomit.

Its not actually surprising that he's developed an aversion/fear of eating.

Id be going back to the doctor and asking for emergamcy psychological help.

Poor little fella.

RandomMess · 13/06/2013 20:32

Hope you get to the bottom of it soon.

OHforDUCKScake · 13/06/2013 20:32

A symptom of anxiety is an inability to swallow. The muses literally wont contract like they should. As though your body has forgotten how to swallow. Its very scary.

And its traumas such as your sons that cause it.

mylovelymonster · 13/06/2013 20:37

Have the drs checked his windpipe for debris? Has he aspirated something that is taking time to shift? Don't they prescribe abs as a preventative to aspiration pneumonia? Different abs needed? Any fever? Is the problem with his trachea/bronchus rather than oesophagus? Sorry - not very helpful.

Hope you get some answers tomorrow, and that he's better very soon x

Badvoc · 13/06/2013 20:39

But how do we help him ducks?
The docs have been worse than useless.
No, they haven't checked his windpipe.
I am going to ask them to tomorrow.
He has had 5 days of penecillin for "an infection" (?)

OP posts:
LackaDAISYcal · 13/06/2013 20:47

Just seen your thread BV Sad Poor DS; it sounds like it could be psychological and that he is remembering the choking?

wrt the not eating, can you get him some complan or something of that ilk? Are meal replacement drinks even suitable for children? I would definitely ask the doctor for something like that tomorrow though. In the meantime, could you make him creamy smoothies; not the helathiest, but it's all calories, isn't it?

Poor little scone Sad I hope he picks up soon x

mylovelymonster · 13/06/2013 20:51

I think if he's aspirated a fragment of foodstuff then it should be cleared by the body. Not sure how long to expect that to happen - guess depends what it was, so perhaps he is having discomfort from something like that?. I think it's the risk of lung infection that would be the main concern. I am not a doctor though (but I have aspirated rice)

OHforDUCKScake · 13/06/2013 20:54

Ok if it was me, Id go online and read up tonnes and tonnes on 'fear of choking' and 'anxiety and swallowing' especially in referrance to children

Then, Id go to the doctor with this information fresh in mind and demanding he gets referred to a psychologist urgently, and not leaving the surgery without a 'plan' and a fast one because the child needs to eat.

Have you tried soups? Often those with a fear of swallowing fare better with liquids, so soup might be a great compramise until he gets the help he needs.
Not chucky soup though obviously.

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