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to think you're a proper prillock if you....

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ChaosTrulyReigns · 17/05/2011 10:59

drive round with a dashboard crammed with cuddly creatures?

wear a disney top if you ate a grown-up?

have a wacky ringtone on your phone? Spiderpig anyone?

actually say the words "I'm crazy I am."?

think lol is fecking punctuation?


And don't even go there about typos in the title - I meant to type prillock - it's a portmanteau, I'll have you know.


OP posts:

Bluemoonrising · 17/05/2011 11:00

I always wear a Disney top after eating a grown up. I thought that was normal?


Hammy02 · 17/05/2011 11:01

Or have wacky disney character back packs and are over 15.


kreecherlivesupstairs · 17/05/2011 11:02

I agree with you 100% on the lol thing. It really drives me nuts. the rest, each to their own. I don't like fluffy animals so don't have any in the car, I don't wear fancy pants t.shirts - all mine are plain with the exception of one stripy job. My phone ringtone is the nokia one and I think I'd look like this Hmm at anyone who said I'm crazy I am.


SequinsAndSparkles · 17/05/2011 11:02


Adults in disney/spongebob attire make me cringe too. As do those 'crazy' people.


valiumredhead · 17/05/2011 11:03

What about people who can't spell 'pillock'? Wink


lockets · 17/05/2011 11:03

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ElfOnTheTopShelf · 17/05/2011 11:04

wear a disney top if you ate a grown-up?



Fimbo · 17/05/2011 11:04

OMG Bluemoon that made me chuckle Grin

Dh has a theory that someone that drives around with toys on the dashboard when there is no other evidence of a child is clearly single.... We saw a Smart Car loaded with them the other day. Therein lies the evidence

I used to have "Can You Feel It" as a ring tone though and it was pretty cool. Grin


tokentotty · 17/05/2011 11:05

"I'm crazy I am!"

No Sir. You, are a c*.

Big difference.



TrillianAstra · 17/05/2011 11:06

Disney tops are obvious signs of cannibalism, among the cannibal community it's considered a faux pas to not wear your Disney top after consuming human flesh.


lockets · 17/05/2011 11:06

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

JenaiMarrHePlaysGuitar · 17/05/2011 11:10

lol Bluemoonrising.

I like careful use of lol. And I am not a prillock.

Cuddly toys in cars are baffling though, I'll give you that. As is anyone over 10 (12 at a push) wearing anything Disney.


stickytoffeepud · 17/05/2011 11:11


anyone who says they are bubbly, zany, cookie - usually arent Confused


mooloo · 17/05/2011 11:13

Agree. OMG people who use LOL really do my head in.


Hassled · 17/05/2011 11:14

People who do that drum "Ba Boom Ching" thing after they've made a "joke". They'll be first up against the wall come the revolution.


Nancy66 · 17/05/2011 11:18

I hate self styled 'crazy' and 'wacky' people....fuck off, you're just tedious


BelieveInPink · 17/05/2011 11:18

I am fairly petite, grown ups would give me bad indigestion. A toddler would suffice.

I tried for ages to get the Charlie Sheen "Winning" song on my phone. Only my complete lack of IT knowledge prevented me from doing becoming such a tosser.

Cuddly toys are dust harbourers and are the work of the actual devil. I try and palm my daughters' ones off at the school fair on the cuddly toy stall, only for my eldest to go and buy them right back again.

If you type "lol" you deserve to die.


BelieveInPink · 17/05/2011 11:19

Oh and you also deserve to die if you type or say "nom nom nom".



slowshow · 17/05/2011 11:22

think lol is fecking punctuation?

God yes, that makes me stabby.

Oh and you also deserve to die if you type or say "nom nom nom".



zukiecat · 17/05/2011 11:25

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Poledra · 17/05/2011 11:26

But I am bubbly - usually after eating a grown-up, mind you. That much protein gives me terrible trapped wind........


Crevix · 17/05/2011 11:29

thing with eating grown ups is i have heard it tatses remarkably like pig and i'm not mad keen.

my ex-passive-agressive-narcissistic-bully-boss used to wear disney. I loathed him above any other human i have ever met but the disney wearing made me feel so much better about myself. i could have an inward smirk (while I stood letting him rage over my head)


FoundWanting · 17/05/2011 11:30

The wearing of Disney clothing coupled with eating grown ups is indeed, wronger than wrong.

Where do you stand on the Disney-wearing non-cannibals? Or cannibals who refuse to wear Disney? Still wrong?

As for ring-tones, DS1 got hold of my phone and I now have Rose Tyler shouting "Oh my god! I'm a chav!" I don't know how to disable it/her. Sad


NotShortImFunSized · 17/05/2011 11:32

Personally I love wearing Disney tops lol especially after I eat people nomnomnom lol

After I have finished eating and am dressed in the correct attire I say "I'm crazy I am" as what sane person would eat a grown up lol

I don't get the problem with lol, lol.

My ringtone says "SILENCE. I KEEEELL YOU" lol That's cos I'm crazy I am lol

I don't drive but my bed is FULL of cuddly toys lol but they have to be Disney ones lol I cuddle them at night but in a strict rotation so they don't feel left out lol


BettySwollocksandaCrustyRack · 17/05/2011 11:32

I'm a class A pillock ....just bought a fab micky mouse vest top from truffle shuffle..... I didnt eat a grown up though, I like em but couldnt eat a whole one!

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