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to wonder why some mnetters are so rude??

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workinggally · 10/05/2011 13:39

New to mumsnet (and mothering!) and shocked by the contents of some of the threads. Swearing/ bullying etc. But at baby groups people usually seem friendly and aren't swearing and cursing or being overly agressive. So - are the agressive types like that in RL or is it just a front for mnet?? And if it's just a front - why?

OP posts:
Gooseberrybushes · 10/05/2011 14:58

bof will understand

BitOfFun · 10/05/2011 14:58

Cat, I think he is just naturally almost hairless. Like a little suckling pig.

Hullygully · 10/05/2011 14:59
catinthehat2 · 10/05/2011 14:59
Gooseberrybushes · 10/05/2011 14:59

he just needs an apple in his mouth there

Gooseberrybushes · 10/05/2011 15:00

in his mouth

Gooseberrybushes · 10/05/2011 15:00

hully your pop up was blocked Shock

what the devil is going on

Hullygully · 10/05/2011 15:00

Definitely in his mouth?

gabid · 10/05/2011 15:00

I don't know on which threads they are so rude? I found the odd ones find it necessary to use swear words to express how they feel, but the majority seem articulate enough to put their opinion across without needing to swear.

They tend to have their opinion and let you know if they don't agree with you, which I appreciate. If everyone was just 'nice' like in the baby groups I don't think I would bother logging on.

BitOfFun · 10/05/2011 15:01

Yes, that mouth, no other openings.

Was that Simon Callow?

Hullygully · 10/05/2011 15:01

He is too gorgeous for you, Gooseberry

Gooseberrybushes · 10/05/2011 15:01

well that's enough I will away but just must have a little

whinge whinge moan moan

for the road, wouldn't be me otherwise

MardyBra · 10/05/2011 15:03

I hope nobody is suggesting giving Baggsy a MN roasting.

BitOfFun · 10/05/2011 15:03

So a soft moan? After seeing The Brand? Understandable.

SpringHeeledJack · 10/05/2011 15:04

if I had found a baby group that was a bit more like here, I would have turned up a bit more often than once a quarter


BitOfFun · 10/05/2011 15:04

Ooh, webchat- I likey.

Hullygully · 10/05/2011 15:04

You are a will o the wisp wanton, shj

SpringHeeledJack · 10/05/2011 15:05

eeeeee t'Apprentice is on today

I'm thrilled skinny, me

dp is newly redundant. I am trying to persuade him to apply for The Process/Journey next year and to make sure he gives at the very least 110 per cent

Pagwatch · 10/05/2011 15:06

Hairy dude needs a little morrocan oil.

SpringHeeledJack · 10/05/2011 15:07

I can't believe anyone clicked on a link of Baggs The Brand Bare

I saw what it was in the bottom left and left it well alone

you gullible shower

catinthehat2 · 10/05/2011 15:10

it was TRUST

our TRUST was BETRAYED Angry

Hullygully · 10/05/2011 15:11

I have never heard of any of this.

I did have a little venture into Popular Culture yester eve with a fine programme about Chelsea youth. It was great! I am going to move to the King's Road and be a singer and be given roses and go to jewellery parties with socialites and It People and young men with three days' growth. Phwoarr.

SpringHeeledJack · 10/05/2011 15:13

ooh dp wouldn't let me watch that, and he'll watch anything

BarbieGrows · 10/05/2011 15:14

You're right, there's a lot of aggression, anger and screwedupness which gets way out of hand. I wish people would stay off posts if they feel they want to attack the OP.

Being honest isn't about being rude and aggressive. It would be nice to be able to block people from the threads you're on, facebook style but I don't think you can. You will always get people like that on forums but I do find it particularly disappointing coming from a forum where people are mothers, parents, nurturing types. You'd expect it on a teenagers forum but not on here.

I share your disappointment, but there's not much you can do about it.

SpringHeeledJack · 10/05/2011 15:15

oooh Hully, isn't it you that goes to lectures and such, like the sisters in Howard's End?

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