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Dryer than a Tena Lady - DJ2022 #2

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MyGhastIsFlabbered · 11/01/2022 19:26

New thread for those of us attempting Dry January.

OP posts:
Mybestyear · 11/01/2022 22:20

I’ve just posted on the first thread -11 more posts needed to get to the thousand. Love the thread title 🤣🤣🤣

Hohofortherobbers · 11/01/2022 22:29

Thanks myghast, just getting my place xx

Daffyaboutdaffs · 12/01/2022 05:43

Here! Smile

BiologicalRealist · 12/01/2022 06:01

Morning dry and here

JaquiRussell · 12/01/2022 08:24

Morning, day 12. Checking in on the new thread 😀💐

Dulsesunset · 12/01/2022 08:27

Day 8 here. Not a great night's sleep but skin is better and mood is good.

Dulsesunset · 12/01/2022 08:29

It's actually day 9! Go me!

Mybestyear · 12/01/2022 09:23

Morning all. For all those struggling with sleep - I’m listening to Alcohol Explained audio book. The stuff about sleep is fascinating. Alcohol really messes with our sleep. Sleeping after drinking is not our natural sleep and if drinking a lot, we wake up around 5 hours after the last drink (3am hangxiety anyone?). This is actually the start of withdrawal symptoms. Alcohol induced sleep also robs us of REM sleep which is associated with dreaming- hence many of us having lots of dreams (some weird) on going AF. We are so used to not dreaming due to drinking sleep that our ability to dream and remember them is quite unsettling at first. I had such a strange dream last night but on reflection, it wasn’t strange at all. It reflected things that had happened during the day, mainly watching a movie about a stalker!!

So take some joy from your weird dreams in the knowledge your body is reverting back to more normal sleep patterns and this is a very healthy thing both mentally and physically. Happy Wednesday everyone ❤️💪

IsFuzzyBeagMise · 12/01/2022 09:26

Good morning! Brew

MajorityofThree · 12/01/2022 09:26


MrsJamieFraser22 · 12/01/2022 09:31

Love the new thread title @MyGhastIsFlabbered!

Day 12 here and all going well. Thanks for all the support as pp have said this thread has really helped keep me motivated. Previous attempts to go dry on my own have usually ended after about 10 days when I’ve had a F* it moment. I’ve started to sleep better the past 2 nights and definitely feel more alert / energised in the mornings.

I second the lime & mint cordial very nice, also tried Mediterranean tonic & lime cordial which was lovely. Had a couple of AF beers which have helped crush the cravings but the AF free rose I bought went down the drain as it was grim.

Weekdays aren’t too bad for me as due to the kids activities I’m driving after 8pm every night which gets past the danger zone. Just the weekends that are potentially tough but last weekend was ok. DH isn’t doing DJ so was drinking at the weekend but fortunately he drinks red wine & craft beer neither of which I enjoy so there was no envy.

Have a good day everyone x

H1Drangea · 12/01/2022 10:02

Day 12 !
I’m feeling so positive , I’m a bit afraid of it all coming crashing down
Slept until 07-45 ✅
Skin better , still a bit of rosacea , but I can use the antibiotic gel frequently now there is no alcohol involved
Definitely up for DryFebruary , ( but can’t work out how to tag from previous thread ) canyon2000 and StarryNightSparkles
Sun is shining, frost on ground and tip trip booked for this afternoon ☀️
KOKO everyone

IJustLovePirates · 12/01/2022 10:40

Love the new thread title :)

End of Day 11 for me in Oz. A little bit tense after work, but ok.

How’s everyone else doing? Hope all good :)

Iamblossom · 12/01/2022 11:39

Happy Day 12 all, thanks for noo fred

trydry22 · 12/01/2022 11:45

Checking in on day 12.!! Love the new thread title ☺️

Wonderful morning walk today, I'm really enjoying this new refreshed routine. Bumped into a friend of a friend also out dog walking and she admitted her binge drinking problem had spiralled and she was taking another path. I'm sure it helped to talk about it, I know I've hidden away from my own alcohol intake for some time.. the spotty skin has arrived 😯 delightful addition to my fresh face look!

Happy wonderful women Wednesday to you all.

Badabingbadabum · 12/01/2022 11:55


Found another jar of mincemeat. Ate a few spoonfuls of it for breakfast with cream. Basically I feel like a winner.

pointythings · 12/01/2022 12:07

Checking in on day 12 - planning out my weekend and have just cleaned my cooked on my lunch break.

canyon2000 · 12/01/2022 13:05

dryer than a tena lady Grin
Day 12! Still enjoying being AF and no urges yet to drink. I'm really liking the weird and wonderful dreams at the moment as it has been so long since I have had so many!

NorthernChinchilla · 12/01/2022 13:32

Checking in on the new thread Smile

brightspice · 12/01/2022 13:33

This reply has been deleted

This post has been hidden until the MNHQ team can have a look at it.

StarryNightSparkles · 12/01/2022 13:35

Afternoon all 👋 booking my place on this thread. Fantastic thread name op.

Amazing to see people who want to join me doing dry February. I thought it would be me alone, fantastic we can support each other. I will start a thread.

Iamblossom · 12/01/2022 14:09

Ironically I think if I tried to extend DJ my husband, who has been delighted to have a sober buddy in January, would be downright peeved if I tried to carry it on. Obviously it's my decision not his but I would definitely face adversity.

I crave a drink in the witching hour but for the rest of the time actually find the idea repugnant. Complex much?

Iamblossom · 12/01/2022 14:10

Now i want to know what @brightspice has posted...

brightspice · 12/01/2022 14:18

@Iamblossom :-) I guess you'll have to wait and see :-). Hopefully I didn't break any rules!

guineapigs · 12/01/2022 14:18

I don't think I will do DF. My goal is to stop drinking during the week and drink less during the weekend. I am getting along fine not drinking atm but my goal never was to stop drinking totally.

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