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Alcohol support

Beyond Dry January - moderators and 100 dayers DJ#3

299 replies

MyGhastIsFlabbered · 21/02/2021 11:02

New thread to take us beyond February. Pull up a chair, make yourselves comfortable...let's do this!

OP posts:

PeacheyPeach · 07/05/2021 22:07

Just on the diet coke 😃 DH trying to entice me with a G&T but I'm not biting!!


PeacheyPeach · 10/05/2021 23:25

Well I had myself 2 vodka and cokes on Saturday night, and it was enough. I enjoyed savouring them but didn't feel like drinking more and it hasn't unleashed this desire to drink so I'm hoping that maybe at my ripe old age I have learnt how to moderate my drinking!!


MyGhastIsFlabbered · 11/05/2021 16:57

Hi everyone. Just checking in to let you know I'm still hanging on in there though most definitely not alcohol free. Though I was sober on Saturday night because I felt like shit!

OP posts:

CocoLady · 12/05/2021 10:43

Hello @MyGhastIsFlabbered how many nights a week are you drinking on ? I drink at my worst 5 nights a week, at my best 2 nights a week.
Recently I'm trying to do a lot of self care and not drink as it makes me feel like shit the next day.
I really don't like my weight at the moments and I would like another baby in the future too. So drinking and eating shit isn't going to help my chances of conception really. I'm thinking of going on a diet. Hope everyone is doing ok ?? Xx


PeacheyPeach · 12/05/2021 19:50

Hi all hey @myghastisflabbered hope you are ok x
So we have family coming over next week so I've made the decision to definitely not drink this weekend as I don't want to get in the habit of drinking every weekend and prove to myself that I haven't just got back in to drinking for the sake of it again. I'm looking forward to spending time with the family and enjoy good food and maybe some drinks but its actually going to be a nice civilized evening and not just me putting it away in front of the TV!


Hohofortherobbers · 14/05/2021 19:50

Hi all, I was meant to be going out tonight and have been let down. So disappointing. I was planning a glass of wine so have bought some to have at home instead, 26 day streak temporarily interrupted, hope you're all having good Fridays, dry or moderate


Haggisfish · 14/05/2021 20:38

Oh no how rubbish to be let down! Hope you enjoy your drink and dinner tonight. I’ve had a bit of a wake up call-I asked for blood test to check liver and kidneys and my ggt has come back raised. This happens if you drink a lot, often (as I do) and indicates a level of liver damage. Other liver results are normal so hopefully it will come back down if I manage to stop drinking. I had just bought a bottle of red, too, but went off it rather quickly after getting my email!


PeacheyPeach · 15/05/2021 21:41

@hohofortherobbers sorry to hear up your night out didn't happen. Hope you enjoyed your wine x just think at least you were nice and warm at home!!
@haggisfish hope you are ok and not feeling to worried xx the amazing thing about the liver is that it does repair itself very quickly


TSBelliot · 16/05/2021 10:20

Just checking in - doing ok. Moderating and drinking at weekends only. Staying within weekly units even if I sometimes I have too many at once. Having some weekends off too. Drinking less than a fifth of my old good weeks.


Haggisfish · 16/05/2021 11:24

That’s great belliot-really well done you. I’ve done three nights dry now after the shock of my blood test results. I’m hopeful it’s the kick up the arse and shock I need.


TSBelliot · 16/05/2021 11:59

Cheers Haggis - three dry nights is great - we can always been in hand to deliver a kick if need be! I am the same - find it hard to change until I get a wallop. Great that livers are so forgiving too - yours will be thanking you already. Keep up the good work.


PeacheyPeach · 16/05/2021 17:39

@tsbelliot well done lovely you sound like you've really got the hang of moderating it feels so good doesn't it not having that craving anymore.


TSBelliot · 17/05/2021 06:44

Cheers Peachey - yeah it does and I like losing the nagging worry that my liver is suffering!


coodawoodashooda · 17/05/2021 07:39

Can I please come back? After dabbling in vino again I realise I enjoy so much more without it.


PeacheyPeach · 17/05/2021 13:18

I think it feels like a treat again instead of having it for the sake of it. Like I know I'm going to have a couple on Saturday night and I'm looking forward to it. I also know that my tolerance has gone down a bit so there's no way I will be guzzling it down like I would have done s few months ago


PeacheyPeach · 17/05/2021 13:19

@coodawoodashooda welcome back 😃


Haggisfish · 17/05/2021 22:23

Hello cooda! Night three for me here. Good to hear from the people who have abstained for longer periods of time.


TSBelliot · 23/05/2021 11:32

How is everyone getting along? I have settled into weekend drinking up to the weekly max - planning to reduce it so it’s every other week but doing ok in view of the shit storms around me!

Hope it is going well for the rest of you.


Haggisfish · 23/05/2021 12:48

Hello @TSBelliot! Glad you have found a new pattern. I did eights days dry, then dunderingly celebrated a big walk that I could only have done with a sober night before it, by drinking a bottle of wine!!🙄🤦🏽‍♀️ Feel crap today so am hopping back on the dry wagon. I actually really enjoyed being sober last week and I was so incredibly chuffed with myself yesterday. I’ll keep on quitting!


Hohofortherobbers · 23/05/2021 20:31

I've resisted 2 curve balls this weekend, I babysat for a friend last night who had left me red wine to drink if I wanted it then out for an early dinner this eve and ordered myself...... Becks blue. Feeling quite chuffed with my resolve. Well done on your dry spell @haggisfish, as you say, keep on quitting


Haggisfish · 23/05/2021 21:40

Well done hoho! I’m dry tonight so starting again!


TSBelliot · 24/05/2021 10:08

Keep it up:)


PeacheyPeach · 24/05/2021 11:16

Hi all, spent the weekend with family who not seen in a year so was a lovely few days of good food and good wine! Back to day one again on my dry app but I don't mind. I feel in control now x think I will stay dry this weekend though don't want to get into drinking every weekend even,


CocoLady · 24/05/2021 14:39

Hello 👋🏻 everyone ! I haven't been doin the best last week I was dry I think one night ! But today I'm focused to just drink one weekend night a week !
I even joined the gym today !
What apps does anyone use ? Or find helpful please ? Keep going everyone x


CocoLady · 25/05/2021 06:05

I failed last night. I had 3 wines. I feel ashamed. No more alcohol in the week! I'm
Actually gettin bored of drinking. It doesn't seem to have tie same affect as my tolerance is higher. I feel like I'm
Being robbed of my life with my child and family. 😢

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