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ADS and the winds of change

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justasking111 · 09/10/2022 10:35

All set onward and upward friends

OP posts:
CoffeeWithCheese · 09/04/2023 18:26

CruCru · 08/04/2023 17:10

No, electric cars are not all that green (I have one). Their brakes emit over half the crap that petrol cars emit and producing a new, electric car ends up using loads of resources. It would be greener to keep going with a Landrover from the 50s.

I could quite literally not do my job in an electric car - I drive a LOT of miles on a day, to rural community home visits and to areas where electric charging infastructure is never going to be a priority (hell mobile phone signal at potato quality is a patchy ask sometimes). I couldn't get the range out of it to get the day's visits done, and being honest, in some of the areas I get to park up in - anything flashy is going to get nicked or vandalised. Until recently we lived somewhere with no drive as well so wouldn't have been able to charge at home. Both our cars are something like 2015 models and will be run for a good few years yet.

As for rationing water - they can fuck off to the far side of fuck and then fuck off some more. We bought our last home in 2012. A few days after we moved in, Severn Twat Water knocked on the door and proceeded to put the fear of god into me as a new homeowner - there was a leak somewhere near the boundary, and if it was over our side they'd be serving notice for us to get it fixed (requiring digging up all the lovingly 1980s concrete front path and yard) within a ridiculously unreasonable number of days. I stood there terrified and mentally calculating apocalyptic scenarios while they tested - and found out the leak was just their side of the boundary line - so their problem and buggered off happily into the distance. For 10 fucking years they came along periodically, tested to see the pipe was still leaking, knocked on the door and we did the "no, it's still YOUR leak" dance at the doorstep... until they finally dug a hole and fixed it (and it was a quick repair)... in 2021. If they can let a pipe leak (not to mention whatever it might have done to foundations etc) for 10 years - they can fuck off at me having a quick shower and clean undercrackers.

110APiccadilly · 10/04/2023 14:37

ISaySteadyOn · 09/04/2023 10:41

I don't know if I would agree with that. In general, Victorians seemed to want to improve and innovate and progress. What we are seeing here is regression.

I think it's more a desire for us to be like the former USSR if anything.

I've always thought the Victorians got a bit of a bad rap. A lot of the things we associate with them (such as child labour) are things which had been going on for years or even centuries and it was the Victorians who stopped (or at least regulated and attempted to stop) them.

ISaySteadyOn · 10/04/2023 14:39

I agree.

JenniferBooth · 10/04/2023 14:46

NHS leaders now warning against "risky behaviour" due to the strikes.

ISaySteadyOn · 10/04/2023 18:38


justasking111 · 10/04/2023 19:16

GPs cancelling routine appointments to treat emergency patients during strike 🙄

OP posts:
JenniferBooth · 10/04/2023 22:06

Some of those routine appointments will have taken weeks to struggle to get,

EmmaEmerald · 10/04/2023 22:34

Another thing they pushed in lockdown to make permanent - bank closures

I knew it was lies about consumer demand

MxEWeatherwax · 11/04/2023 00:40

They have closed branches anyway. Cheaper isn’t it. Also some of the new openings times, for example 9.30 to 3pm. Back to closing 12 pm on a Saturday.
I still use cash, I like my privacy.

justasking111 · 16/04/2023 16:15

Everyone in government, pharmaceutical, WHO etc lied about covid. It was just a bloody great nudge to move things forward.

OP posts:
ISaySteadyOn · 16/04/2023 16:41

Did anyone besides me watch The X-Files? Remember the tagline at the end of the theme tune? One was Trust No One. I feel a bit like that now.

For anyone who did, some nostalgia

The X files intro and opening theme

thenightsky · 16/04/2023 17:47

I loved the x-files!!!

CruCru · 16/04/2023 19:02

Who washes bed linen more than once a week (if that)?!? It’s not the washing, it’s the bloody putting it back on the beds that would drive you crazy

justasking111 · 22/04/2023 17:07

Well my back is kaput so won't be shaking out the duvet cover OH will have to step up 😞

OP posts:
JenniferBooth · 24/04/2023 13:08

"Small number unable to make or receive calls since emergency alert A small number of people have taken to social media to flag that they have not been able to make or receive calls since the 3pm alarm went off on their device.

The Cabinet Office stated that engineers had not spotted a trend of phone functions failing to work afterwards, but said officials were in the early stages of analysing the results of the trial run"

Given that this was in the press yesterday and people are now still receiving alerts at random i really dont like the idea that i could still get this and be unable to use my phone. I did mention on previous threads earlier this month that i was worried this could affect use of the phone and got laughed at and before anyone bleats that it was only a small number thats still not good enough , what if someone needs to phone an elderly relative or vulnerable teenager. Remember "its for your safety" !!!

JenniferBooth · 24/04/2023 13:09

Sorry not having a go I copied and pasted that post of mine from an emergency alert thread.

justasking111 · 24/04/2023 21:51

So glad I disabled notifications 😕

OP posts:
ISaySteadyOn · 25/04/2023 06:16


JenniferBooth · 28/04/2023 22:53

Like i said .......the minute a snow flake falls on the Met Office

EmmaEmerald · 29/04/2023 22:11

I can't believe people who still think the emergency alerts are for good reason and I think eventually the tech will be such that there won't be an opt out.

Meantime, I am still seeing fallout from lockdown everywhere. I'm glad if people are starting to see what happened. But I'm sad to see many people seem very lost now. That's the vibe I'm getting.

I said on here, I think we might have been better off emotionally having seen the red flags early on..the people who took about two years and Partygate to realise, seem to be having a harder time? But it was so isolating and scary being labelled crazy when you tried to alert people early, I'm not sure I have it in me to care who is feeling it now.

Everyone has been changed so much. I'm seeing a lot of depression and eccentric behaviour. Is anyone else finding that? I realise no one is getting younger but it seems bigger than that.

justasking111 · 29/04/2023 22:46

I'm seeing a lot more bad driving, rudeness and aggressive behaviour from young teens. Our area normally quiet in a Welsh tourist area these youths are running amok in local shops and McDonald's. The police don't turn up it's frightening staff and customers. They're not afraid of anyone. 10 were finally arrested this week. Another lot committed arson and wrecked three properties last year. Only one has reached court.

It's a mess that the police are unable or unwilling to deal with

OP posts:
EmmaEmerald · 29/04/2023 22:56

just yes, London has that with teens targeting Mcd's. There was a thread about it happening in quieter places and someone said "Oh I bet it doesn't happen in London because lots of people would challenge them.." Nope. It happens here too and no one dares challenge.

I wasn't thinking of teens but adults, especially middle aged peers in my working life who shows signs of realising they were tricked, and are behaving...differently. Many won't go out. Some are telling me, in the same sentence, they think they were conned but will wear a mask because they're still scared.

110APiccadilly · 30/04/2023 07:27

I have an association with a university. There certainly seem to be more students who are struggling with various mental illnesses than there were. And I don't think this is just people being more open about struggles that have always existed, because there's more people clearly not coping in one way or another, including obvious things like self harm, but also more subtle things like struggling to get assignments in on time despite wanting to. Which is separate from the issue of those who don't want to do the work, though I get the impression their numbers are also rising.

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