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Can a man fall in love with an ugly woman?

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BeMoreGenerally · 16/10/2020 23:02

Do you think?

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Hawkmoth · 16/10/2020 23:04


PurpleDaisies · 16/10/2020 23:04


Marisishidinginmyattic · 16/10/2020 23:05

No. No ugly women ever find love. Ever. In the history of humanity.

Course they do!

Craftycorvid · 16/10/2020 23:05

Define ugly?

Nutellalovesme · 16/10/2020 23:07

As above define ugly

FrenchBoule · 16/10/2020 23:08

Beuty is in eye of the beholder or something like that.

OP,what are you on about? Is it a hypothetical question or is your self esteem very low?

BooFuckingHoo2 · 16/10/2020 23:09

Nah...there’s a direct correlation between objective beauty and relationship status Hmm.

Unless you’re a snooty wanker that just looks like you’ve smelled something bad then you’re probably attractive to (more than one) someone.

TenOclock · 16/10/2020 23:11

I genuinely don't think there's any such thing. There are plenty of people who aren't "celebrity" beautiful but ugly people don't exist, unless they have ugly (nasty) personalities to go with it.

There's always something lovely. A woman I work with is a big bruiser of a woman, quite haggard in appearance, but she is the kindest person and has as wonderful smile (plus a husband of 40 years and four children)

SDTGisAnEvilWolefGenius · 16/10/2020 23:11

Well - dh fell in love with me, and still loves me, and I am no oil painting.

Ylvamoon · 16/10/2020 23:12

I don't think there is such a thing as "ugly". Everyone has the ability to find love... looks are only one part of the attraction / love game.

Chailatteplease · 16/10/2020 23:14

Very strange question without any context.

Kanaloa · 16/10/2020 23:15

Of course. If you love someone for their personality and their good traits you will never find them ugly and only see the prettiness in them.

Pelleas · 16/10/2020 23:17

My husband did Grin.

Maskedcrusader · 16/10/2020 23:19

Beauty is subjective isn't it. My brothers wife is definitely quirky & unconventionally beautiful. He thinks she is the most gorgeous woman ever.

CaffeineInfusion · 16/10/2020 23:20

Yes, a man can.

But a bloke won't fall in love with a woman who he feels doesn't measure up to his ego. Because he would be a knob.

Parky04 · 16/10/2020 23:22

Define ugly. We love woman who care, are compassionate and consider others.

Titsinknicks · 16/10/2020 23:24

No only beautiful people fall in love. That is why only beautiful people now exist. There are no ugly people anywhere. Look around. Ugly people gave been bred out.

FinnegansWhiskers · 16/10/2020 23:26

There is no such thing as “ugly”. Everyone has something beautiful to offer. Why do you ask?

AlternativePerspective · 16/10/2020 23:30

Is this an article for some hideous magazine?

I once overheard two people talking about me saying how I would probably never find a husband because A, I wasn’t very attractive, and B, I have a disability. Hmm

dazzlinghaze · 16/10/2020 23:35

I don't think love has anything to do with beauty, it's about attraction and attraction is so subjective. Loads of people probably think I'm pot ugly but my boyfriend looks at me like I'm on par with Gigi Hadid in the looks department Grin same way that I really don't fancy some of my friends boyfriends but they think they're so handsome! I really believe that no matter how conventionally unattractive someone is, there'll be someone out there who thinks they're gorgeous.

formerbabe · 16/10/2020 23:40

Weird question

No one is really ugly. There's varying levels of attractiveness and most people date people at a similar level to themselves.

madcatladyforever · 16/10/2020 23:43

I have lots of friends who are no oil paintings who are and always have been very happily married and good looking very beautiful friends who have never had a successful relationship.

2pinkginsplease · 16/10/2020 23:43

What is ugly?

There is someone out there for everyone!

mumwon · 16/10/2020 23:43

reverse this would can any woman fall in love with an ugly man?
Subjectively I think there are more ugly men around than ugly women Grin
Judging from the number of male politicians - whom I would say are high on the ugly stakes - women seem to fall for them (it may be their money or power of course! I mean would you fall for the trump? - shudders)

QueenOfPain · 16/10/2020 23:44

“A big bruiser of a woman, quite haggard in appearance” .

Good god, I thought one of my colleagues was on MN for a minute then.

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