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Tiptoes quietly into the corner...

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Typecast · 27/07/2011 13:22


TA-DA!!!! I'M FINALLY HERE after much moaning on Twitter and a lost application, Mumsnet have fast-tracked my application and I'm now officially a "Mumsnet Blogger". What have I let myself in for??

Some of you may already know me, in which case "Hi" - make yourselves known.
Some of you may never have heard of me, in which case "Hi" - where the frig have you been for the past two years?
Some of you may know me from a previous life where I had a different username, in which case "Hi" - and sssshhhh we don't talk about that any more.
Some of you may know me in real life, in which case "Hi" - isn't it time you rang me and we arranged a coffee date?
Some of you have probably clicked off by now and though "weirdo", in which case "Bye".

I have been described as Tigger, Quirky and The Queen of Rants. I blog at Typecast

OP posts:
Tee2072 · 27/07/2011 16:10

I've been here the past two years and still have no idea who you are. Sorry.

CaptainNancy · 27/07/2011 16:17

That's because they've joined purely to promote their blog Hmm

Not sure why MN are promoting this tbh...blogs are a little 2007 aren't they?

Typecast · 27/07/2011 16:19

Hi Tee2072 :)

I mean my blog has been up and running (in its present form) for 2 years. I've not actually used MN for about three years or so.

Come and have a nosy round the blog - I'll be hanging around these here parts too. Nice to meet you.

OP posts:
Tee2072 · 27/07/2011 16:23

So you're not actually an active member of MN? Hmm

Mines been up and running for 3 years. Do I win a prize or something?

CaptainNancy · 27/07/2011 16:40

So who were you pre-mouldies?

Typecast · 27/07/2011 17:05

Oh Tee2072... sorry for starting this thread. What happened to "hello, isn't it great that MN has started this bloggers forum?" I didn't realise that I'd be in for the Spanish Inquisition. I actually joined to offer some help around these parts. Not that I know everything, of course but I actually enjoy helping new bloggers or those struggling with blog issues.

CaptainNancy - no, I didn't join purely to promote my blog. I joined because it was suggested by the MN Bloggers Network team. It doesn't matter who I was previously - I'm quite glad I didn't say now. Lets just say that I've used a "rival" forum for over 7 years and we occasionally leap over each other's fences when the need occurs ;)

I posted on this forum simply because it says in the introduction that it is for (and I quote) "discussions between members of our Mumsnet Blogging Network". I haven't infiltrated anywhere I shouldn't have, have I?

Peace, friends. Is there any need to be so suspicious. I'm not exactly hiding anything!! I lay myself pretty bare on my blog.

OP posts:
Tee2072 · 27/07/2011 17:09

It's more the boasting 'look, look, look I'm finally here! A real blogger' attitude of your post that is getting my back up.

I know MN included professional bloggers in the network, but those of us who are MN members and bloggers have been members of MN for some time.

CaptainNancy · 27/07/2011 17:14

So in fact you're a former bmcer?
I'm confused by the 'im here to help' message, but it just seems like self-publicising to me. 2 years is nothing in the blogosphere... sorry to sound harsh but you're not exactly Dooce are you?

There are lots of long-standing mners here that help noobs with their blogs...

Typecast · 27/07/2011 17:17

There is no attitude here Tee, unless you're counting your own.

You can check my links on my profile to find out how genuine I am. Maybe I'm too forward and open for you. That's fine - different strokes for different folks. We should all be able to rub along nicely together. That's what makes for an interesting world, no?

And FYI, I have NO idea where you get the idea from that I am a professional blogger. In fact the notion makes me ROFL!! I work full time, I blog in my spare time and write about almost anything. As I said, nothing to hide here!!

MNHQ INVITED me to join this network/forum. Do they know the welcome that new members are getting? You think I'm a troll, right? I'm sorry, I'm not. Far from it.

OP posts:
CaptainNancy · 27/07/2011 17:20

There was no suggestion of trolling Confused

mymumdom · 27/07/2011 17:21

Hi Typecast, nice to see you ;)
I applied and didn't even warrant a 'no thank you' but will stick around anyhow.
There are some friendly helpful people here if you stand still long enough.

Tee2072 · 27/07/2011 17:22

No, I never said you were a troll.

And your attitude is right here:

"Some of you may never have heard of me, in which case "Hi" - where the frig have you been for the past two years?"

Which implies if we don't know you we're not 'in the know' or 'cool' enough or something.

And also:

"I actually joined to offer some help around these parts. Not that I know everything, of course but I actually enjoy helping new bloggers or those struggling with blog issues. "

Which implies the rest of us have no idea what we are doing.

I've been a blogger longer than you have. And I know what I am doing. And you pop in here and assume we are all noobies who need your help.

And it's obviously not just me who feels this way, or CaptainNancy wouldn't have said anything.

Typecast · 27/07/2011 17:22

no, I'm not Dooce. Why would you think I thought I was? Or is that a hint of sarcasm I see....

Seriously. Thanks for the welcome, ladies. Lovely.

OP posts:
Tee2072 · 27/07/2011 17:23

Typecast, we are very welcoming. You came bursting in here expecting us to worship you. That's not going to happen.

Typecast · 27/07/2011 17:24

"I've been a blogger longer than you have"

I seriously doubt that. I said "my blog in it's present form" has been active for 2 years. Don't you read?

Tee - put me on ignore or something. I'd afford you the same courtesy but I haven't worked out how yet.

OP posts:
Typecast · 27/07/2011 17:25

Hi "mymumdom" - nice to speak to you. thanks for the "hello" :)

OP posts:
Tee2072 · 27/07/2011 17:28

There is no way to ignore individual posters on MN. Thought you would know that.

MigratingCoconuts · 27/07/2011 17:29

I love it when new introductions go well......Grin

Tee2072 · 27/07/2011 17:31

It wasn't an introduction. It was a grand entrance.

There's a difference.

purplepidjin · 27/07/2011 17:35

Hello Typecast, nice to meet you

Unfortunately, I would have to agree with Tee that your OP is somewhat patronising. You imply that I should have heard of you, that it is a bad thing that I haven't, and that your presence will somehow enrich my life Hmm

As a noobie to MN and blogging, I've been made very welcome so can guarantee that the attitude of the existing MN bloggers community is as welcoming as the rest of MN - ie, if you treat them with respect they will do the same.

Typecast · 27/07/2011 17:37

I could have made it grander. But never mind.

OP posts:
ItchyScratchy · 27/07/2011 17:37

I'm more concerned by the notion that blogging is "a bit 2007".


Is that long enough for me to claim I'm fashionably retro or is it the equivalent of wearing culottes, or something?

[resumes lurking]

Tee2072 · 27/07/2011 17:39

Nah blogging is totally 2011. CaptainNancy is 2007. Grin

mymumdom if you haven't heard, you haven't been rejected. MNHQ got tons of applications and they are getting through them as fast as possible. There's a thread about it somewhere around here.

Typecast · 27/07/2011 17:40

Hi purplepidjin - I haven't implied that anyone should have heard of me - I think I covered all bases.

Patronising goes right over my head and is wasted on me. This is supposed to be the "bloggers network forum", isn't it? Where bloggers speak to each other about blogging?

I can't work out where I've gone wrong. I wonder if MNHQ would mine responding. That's if my posts haven't already been reported. What's the T&C round here for thinly veiled personal attacks?

OP posts:
Tee2072 · 27/07/2011 17:42

There was no personal attack. There was brutal honesty.

Something you claim to know something about. Or at least 'openness' or whatever you said. Can't be bothered to scroll up and look.

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