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I am a Mumsnet expert AMA!

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nuttybiscuit · 21/03/2022 00:13

I am officially well endowed with the knowledge.

OP posts:
Icecreamandapplepie · 21/03/2022 00:19

What IS the perfect age gap?

Is 34 too ancient to have a baby?


Time40 · 21/03/2022 00:24

Does it harm washing if it gets darked on?

Will we go to Hell if we own a loo brush?

MrsTerryPratchett · 21/03/2022 00:25

What the fuck is wrong with toilet brushes?

Whiskersonkittens21 · 21/03/2022 00:25

How far is too far to stretch a chicken?

watcherintherye · 21/03/2022 00:31

Why is lemon drizzle the iconic MN cake?

AgathaMystery · 21/03/2022 00:31

Is the penis beaker washed by hand or AIBU to put it in the dishwasher?

Smokeahontas · 21/03/2022 00:49

AIBU? Well I don’t think I am so I’ll just ignore what you say anyway and flounce.

Fernsinthegarden · 21/03/2022 00:54

All the above and exactly what DOES a massive salad consist of?

TimmyHos · 21/03/2022 00:55

He's mad because I told him not to do t-rex in the shop but he said to tell him and sharon agrees AIBU

TonyThreePies · 21/03/2022 00:55

Where's the OP gone? Must be hairy handed Hmm

PermanentTemporary · 21/03/2022 01:01


Not really a question

ThisMammaCat · 21/03/2022 01:04

Have you ever snapped and farted?
God save The Quern.

SingingSands · 21/03/2022 01:11

How often DO you change your tea towel?

nuttybiscuit · 21/03/2022 01:15

you Will go to hell if you own a loo brush, i am so sorry.

I snap and fart frequently, it is unfortunate.Accept this and life won't feel quite so harsh. I promise.

T Rex in the shop is a criminal offence.

Lemon drizzle is acceptable but not sacrosanct. Whomsoever stresses this is suspect.

When stretching a chicken one must know where to stop.

Toilet brushes are satan's friend.

OP posts:
KloppsTeeth · 21/03/2022 01:19

What angle is best to display a stunt pineapple? Should they be upright, or at an angle in a fruit bowl? Please advise oh wise one.

Fernsinthegarden · 21/03/2022 01:32


What angle is best to display a stunt pineapple? Should they be upright, or at an angle in a fruit bowl? Please advise oh wise one.

On its very own hand carved marble plinth surely?
Lambanddog · 21/03/2022 02:15

Is it acceptable to serve pom bears at a dinner party?

PartyPlan · 21/03/2022 02:18

Why is there an elderly Korean lady in your garden?

nuttybiscuit · 21/03/2022 02:38

The elderly Korean lady in my garden is serving Pom Bears to my staff atop my very own marble plinth.

How do you proles know?

OP posts:
AgnesNaismith · 21/03/2022 02:39

Where can I buy the mumsnet scarf from now?

fridaRose · 21/03/2022 02:56

Some of these are so boring already.

The chicken, washing darkened on, toilet brush. Waiting on a question about an ensuite. Yawn.

AgathaMystery · 21/03/2022 03:20

Sex ponds - in or out this summer?

RockinHorseShit · 21/03/2022 03:50

What is the vegan alternative to "Naice Ham" ?

HopingForMyRainbowBaby · 21/03/2022 04:17

Have you ever screamed at the Sistine chapel?

sashh · 21/03/2022 06:02

Can you list the things that are so vile the only response is to LTB?

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