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I’m morbidly obese 26 stone AMA

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Mumsyoftwo09 · 14/07/2018 09:17

Such a hot topic at the moment with fat shaming etc.
Ask me anything

OP posts:

Mumsyoftwo09 · 21/07/2018 20:09

Thank you. Did she literally Zumba herself slimmer?

OP posts:

GeorgeTheHippo · 21/07/2018 21:25

Well done on not binging. And you can do it again tonight. You need to change your thinking habits as well as your eating habits. If you do eat something crappy, (NOT TONIGHT THOUGH) all is not lost. It's not the end of the world. You just ate something crappy. It doesn't detract from the nights you ate nothing after dinner. And it is the sum total of all those nights that will make the difference.


TheNavigator · 21/07/2018 23:15

Did she literally Zumba herself slimmer?

She says it was a huge part of her journey, which is why she now teaches Zumba. She is fab, we have all shapes & sizes in her class and the atmosphere is so positive and encouraging for everyone.


Sarahjconnor · 22/07/2018 09:18

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FancyADoughnut · 22/07/2018 09:29

OP do you think a particular diet will work eventually?

I ask because I have finally got sick of the 'diet' mentality and am currently investigating how to make changes without following any diets or restricting any foods.


YerAuntFanny · 22/07/2018 09:41

Well done for starting this OP, you can make changes if you want to.

As a fellow binge eater (borderline bulimic if I'm honest as I would cram anything in until I vomited) my best piece of advice is to take it one day at a time, bingeing is never ideal but don't beat yourself up if you have a bad day every now and then. Just move on and try to have a good day the next.

Speak to your family if they bring it up again, tell them that it makes you feel worse and ask them if any of them can offer support to you. Even if it's just someone you can phone to avoid a binge, it really does help if you have someone to talk openly to!

At my heaviest I had a BMI of 43 weighing 17st 11.5lbs which at 5'3 is definitely not good. I told myself I was happy, in company I was the bubbly confident cliché but every little comment and stare made me scream inside and I'd go on a secret binge when I got the chance. I lost a bit of weight when I was pregnant as my consultant was pretty harsh and scared the life out of me plus I had serious morning sickness.

I decided to join a Slimming club (Slimming World for me but they all do the same thing really!) In May last year, now I'm 9.5lbs away from my target of 10st 12lbs and I really do feel so much better although I still have my hang ups but my biggest achievement is that I can fit in the bath comfortably and can tie my laces and breathe at the same time!

I'm going to be honest and say that I do still have occasional binge of I'm stressing but they're very few and far between as I have learnt strategies and have a support network for an hour or 2 every week and I know someone will always answer on the Facebook group or phone if I'm desperate.

It's not always an easy or quick journey but you ARE worth the effort! Good luck :)


Cloudyapples · 25/07/2018 11:01

Hope you’re doing ok op - I think you’re really strong for sharing this with us all


fontofnoknowledge · 30/07/2018 08:50


First of all OP, diets don't work. ! It's just another form of disordered unrealistic eating.

You cannot exercise yourself slim. Without also radically changing your calorie intake.
Exercise makes your fitter. Not slimmer.

Move more/eat less is unhelpful to the morbidly obese. The strain on joints, insulin resistance ,gut flora and psychological/depressive illness related to obesity pay too higher part in preventing successful weight loss.

The reality is - when BMI reaches 40+ the chances of you returning to a healthy BMI of less than 25 by diet and exercise, is less than 1:650 people.(for women) . The chances of that tiny percentage sustaining that weight loss and remaining in the 'healthy' BMI range for 5yrs or more , is less than 85%. You see what an incredibly hard road that is and why the diet industry is so rich !.

There is a solution though, Gastric Bypass Or Gastric Sleeve are available to you on the NHS.It involves a referral by your GP to your areas Tier3 programme. This is a 6 or 12 month programme (depends on your area) of diet/psychology group sessions. A multi-disciplinary team day where you meet the surgeon, and discuss the operation that you want/suits you. Then a 16 week wait on the surgical list.
Privately you will pay 8-10k and will be operated on usually within a month.

4 months after your operation you would expect to have decreased your weight by 5 stone. (Given the starting weight /height you have provided on this thread) You will also most likely have been cured of Sleep Apnea. (Over 90%) . Your mobility would have improved dramatically which will speed up weight loss. After a year you would have lost 10stone and your self esteem and mental health will have taken a turn for the better, which contributes to further weight loss.

There is a lot of nonsense written about Bariatric surgery. It is NOT cosmetic surgery. Nor is it 'the easy option'.
It is life-saving surgery to people who will die early of obesity related diseases. The NHS doesn't fund this just so you can look better in your party clothes.

As with all surgery it carries a risk. But the risk of death 0.22% is equal to that of Gall bladder surgery, and significantly less risky than hip replacement or Caesarean section 0.40%. All of which pales into insignificance when you consider the percentage chance of dying early of a stroke, heart disease or diabetic complications.

Please do some research and consider this as a realistic way to save your life and to start enjoying it again. There is a way out . We have a long running thread for those pre-op/post op. Come and have a lurk/join in, ask questions. We were all where you are. X


Straycatblue · 27/06/2020 16:13

I know this thread is 2 year old

Hey Mumsyoftwo09

Ive been searching weight loss topics cos Im trying to lose weight myself and came across your post, I know its 2 years old but I wondered how you were doing and to thank you for doing such an honest thread about what your struggles were.


BatleyTownswomensGuild · 11/07/2020 10:13

Thank you for having the courage to start this post, OP. It has genuinely made me challenge some of my beliefs.

I hope you can access help and make the changes you want to make. You deserve a better life than this. Thanks


fatgirlslimmer · 13/07/2020 21:57

The surgeons who perform bariatric surgery operate on very obese patients every day, if someone is too dangerous to operate on they can use a band until they lose enough weight for it to be safe.

Planned surgery in a purpose built unit is different from emergency surgery which could be at huge risk with sleep apnoea and obesity. The referral process is long and thorough addressing the psychological and emotional effects as well as physical. Starting the process does not commit you to the operation.

I know quite a few people who have had surgery and none have regretted it. Most say it’s the best thing they’ve ever done.

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