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I’m morbidly obese 26 stone AMA

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Mumsyoftwo09 · 14/07/2018 09:17

Such a hot topic at the moment with fat shaming etc.
Ask me anything

OP posts:

gendercritter · 14/07/2018 11:18

Do you get negative comments from strangers?

I have had a long history of binge eating. I seem to have finally cracked it the help of a book called Brain Over Binge. Honestly, it's been amazing. I had to read it twice and sit and remind myself every day about what I'd learnt in it at first but I think I've finally cracked it. What helped massively too is doing a Whole 30. It's actually an elimnation diet to help you see if any foods are making you feel bad - it's not designed as a long term diet. But the emphasis is on trusting your body (hunger signals etc), eating really nourishing, health-giving foods and stopping eating all junk so you get back in touch with what your tastebuds actually like (as junk food is very hyped up to taste amazing and natural food becomes bland - after 30 days of no sugar, things like sweet potatoes, strawberries, roast meat etc. all started tasting dramatically better and satisfying)

I am now not on a restricted diet but still focus very much on only eating natural, satisfying foods and a wide variety too. It helps so much. Junk food has genuinely lost it's appeal.


Frosty66612 · 14/07/2018 11:21

Do you drink a lot of unhealthy stuff too like pop and alcohol? Do you drink much water?


Mumsyoftwo09 · 14/07/2018 11:22

Gender - yes sometimes.

Ooh that’s another thing I need to look up. Absolutely true about the fake taste that junk food gives off. I would love to one day say that junk food has lost its appeal. Well done for breaking the cycle

OP posts:

Mumsyoftwo09 · 14/07/2018 11:23

Frosty - don’t drink alcohol except maybe a glass of mulled wine at Christmas.
Don’t drink fizzy pop.
Water yes get through loads but with squash in (no added sugar). Drinks are bizzarly enough not an issue. It must be the act of chewing that’s the issue!

OP posts:

Frosty66612 · 14/07/2018 11:28

What is the main thing you would struggle the most to give up? Is it sweet things like chocolate? Or salty carby things like crisps and takeaways?


RunMummyRun68 · 14/07/2018 11:30

I binge eat but also run marathons

Binge eat doesn't always = weight gain

Overeaters anonymous sounds good though


FabulouslyGlamorousFerret · 14/07/2018 11:37

I don't believe Bariatric surgery is the answer for all obesity - but I do think at your BMI it's definitely worth considering. What are you scared of?


Mumsyoftwo09 · 14/07/2018 12:10

Frosty - not sure I have a particular niche with food. If it’s available in quick junk variety I will eat it. I think it’s probably food in the evenings I need to give up.

Run - that’s good you have something to counteract the binge eating. I agree, I have friends that eat more than me and eat junk in large quantities too but they are super active.

Fab - it’s probably the not coming round from it, the risk of infection afterwards. I had a section with my child 3 yr ago (placenta problems) and the wound got repeatedly infected, I lost a lot of blood, was in HDU afterwards and I suppose the fe at is from having any kind of surgery again at this size.

OP posts:

Mumsyoftwo09 · 14/07/2018 12:11


OP posts:

InsaneCocaine · 14/07/2018 12:26

Do you feel like you've tried everything OP? Have you given up on a solution or are you always looking for the next thing that could be the answer?


Magicstar1 · 14/07/2018 12:42

@Mumsyoftwo09 up until recently I was a stone heavier than you. I’ve been promising myself for years that I’d lose weight, and every weekend would be one last blowout before I started on Monday....only the starting never happened. So the weight just kept getting worse.
I recently joined yet another group...but this one is working. I used to eat like I have a breakfast, fruit, lunch, more fruit and then a big dinner which means I’m full so don’t snack at night. It’s taken weeks for my metabolism to start working. My body didn’t know when it should be hungry, but now it’s recognising it.
I’ve also started doing DDP yoga which is amazing. You do it at home and the results are awesome. I’m in jeans I couldn’t get near last year, and can feel the difference. I’m down two stone so far.
I hope you don’t mind me posting this, but it’s to let you know there is hope x


BakedBeans47 · 14/07/2018 12:52

I don’t need to ask you anything as I am also morbidly obese, but thank you for this, its helpful to know that there are others that feel just like I do.


Roussette · 14/07/2018 13:21

Mumsy are you finding this thread cathartic? Can you take any tips and hints from it and use it to your advantage?
You have my sympathy, I struggle with my weight and I honestly think I don't eat that much compared to some people, I don't binge eat, my last meal of the day is at 6pm and I'm not hungry when I wake up. Weird I know.

I lost 5 stone some years ago, a lot of it has crept back up. I am very weak, with zero will power so I just don't buy anything that I could binge on (like crisps or dips... my downfall). Would that work for you? Just not buy it, if it's not there, you can't be tempted.


Mumsyoftwo09 · 14/07/2018 14:48

Insane - definitely the latter. I’m always hopeful for the following start of a new day/week/month/year that this will be the new me. Iv usually failed by the evening of the first day.

Magic - that’s amazing! Well done you. It is such a strong struggle to have and you seem to have conquered the first step by getting your body sorted for losing. Thank you for sharing, it really does help to know other people go through the same.

Baked - exactly what Iv just said to Magic above! It’s kind of reassuring that it’s not an isolated occurrence. I know I’m by far the fattest of all my friends and family and it does often feel like nobody else could understand. Flowers to you.

Roussette - Iv found it fab! Very therapeutic in a way! I think when I started the AMA thread I was expecting a few ‘do you know who ate all the pies’ ‘have you thought of not eating for a bit’ questions and I haven’t had one judgemental question at all. There seems to a fair few of us who struggle with the same issues. Iv tried to not buy, as I don’t buy crap for the kids. They are allowed an occasional treat but we don’t have chocolate or sweets in as a rule. Other than the secret stash that I binge on.
I have never felt lonely or bored in the evenings, I’m like I imagine most parents, shattered and just either read or watch a film and go to bed.
But I think it’s just so habitual now that I watch the film whilst my hand goes up and down from packet to mouth and I don’t even realise how much I’ve eaten.
I have ordered some needlecraft from amazon earlier after the poster who said she found doing her tapestry as a good distraction.
Going to try that!
Wow 5 stones was a fantastic loss, do you think you will aim for losing such a big amount again?

OP posts:

BakedBeans47 · 14/07/2018 15:07

I like doing needle craft as well - going to dust mine down later!


gendercritter · 14/07/2018 15:08

I think keeping your hands busy is enormously helpful if you have the habit of grazing.


Roussette · 14/07/2018 15:34

Needlecraft sounds a brilliant idea!

I daren't have a secret stash because I cannot stop when I start. Could you think of getting rid of yours?

I'm 10 years on from losing the 5 stone, and now I'm in my sixties, so it's really really much harder to lose.... I'm not back up to what I was at my worst but I really need to lose at least a couple of stone. However, I've had a knee injury for 7 months... and that did NOT help! However, it's much better now so that is good because I've not been able to be so active as I was.

One tip from me... I weigh myself in kg as it's not so depressing! Sounds daft I know! I just find stones and lbs worse and it makes me comfort eat!


Singlenotsingle · 14/07/2018 15:51

We keep a big bowl of fruit at home Apples, oranges, satsumas, melons. Pomegranates are good because you can pick the seeds out one by one. Could you not try this, instead of the chocolate, biscuits etc? Just don't buy the crap?


greendale17 · 14/07/2018 15:55

How much do you think it costs you per week to eat the extra binge foods?


trinitybleu · 14/07/2018 15:57

Mumsy and Magic just to say I'm in the same region weight wise as you both and bloody hell it's hard to lose. You use a couple of pounds and think "yay!“ but then I work out home long it's going to take at that rate and give up...


WitchDancer · 14/07/2018 16:06

One tip for not eating in the evening - paint your nails! If not, then how about knitting or crochet - Woolly Hugs on here always need help 😁


martini · 14/07/2018 16:20

Does it affect ur breathing ,I'm overweight and get very out of breath and sometime feel like there is too much weight pushing against my chest/heart.


RideSallyRide76 · 14/07/2018 16:31

I am you 3 years ago hovering around the 20 stone mark Confused
Do you think you could have done the last 3 years differently?

Personally I'd love to undo the last 6 years!!


RideSallyRide76 · 14/07/2018 16:34

How much do you think it costs you per week to eat the extra binge foods?

Good question, when I add mine up it's actually quite scary!!


Magicstar1 · 14/07/2018 16:56

@trinitybleu I’ve always given up, but I think it’s working this time. The DDP workout is really good and works wonders. I can actually see and feel the difference already. I’m feeling better and think that’s what’s making me stick with it.

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