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When did you start buying maternity clothes?

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IWhipMyHairBackAndForth · 20/12/2021 21:29

I'm 10 weeks pregnant through IVF.
I have been on progesterone pessaries for a few weeks which will continue for another 2 weeks. They make me really bloated.
I actually look about 9 months pregnant sometimes because my stomach goes really big. It can be quite painful.
I do also have IBS so this would happen sometimes even before being pregnant.

I've had 3 MC's previously so I'm worried about buying anything baby related. However I don't want to be uncomfortable.
Someone actually commented the other day on my baby 'bump' even though I don't have a baby bump. It's just my stomach!!
How soon did you buy maternity clothes. In particular - pants, jeans etc?

OP posts:
Furmummy · 20/12/2021 21:34

I was in maternity jeans at 7 weeks as so bloated x

RedRobin100 · 20/12/2021 21:36

I’m 22 weeks. I wear mat leggings all the time, but have not started wearing anything else maternity just yet, although my Jeans and tights are now getting uncomfortable.
All my dresses are quite loose anyway.

Last time around I remember starting to wear my mat jeans etc around 23/25 weeks.

If you’re bloated and uncomfortable could you even just get some leggings and loose jumpers/tunics that aren’t specifically maternity?

I hate buying maternity stuff because you need it for such a short time, but it sounds like you’ll
Get good use out of it so bloated.

Also - lots of good second hand stuff on eBay, again because it’s used for such a short time!

BeingATwatItsABingThing · 20/12/2021 21:41

I wore leggings in a bigger size and baggy tops from the beginning of my second pregnancy. I didn’t have a bump but a bit of tummy left over from DD1. I use jeans to contain it normally but didn’t want to risk anything (not logical I know). From around 18/19 weeks, I started wearing maternity clothes because mine were getting too tight and I didn’t want to stretch them.

With DD1, I started wearing maternity jeans from around 22 weeks but not tops for a while longer.

BrilloSolar · 20/12/2021 21:43

Far too late the first time! When I finally bought some maternity clothes I really regretted not getting them sooner. Second time around was 6 weeks as I was SO bloated.

I completely understand (2x ivf babies). Could you just buy even one pair of maternity jeans or trousers and one pair of leggings to live in for now? I think I got some maternity jeans from George, Asda for about £10. Wash overnight if you have a dryer???

Skade · 20/12/2021 21:45

First timer I was around 20 weeks, second time was pretty much the second I got a positive test 🤣 my belly seemed to lose its muscle memory and just popped out!

SouthwestSis · 20/12/2021 21:51

I used the hairband trick on my trousers and wore long/baggy tops until about 14 weeks, then I started picking up 2nd hand maternity clothes on fb and vinted, meaning I could get higher quality clothes at decent prices.

Dollywilde · 20/12/2021 21:54

First time around I was due in August and in March I was just starting to show. But it was 2020 and that was when we went into lockdown Grin so I actually didn’t buy anything, just lived in floaty maxi dresses from April until DD was born.

I’m currently 18 weeks with DC2 and I can’t get anything on that isn’t a floaty maxi dress or loose PJ bottoms. Given it’s December I can’t really leave the house in either of those so have just ordered a stack of maternity tights, leggings and a couple of pairs of maternity jeans.

SleighbellsZ · 20/12/2021 21:54

19 weeks, could have probably wore them
From 17.
Buy some from asda or somewhere to see to over for now.
I done IVF too, and had terrible bloat. It does go down.
I stopped pessaries at 12 weeks and that helped a lot.

Congratulations Thanks

Holskey · 20/12/2021 22:20

Congratulations! I'm 11+6 with my 2nd ivf pregnancy 😊

I didn't buy any maternity clothes last time. Gave birth summer 2020 so the combination of lockdown then summer meant I didn't need to. I haven't bought anything yet this time, and as someone who hates waste, I'll buy only what I desperately need!

RisingStarsToday · 20/12/2021 22:36

@IWhipMyHairBackAndForth I’m exactly the same as you and 10 weeks too. So bloated from the progesterone. My stomach is huge. I read it can go down a bit once you finish the medication. I’ve bought leggings and tracksuit bottoms a size up and I’m wearing them with baggy jumpers and that’s comfortable enough. Off to hunt for something comfortable and nice for Christmas Day though tomorrow 🙈 no way I’m putting on anything restrictive. Feels like my stomach is going to explode as it is!!!

mowglika · 20/12/2021 22:48

Just buy maternity clothes as soon as you need them, you will wear them for such a short time no sense in wearing out your normal clothes trying to fit into them.

I was doing that in my non maternity leggings and then realised I was ruining them, what’s the point since you will have to buy maternity wear at some point.

Having said that I’m in the same boat as you, 4 mc and this is an IVF pregnancy so I resisted buying maternity clothes but am feeling so much better in them - I started wearing the leggings and maternity dresses at 16 weeks.

Maybepossibly22 · 20/12/2021 22:48

I’m 9 weeks with DC2, I had DC1 in 2020 so am already wearing my maternity leggings with long jumpers/tunics which is my style anyway. A friend has just given me loads of maternity clothes so I will probably start wearing the jeans from now if I feel the need to wear trousers Grin

IWhipMyHairBackAndForth · 21/12/2021 07:24

These are really good ideas. Thank you.
I never thought of leggings actually so that is a good option.
Think I'll have a look this week at what's out there and buy a couple of things just so I feel more comfortable when going out.
I'm fine in the house as I have loads of loose clothes, including plenty of PJ bottoms. It's just when I go out and I'm squeezing into jeans as my stomach is huge.
I'll definitely have a look at the leggings this week and buy some of those. Thank you 🙂

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