15 best leggings and jeggings for women 2021

16 December 2020

The best leggings and jeggings

Leggings are a wardrobe staple. They're great for layering, lounging and working out. Choose wrongly though and you can end up with see-through varieties that leave your pants on show and your dignity at the door.

We’ve rounded up the best casual go-with-everything leggings, as well as leopard print, leather and a whole selection of brights. There’s no danger of these leggings or jeggings going transparent as they’ve passed the scrutiny of your fellow Mumsnetters – and they’re comfortable and stylish too.

Here are the best leggings and jeggings to buy this year.

1. Best overall leggings: Boden’s Favourite Designs

“Boden leggings are very nice and quite thick. My black ones wash very well and don't get baggy at the knees.”

“I love Boden for leggings. They're super quality and, as long as you buy the right size, no one will see your underwear through them.”

1. Best overall leggings: Boden’s Favourite Designs

These Boden leggings are made from soft jersey with plenty of stretch, so they are comfy and high quality. They now have a wider waistband and slightly higher rise – so they're more flattering, supportive and comfortable. They are also ideal for layering under one of Boden's colourful dresses or tunics.

While black is clearly a wardrobe staple, there are, in fact, nine designs to choose from including Navy Flower Bud and Abstract Sea Mist. No wonder they are regularly mentioned as the best leggings on Mumsnet’s Style and Beauty forums.

Price: £22

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2. Best budget leggings: New Look Two-Pack Jersey Leggings

“I really like their leggings. Great staples.”

2. Best budget leggings: New Look Two-Pack Jersey Leggings

For under £6.50 a pair, New Look offers great value leggings made from jersey, which means they will hold their shape. Bargain!

Available in sizes 6 to 18, they have a soft elasticated waist. They only come in black and there are no petite or tall varieties, but they’re such great value that it’s hard to go wrong.

Price: £12.99 for two pairs

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3. Best jeggings: M&S Cotton Rich Jeggings

“I bought a pair from M&S and they've done amazing and magical things for my body. I bought my usual size, which at first seemed a little too small, but I finally wriggled into them and WOW. They do wonders for my ample (but saggy) bum! Can't believe how excited I am about a pair of £15 jeggings, but they're the best item of clothing I've bought in years.”

3. Best jeggings: M&S Cotton Rich Jeggings

High-waisted for a flattering fit and cheap enough to buy more than one pair, Mumsnet users have been snapping these Marks & Spencer jeggings up.

They're available in 15 different colours so there's something for everyone – subtle blacks and khakis as well as bright fuchsia and ochre. The high waist keeps muffin tops at bay and the added stretch holds everything in meaning you get a flattering shape. Mumsnetters particularly love the petite ones, but the tall and regular ones are also very popular – and they’re available in sizes 6 to 22.

Price: £15

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4. Best plus-size leggings: Tu Sainsbury’s Black Luxurious Soft Touch Leggings

“The Sainsburys luxury ones are really nice, and a good length in long.”

4. Best plus-size leggings: Tu Sainsbury’s Black Luxurious Soft Touch Leggings

Made from a cotton/modal blend with added stretch, Tu leggings feature a banded waist for an ideal fit. They’re available in sizes 8 to 24, but Mumsnetters reckon you should size down at least one if not two sizes as they come up big.

They do warn that the individual pairs, although a few pounds more, are much better quality than the multipacks. Pick up a bargain with your weekly shop.

Price: £10

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5. Best plus-size jeggings: River Island Molly Dark Blue Plus-Size Jeggings

“I swear by River Island – either Amelie (mid-rise super-skinny jeans) or Molly (mid-rise jegging). They're really comfy, hold their shape and never go baggy. I wouldn't buy anything else now!”

5. Best plus-size jeggings: River Island Molly Dark Blue Plus-Size Jeggings

Just like jeans – but with that all-important stretch – these jeggings are designed to flatter every curve. Dress them down with trainers for day-to-day wear, but they look just as fab with heels.

Available in sizes 18 to 28, they're mid-rise so they sit close to the belly button, giving you the look of longer legs and disguising muffin tops. There’s also a light blue option if you prefer.

Price: £40

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6. Best leather leggings: Baukjen Liv Leather Leggings

“I'm really impressed with the Baukjen Leather Leggings. I've worn my black pair to death so am considering buying another pair when these give up the ghost – although that won't be anytime soon.”

6. Best leather leggings: Baukjen Liv Leather Leggings

Looking for an alternative to your trusty skinny jeans? These super-soft stretch leggings are made from 100% luxury European leather with a comfortable, elasticated waist – and Mumsnetters love them.

Yes, they're incredibly pricey, but users say they work out as good value on a cost per wear basis, and for a pair of genuine leather leggings they're on the cheaper end of the spectrum.

Price: £349

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7. Best leather-look leggings: Spanx

“Spanx leggings report: AWESOME. Nice and holdy-inny, with a very high waist so no muffin top. They don't look particularly like leather – more like a cross between leather and suede, but they do look ace on. Will probably also order in the navy.”

7. Best leather-look leggings: Spanx

Worried that leather leggings might be unflattering? These faux-leather versions are by Spanx so you know they'll be slimming.

They shape your legs and whittle your waist down thanks to their high-rise elasticated waistband, complete with hidden power mesh. They're like wearing your most effective Bridget Jones pants as bottoms – what's not to love?

Price: From £87.99

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8. Best maternity leggings: JoJo Maman Bébé Bump Support

“I'm currently wearing these JoJo leggings and they are, by far, the comfiest things I've ever worn. They go right over the bump and are so soft. Would definitely recommend them.”

8. Best maternity leggings: JoJo Maman Bébé Bump Support

Finding the right leggings is an essential part of comfy maternity dressing. This seamless pair from JoJo Maman Bébé are ribbed to support your lower back and bump for all-day comfort.

Best worn under tunics or longer tops, they’re very adaptable and will stretch with you as your bump gets bigger. Don’t worry if you’re still wearing them months (cough years) after your baby has been born – we’re right there with you.

Price: £16

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9. Best value maternity leggings: H&M MAMA Two-Pack Jersey Leggings

“H&M MAMA Leggings are good and so comfy. I highly recommend them – I have three pairs!”

9. Best value maternity leggings: H&M MAMA Two-Pack Jersey Leggings

At just under £9 a pair, H&M’s MAMA Leggings are a bargain price and will support your growing bump. Even better, the cotton content (all 50%) is organic so they're good for the environment too.

Choose between two pairs of black or one black and one grey. They'll go with almost everything in your maternity wardrobe. Mumsnetters love them post-baby too. The high waist is especially handy if you have a c-section.

Price: £17.99 for two pairs

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10. Best gym leggings: Sweaty Betty’s Bum Sculpting Power Gym Leggings

“Sweaty Betty bum-sculpting leggings. They are terrifyingly expensive, but really good.”

10. Best gym leggings: Sweaty Betty’s Bum Sculpting Power Gym Leggings

If you're a committed exerciser (or would like to be) then these gym leggings might just be worth the investment.

Made from ultra-lightweight, sweat-wicking fabric that has magical bum-sculpting powers, these leggings will make you want to work out. It is worth noting, though, that these are breathable running leggings, not yoga leggings. So they might not be thick enough for Downward Dogs.

For that, try these Super Sculpt Soft High Waisted ⅞ Yoga Leggings. The ⅞ length is also recommended by Mumsnetters who are under 5ft 4in as they come up full length.

Price: £75

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11. Best value gym leggings: Asda Ultimate Full-Length Leggings

11. Best value gym leggings: Asda Ultimate Full-Length Leggings

If you want a pair of workout leggings without investing too much, then Asda has the answer. They're made of 88% polyester and 12% elastane so have stretch but also moisture control properties, which is ideal if you’re working up a sweat.

There are inbuilt slits for calf ventilation and a phone pocket so you can listen to music or track your workout without needing a bulky arm strap. They're also very thick so there's no danger of flashing your underwear while you work out.

Price: £10

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12. Best for bum coverage: AllSaints Raffi Leggings

“They could not be softer or comfier fabric. They look great and solve any issues with bum exposure, yet they're thin enough to wear under a clingy top, and so far no sign of bagginess on knees. They feel more like cashmere opaque tights than Lycra-rich leggings. I think I may have to buy some more.”

12. Best for bum coverage: AllSaints Raffi Leggings

Love the comfort of leggings but dread the inadequate bum coverage? AllSaints have you covered (literally) with the ingenious Raffi Leggings.

They have a built-in 'skirt waistband,' which looks like a bodycon skirt and means you can wear them without worrying anyone will catch a glimpse of your pants. Choose between black or charcoal and sizes XS to XL.

Price: £40

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13. Best petite and tall leggings: Mint Velvet Neutral Animal Print Leggings

“These are my first Mint Velvet leggings and the fit is great. I get the fuss now.”

13. Best petite and tall leggings: Mint Velvet Neutral Animal Print Leggings

If you usually live in black leggings, why not mix it up this year? These Mint Velvet Leggings are comfy, thick and available in a range of five colours – the muted burgundy pair are fantastic for autumn dressing and the leopard print will liven up your wardrobe. They are pricey, but Mumsnetters rave about them because they are available in short and tall lengths.

The inside leg measurement of the petite range comes in at 27 inches, then it’s 29 inches for standard and 32 inches for the tall. They’re made from a stretchy cotton-blend jersey that's equal parts sculpting and soft, and have Mint Velvet’s trademark high waist so they're comfortable too.

Price: £29

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14. Best for keeping warm: Uniqlo Heattech Extra Warm Fleece-Lined Stirrup Thermal Leggings

“I bought three pairs and I'm not going to wear anything else all winter!”

14. Best for keeping warm: Uniqlo Heattech Extra Warm Fleece-Lined Stirrup Thermal Leggings

Uniqlo is a brand that crops up again and again when Mumsnetters start talking about leggings. This simple, thick Heattech pair can be worn on their own, or as a base layer on especially chilly days thanks to their bio-warming, insulating properties.

They are also 1.5 times warmer than regular Heattech. The only downside is they're cold wash only.

Price: £12.90

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15. Best legging equivalent: SNAG tights

“I'm 5ft 11in and size 22 and tights were my nemesis. I've just bought my eighth pair of Snags – they're super comfy, robust and wash well.”

15. Best legging equivalent: SNAG tights

If you’re buying leggings as a substitute for tights because they're so uncomfortable, then try Snag Tights. They are available in sizes 4 to 36. While normal tights vary in length, they don’t vary in width.

With Snag Tights, you select between curvy or athletic body shape, then use your dress size and height to get the perfect fit. Mumsnetters say they're just as comfy as leggings and they come in a massive range of colours and styles including footless.

Price: From £7

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What is the best material for leggings?

Cotton is great for leggings as it's soft, breathable and ever-so-comfy. But it doesn't stretch as well as other fabrics, like polyester. As a result, it won’t hold up in the same way as polyester, leading to the dreaded baggy knees, etc. Look out for sustainably produced cotton if you want to put the environment first.

Polyester leggings last longer than cotton and are great for working out in, especially if they've got sweat-wicking qualities (and pockets!). Jersey was originally made of wool, but is now made of wool, cotton, and synthetic fibres. Stretch Jersey makes for soft, thick leggings.

What are the most flattering leggings?

M&S Cotton Rich Jeggings give a really flattering shape because of their high waist, which holds in muffin tops. The added stretch lifts and pulls everything in and up. They're flattering and score highly for comfort too.

What are the best quality leggings?

Mint Velvet’s thicker material means they're quality leggings that won’t turn see-through and they're great no matter what height you are. But, if you’re looking for high quality at a a slightly cheaper price point then Boden’s Favourite Designs range offer great quality in a huge range of colours, which is why, overall, they are the best leggings according to Mumsnetters.

Which brand is best for leggings?

Here are top legging brands that every woman should know.

Sweaty Betty
New Look
George at Asda
Mint Velvet
River Island
JoJo Maman Bébé

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