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Best maternity leggings?

23 replies

2020Aug · 13/04/2020 21:28

Hey, just wondered if anyone had any recommendations for maternity leggings?
As I'm now at home all the time I've been living in a few pairs of gym leggings, but they're now not staying up as they slide down my bump!
I'd therefore like to get some maternity ones. Has anyone found any good ones, particular that don't go see through on the bum!

OP posts:
Wolfgirrl · 13/04/2020 21:31

Yep New Look! Over the bump ones. Thick and comfy. Don't bother with H&M - short and see through.

auroracase · 13/04/2020 23:41

I'll second the new look over the bump! I live in them and am wondering if I can get away with wearing them even way after baby is born... Grin

2020Aug · 14/04/2020 09:16

Great, thank you!

OP posts:
SeaSeeker · 14/04/2020 09:21

George at Asda - honestly!

ColdTapwater · 14/04/2020 09:23

George at ASDA! I have several pairs and they've haven't proven the best so far, over the bump, thick and never lose their shape Smile

Rubiales678 · 14/04/2020 09:35

New look for me too! Over bump ones very comfy

Mmsnet101 · 14/04/2020 09:39

New look or asda. Dorothy perkins, h&m etc all either went see through or seams fell apart after a few washes. I'm still in them and DD is now 8mo - too big to wear out but perfect for lockdown Grin

Asdas maternity jeans are also fab - in fact most of their maternity range is great!

riotlady · 14/04/2020 09:39

I liked Dorothy Perkins, super soft and comfy

Lorenzo3000 · 14/04/2020 09:53

Love Leggings. Really thick, soft and super stretchy over bump. Loads of different colours and lengths

Lorenzo3000 · 14/04/2020 09:54

Love Leggings is the brand btw...wasnt just declaring my love for leggings 😂

2girlssoon0 · 14/04/2020 09:59

I love the topshop ones, they’re thick and comfy and have a really thick waistband which is supportive on your back and belly

MsMiaWallace · 14/04/2020 10:08

ASOS maternity leggings are great!

MichelleOR84 · 14/04/2020 10:32

If you can splurge I highly recommend Seraphine . I was given tons of second hand maternity clothing but I splurged on one nice pair of leggings from Seraphine and lived in them . Nearly all my maternity clothing were tunics so leggings were life 😝

Rainbowchampagne · 14/04/2020 18:13

I just bought normal leggings from next (appreciate you can’t buy from next right now) in 2 sizes up, I found any maternity bottoms were just useless until I was well into month 8 and just fell down all the time prior to that

SapphosRock · 14/04/2020 18:15

I love the Topshop over the bump ones. So comfy.

Hodge85 · 14/04/2020 18:18

I got a 2 pack from Dorothy Perkins, they're super comfy, don't ride down or anything. I'm considering buying more tbh Smile

2020Aug · 14/04/2020 19:22

Oh wow thanks all, I will get researching!

OP posts:
dumpling123 · 14/04/2020 19:33

I got a twin pack of over the bump leggings from new look. Very comfortable but I suspect they're a bit see through! Can someone share a link to the ones that aren't see through please?

Toz13 · 15/04/2020 21:45

They are not maternity leggings but I recommend going up a few sizes. Cheap cheerful and comfortable. Morrison's own brand leggings. The best

Maryam18 · 15/04/2020 22:14

Another vote for the maternity ones on The best quality I've ever found and they sit really comfortably over my bump. Lots of different colours and lengths too Xx

newmumagainn · 15/04/2020 22:23

New look for me

JanewaysBun · 15/04/2020 22:27

Loved my h and m ones, didn't like my asos ones

loubert89 · 16/04/2020 10:00

Another vote for love leggings! They really are excellent quality and they wash well.

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