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High quality petite length leggings

6 replies

BeatrixPottery · 23/01/2023 09:12

Any recommendations, not crazy designer expensive but willing to pay a bit more for them to stay up and be made of none knicker showing fabric!

OP posts:
Teacaketotty · 23/01/2023 09:14

I have a few love leggings pairs and I really like them - completely non see through and not overly expensive.

BeatrixPottery · 23/01/2023 09:14

Should add this is for day wear, ideally just normal leggings not gym or 'ath-leisure' style.

OP posts:
NotAnotherTaco · 23/01/2023 09:37

Little pricey but the Sweaty Betty all day leggings are by far the best! Choose the 7/8 length, which is supposed to be cropped, but are ankle length on me (5ft 0).

Shitfather · 23/01/2023 13:17

Agree with the SB suggestion - check out the sale.

Greengr · 23/01/2023 14:19
MrsJamin · 23/01/2023 14:42

Sounds weird but tu ones from Sainsbury's are lovely quality and so durable. Not sure they are petite but I'm 5'3" and they are just the right size.

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