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Aibu good jeggings dont exist

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MiniPumpkin · 26/10/2021 08:43

Please tell me I’m wrong, I’m needing a good pair of jeggings, jeans are just uncomfortable but all these jeggings are either see through or just so hard and uncomfortable.
Help me out here with some recommendations mumsnetters x

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fedupofthesamest · 26/10/2021 08:44

M&S are my go to for jeggings.

TotallySuper · 26/10/2021 08:44

Next jeggings are brilliant. Just the normal ones they do in various colours around £18 a pair. I have loads.

MissRainbowBrite · 26/10/2021 08:45

The M&S ones are brilliant, £15 a pair in loads of colours. They're high waisted and always stay put.

Burgerqueenbee · 26/10/2021 08:48

+1 for M&S

popcorndiva · 26/10/2021 08:51

Yep the high waisted jeggings from M&S have replaced my jeans. Nice and thick and pulls you in

itsgettingwierd · 26/10/2021 08:57

I also wear the m and s high waisted jeggings.

They come is such great colours, wash and wear well, come in all 3 length sizes and are only £15!

HeyGepetto · 26/10/2021 09:00

Another vote for M and S ones, wear them all the time!

itsgettingwierd · 26/10/2021 09:03

Although the fact they are in and out of stock is explained here with the number of us buying them 🤣

I'm eyeing up the plum and a pair of boring plain black for this winter!

Lollipop444 · 26/10/2021 09:05

I used to love white stuff jade jeggings. They were high waisted and really comfy. But recently they’ve changed the material and the fit which has ruined the feel of them. The material is harder and less stretchy so makes you feel like you can’t move.

I will try the m and s ones as I’m currently really struggling for trousers. I do tend to find cheaper ones ride down on me though and look awful. Hoping these don’t!

BirdyBirdyTweetTweet · 26/10/2021 09:06

Whats the waistband like ? Unfortunately I'm rather round in the middle and need a bit more give there. I usually find jeggings too tight.

Dixiechickonhols · 26/10/2021 09:06

Next ones are comfy.

AuntieDolly · 26/10/2021 09:06

I love the soon jeggings from matalan

MiniPumpkin · 26/10/2021 09:11

Great I’ll give m n s a go then, are they true to size ? I don’t buy from m n s but I hear sizing is generous?

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Clarkey86 · 26/10/2021 09:15
LeSquigh · 26/10/2021 09:15

Yes, M&S for me too, the high waisted £15 ones. I wear nothing else. True to size I would say.

Busybee5000 · 26/10/2021 09:28

I like both Next and M and S as others have said. But Next have a higher waistband than m and s.

mrsbyers · 26/10/2021 09:28

Evie jeggings from Peacocks , a slighter looser leg but wash brilliantly - I have three pairs of dark denim ones in constant rotation

whatswithtodaytoday · 26/10/2021 09:29

Can anyone tell me what's the rise on the M&S ones (crotch to button)? I am tempted but would need to order a few pairs as I'm not sure what size I am, and as I'm quite short-waisted it's pointless if they're very high-waisted.

I just bought some jeggings from Yours which were comfy when I put them on, but after half an hour or so - and when walking - start to feel like a straightjacket. SO uncomfortable, what a waste of money.

MrsBudd · 26/10/2021 09:34

Also love m & s ones, I have three pairs in different colours and live in them! So comfy and true to size.

Lollipop444 · 26/10/2021 09:38

I tend to find that the legs on jeggings are always quite tight, especially if the material is hard and doesn’t have a good stretch and if I go up a size to make the legs more comfy then they don’t fit well round the waist and tend to ride down. Unless I’m completely out of proportion.

SparrowNest · 26/10/2021 09:39

I lived in H&M ones while my waist got back to normal after pregnancy and intend to do the same again. They just look like skinny jeans, not what I normally like to wear but they did the job perfectly and weren’t see through.

FrenchBoule · 26/10/2021 09:46

@Lollipop444 same here jeghingwise but a size up in leggings works wonders. They are opaque so they still fit while not being overstretched and see through 🙂

AngelsWithSilverWings · 26/10/2021 09:48

Another thumbs up for Next jeggings. I've got them in black, berry and various shades of denim. Great for everyday wear,

Potpourri23 · 26/10/2021 09:48

Do jeggings feel as soft and stretchy as leggings? I've been put off buying the ones that mention being made of denim in case they feel the same as stretch jeans.

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