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Best tights for women: comfy and stylish choices to keep you warm

The dream pair of tights should pull on smoothly, make you feel fabulous and not sag after 30 minutes of wear. It sometimes may feel like they don’t exist, but we’ve rounded-up the best tights Mumsnet users can’t get enough of.

By Gemma Lumley | Last updated Nov 22, 2021

Woman wearing tights and boots

Awkwardly pouring legs into a pair of ill-fitting tights has been a joyless part of most women’s lives since the first day of school. As much as they may be loved or loathed, they are a wardrobe staple and can provide warmth in winter or even boost self-confidence.

In the grand scheme of things, having to pull your tights up occasionally is a minor inconvenience, but having a reliable pair you can always count on to stay up and not snag can make getting ready in the morning that much easier.  

Having difficulty with tights needn’t be necessary and, believe it or not, there are tights out there that are comfy, stylish and high-quality. 

We know nothing compares to a real recommendation, particularly when it comes to an everyday item, so we’ve consulted Mumsnet users on our forum, along with honest consumer reviews, to bring you our selection of the top tights that do the job, every time.  

Here are the best tights for women in 2021.

1. Best overall tights: Snag 80 Denier Tights

Snag tights

Price: £6.99 | Buy now from Snag

I've just put in a big order. Snag tights are life-changing. What a difference it makes to have tights you can put on and forget about.” - twilightcafe

Even before trying Snag tights, we were impressed with the inclusivity of their marketing, so it was a delight to discover that the brand came highly recommended by Mumsnet users. 

The colour range of the 80 denier tights is varied and there's something for everyone and every outfit – from opulent jewel shades and bold primary colours to more muted options that would work for the office. 

Dress size, body shape and height are all considerations with Snag’s extensive sizing, so the perfect fit is possible for all women, with customers loving their plus-size tights. It can take a little effort to get your head around the size guide as the range is between A to G in Snag’s own fitting system, but once you find your trusted Snag size, you won’t be disappointed. 

These fantastic tights will roll on quickly in the morning, and you’ll barely have to think about them for the rest of the day. No wriggling, dragging or adjusting, just soft and supportive comfort. 

Key specs 

  • Size range: 4 - 36 (Snag has their own sizing system which covers this range of sizes)
  • Material: 88% polyamide, 10% elastane and 2% cotton

2. Best budget tights: M&S 60 Denier Body Sensor™ Tights

Price: £8 for three pairs | Buy now from M&S

“The M&S ones last for aaaaages. No snags, no shrinkage. At all.”  - Hazeintheclouds

M&S has long been the go-to shop for reliable basics at a reasonable price, and this three-pack of 60-denier tights is a wonderful example of that. 

Body Sensor technology, a clever system exclusive to M&S, reacts to the changing temperature of your body so they will keep you warm while walking the kids to school but won’t make you sweaty once you get to the office. 

The waistband is soft and supportive and smooths lumps and bumps gently so you won’t feel claustrophobic and can happily wear them all day. The seams at the toes are extra strong too so they cope with a full day of wear - no more holes to strangulate your toes. 

Mumsnet users rate these classic black opaques because they don’t fall down, wash well and are incredibly resistant to snags. One tip is that you do need to size up for the comfiest fit though. 

Key specs 

  • Size range: XS - XL 
  • Material: 88% polyamide, 11% elastane lycra® and 1% cotton

3. Best nude tights: Falke Shelina Natural Tights

Falke tights

Price: From £9.51 | Buy now from Amazon

“Falke Shelina tights make your legs look smooth and tanned and come in several natural shades. They’re the only nude tights I’ve found that don’t look like tights!” - KillingMeDeftly

Think of Falke’s Shelina tights as a subtle filter for the legs. At 12-denier, they are lightweight and breathable with a net gusset, so you could happily wear them at a summer wedding.

Mumsnet users agree that these are the best nude tights to wear with floaty dresses as the choice of eight shades and smooth texture give them a barely-there effect. We were particularly delighted by the natural sheen as it was ultra-flattering. 

 Falke has been a luxury hosiery brand since 1895, so it’s no surprise that the fit is accurate and comfortable, and the range of sizes is excellent too. 

Be wary, though; reviewers have emphasised how very careful you need to be with the delicacy of the fabric. Falke recommends wearing silk gloves to dress and undress. Admittedly, it's not very practical if you’re rushing to get ready, but a worthwhile precaution for a special occasion. 

Key Specs 

  • Size range: 10 - 24 
  • Material: 60% polyamide, 40% polyurethane

4. Best luxury tights: Wolford Satin Touch 20 Comfort Tights

Wolford tights

Price: From £16.06 | Buy now from Amazon

“Yes, honestly, they are worth the cost. They’re really smooth and comfortable, wash like a dream. I think the ones I have did three winters of constant wear.” - championquartz

Wolford's Satin Touch Tights have an impressive range of colours to suit most skin tones – sadly, that can still be quite difficult to find. 

The stretch on these tights means that they feel robust compared to other brands of sheer tights but, while they do wash well, we would recommend a hand wash as the denier is so low it can be prone to damage. 

We love the pretty satin shimmer on these tights too, making them suitable for both work and play. The high reinforced waistband gently holds the tights up, while the breathable cotton gusset will keep you feeling fresh all day. 

Wolford is not the cheapest brand but the quality means they will outlast tights from other brands, so we feel they are worth the extra investment. 

Key Specs 

  • Size range: XS - XXL 
  • Material: 88% polyamide, 12% elastane

5. Best comfortable tights: The Fifty by Heist

Price: £24 | Buy now from Heist

Heist Studio’s ‘The Fifty’ tights are indeed an investment purchase, but the innovative design and high-quality fabric make them well worth the extra pounds. In addition, the price per wear is negligible – if you look after your new wardrobe staple by hand washing and storing them in the cloth bag provided, they will last season after season. 

We were thrilled by the level of all-day comfort provided by these tights. Once they are on, you don’t think about them. This rare feat is thanks to the lack of irritating seams and a soft and supportive, hand-sewn waistband which refuses to budge. 

The team at Heist also understood the need for more clever design tweaks and flexibility of fit. You can choose between an anti-roll high waist or a mid waist and 10 different dress sizes. The lack of a reinforced gusset is a bold move, but somehow it works as there is zero sagging even after hours of wear. 

Key specs 

  • Size range: 4 - 22
  • Material: 80% polyamide, 20% elastane

6. Best warm tights: Undercover Lingerie HeatGuard Thermal Tights

Heatguard tights

Price: From £5.93 | Buy now from Amazon

Even on chilly days, it’s nice to have the option of wearing a skirt or dress. Undercover Lingerie has the answer with their thick, black thermal tights that will keep you toasty warm even in the depths of winter. 

At 140-denier, they give full coverage, and the colour is coal black with a matte texture. They can be machine washed time after time with no bobbling but remember not to tumble dry them as they will shrink. 

The lining of these tights has brushed fleece, making them feel luxuriously smooth on the skin. We loved how snuggly and comforting they were too. 

Our only issue is with the sizing as reviewers disagree on whether to go up or down a size. The waistband feels too big for some, but others still feel like they need the extra high waistband a larger size gives. At this price, it might be worth ordering both sizes to see which suits your body shape the best. 

Key specs 

  • Size range: S, M, L 
  • Material: Polyester

7. Best tights for evening wear: Calzedonia Chevron Fishnet Tights

Price: £12.99 | Buy now from Calzedonia

Calzedonia, an Italian hosiery company, does the best party tights and patterns are their specialty. There are loads of fabulous styles to choose from, but these chevron fishnets were the favourite their stylish twist on a classic design. 

Crafted from Q-Nova fabric, a unique mix of recycled materials, Calzedonia tights are sustainable and eco-friendly. They are also a company on a worthy mission to control their supply chain and guarantee that each product is made by people working in fair conditions for good pay. 

We were impressed by the durability of the fabric in these tights. With careful hand washing in cool water, they should last for ages. Our only complaint would be the lack of generosity in the sizing – there's only two sizes to choose from.

Key specs 

  • Size range: XS/S to M/L 
  • Material: 82% polyamide, 18% elastane

8. Best compression tights: Scholl Light Legs Compression Tights

Scholl tights

Price: £9.99 | Buy now from Amazon

When you’re on your feet for hours, it’s normal to have aching legs and swollen ankles by the end of the day. If this is you, Scholl Compression Tights could be the solution. One reviewer, a healthcare assistant working 12-hour shifts, was delighted by the difference they made, and she now wears them every working day. 

Scholl isn’t known as a stylish brand, but these black sheers look great and have an attractive sheen. The sizing is on point too, but remember that because they are compression tights, they will be tricky to get on at first. 

The tightness of the fabric compresses the legs at crucial points, which improves blood flow. Wearing these tights will be helpful for people with circulation problems or painful knees, as well as anyone lucky enough to be hopping on a long-haul flight. 

Scholl has also created a pair of tights that are unbelievably robust, and they should last up to 50 washes before they start going saggy. Our only gripe would be the slightly rough feel of the fabric. 

Key specs 

  • Size range: S - XL
  • Material: 70% polyamide, 30% elastane

9. Best gloss tights: Aristoc Ultra Shine 10 Denier Tights

Aristoc tights

Price: £6.50 | Buy now from TightsTightsTights

Sheer gloss tights can add glamour to any outfit. Don’t be confused with tacky ‘shiny’ tights though. Instead, these Aristoc tights give your legs a delightful sheen that will catch the light beautifully. 

The fabric of these silky sheers is lightweight but robust, and the lycra in them makes them easy to put on and mouldable to your body. Delicacy is still an issue though and for extra longevity we recommend extra care when putting them on. 

The material becomes reinforced at the top of the thigh, so you’ll still feel supported and benefit from the smoothing effect that the tighter, double-layered fabric offers. 

As with a lot of tights, we recommend going up a size so that the body of the tights sits higher on your waist. If you do that, you can feel confident that they will stay in place for as long as you need them to. 

Key specs 

  • Size range: S, M, L, XL
  • Material: 86% nylon, 12% lycra 

10. Best slimming tights: Spanx Women's Lux Leg Trouser Tights

Spanx tights

Price: From £33 | Buy now from Amazon

“I think Spanx are great just to smooth out these type of styles, even super slim celebrities wear clever underwear! I have a similar body type and it really creates a beautiful smooth shape.” - Doadeer

Spanx is an iconic shapewear brand with products that have boosted the confidence of thousands of women over many decades. Yes, the prices are eye-watering, but the effects of the ultimate base layer make them worth every penny. 

Be warned: these high-waisted tights take strength and patience to get on, but once they are in place they won’t shift, and you will adore the smoothing effect they have on your tummy, bum and thighs. 

The highly pigmented ‘Very Black’ colour, matte finish and 60-denier thickness will make your legs flawless and elegant, and we were impressed with the breathability of the control top. 

Spanx tights are fab at holding you in place as they won’t give an inch, but if you’re going out for a big meal these tights will likely feel restrictive by the end of the evening, so it might be worth sizing up.

Key specs 

  • Size range: XS - XL
  • Material: 75% cotton, 20% polyester, 3% polyamide, 2% elastane

11. Best black opaque tights: Wolford Mat Opaque 80 Tights

Wolford tights

Price: £35.90 | Buy now from Amazon

“I love Wolford. They last years.”Crisp Sheets

Black opaque tights are one of the hardest-working items in your wardrobe. Thankfully, Wolford’s Mat Opaque 80 Tights are more than up to the challenge. 

Mumsnet users and consumer reviewers agree that the quality is outstanding, and one pair continuously washed and worn should last an entire season, if not longer.

We love the extra stretch in the fabric compared to other opaques. They're durable enough to pull them vigorously up and around your curves without damaging the tights, great when you’re in a rush. The knitted waistband and cotton gusset were also rather lovely touches as they didn’t dig in and felt cool in precisely the right places. 

Our favourite aspect of the Wolford 80 Tights is the velvety feel of them. We would confidently say they are the best black tights on Amazon thanks to their softness.

Key specs 

  • Size range: XS - L
  • Material: 97% polyamide, 3% elastane

12. Best coloured tights: Frola Women's 80 Denier Semi Opaque Pantyhose

Frola tights

Price: From £4.99 | Buy now from Amazon

If you enjoy wearing your summer dresses all year, a pair of warm tights in a coordinating colour is the perfect accessory.

Frola tights are the ideal choice as they have 13 colours to choose from, including deep jewel tones, so it’s hard to imagine you wouldn’t find a pair to match most of your dresses.  

The 3D spandex technology makes them soft and stretchy without sagging, even after many washes, and it holds the colours well. 80 denier is also a great choice of fabric weight as it will give lots of coverage and allow the colour to stay 'true', but we would have liked to have seen a larger size range for these tights. 

Key specs 

  • Size range: S/M - L/XL
  • Material: 84% nylon, 16% spandex

How to choose the best tights 

There are a startling number of hosiery types to choose from. Here are the things you need to consider before investing in a new pair of tights:

  • Denier: This is how you describe the weight of fabric in a piece of hosiery. The higher the number, the thicker the material and the more opaque it will be. Tights with a denier of 40 or over will be considered opaque, but for a solid colour with full coverage, you need to look at deniers above 80. 30 denier and under are classed as sheer (see-through) tights. 
  • Skin tone: Nude tights only used to come in beige, and while some progress has been made, the choice for women of colour is still sadly lacking. Falke, Wolford and Snag are worth checking out thanks to their growing range of shades.
  • Size: Check the brand’s sizing charts and compare against reviews to see if you need to size up. Progressive hosiery designers such as Snag and Heist have taken steps away from generic sizing and sell tights that suit your size, height and shape.
  • Figure control: Control top tights are perfect for smoothing out lumps, bumps and the outline of underwear. For a special occasion or to boost confidence some women choose a pair of ‘sucking in’ tights like Spanx. Choose carefully though. The wrong size can lead to a horrible feeling of restriction and discomfort.
  • Do you need compression tights?:  Compression tights will enhance the shape of your legs but are primarily worn for medical reasons. They improve blood flow around each part of your lower limbs to decrease tiredness, aches and swollen ankles and feet. 

Are tights comfortable to wear? 

If they fit well and are made from soft fabric, then yes, tights are comfortable to wear. Innovations in fabric construction have meant that tights now feel more pleasant against the skin. In warm weather, breathability is essential too. The best sheer tights for summer are those with a low denier and cotton gusset. 

What’s the best material for tights?

Most tights are made from man-made fibres such as nylon because they are more durable, so they stand up to daily wear and tear. Elastane will usually be added to the mix to provide stretch so that the tights fit well and are easy to wear. 

Cotton is often the fabric of choice for gussets and waistbands as it feels softer and more breathable. 

What are the best tights? 

Without a doubt, the best tights award belongs to Snag’s outstanding 80 deniers, and the numerous comments raving about them on the Mumsnet forums are a testament to their superiority. 

Poorly fitting tights are annoying, and Snag has created an innovative way for this never to be an issue again. Your shape, height and dress size are all used to calculate your perfect Snag fit. We also enjoyed the range of beautiful colours they come in. Blueberry Muffin and Plum are lovely alternatives to navy or grey and Bubblegum and Mosaic will brighten the most dreary of days.  

For a pair of £6.99 tights to last as long as these do is amazing. You can expect no fabric bobbling or ankle sagging for season after season. 

How we chose our recommendations

Our recommendations for the most stylish and comfortable tights have been sourced from suggestions on the Mumsnet forums and trusted consumer reviews on the internet. 

We researched different styles, fit and denier alongside satisfaction levels to ensure all our suggestions will either give you confidence or keep you warm without falling down.

We also consulted independent review sites for product opinions to ensure we were bringing you an honest summary of the best tights in 2021.

Why you should trust us

Transparency is crucial to us, and that's why we're always honest about where we find our recommendations. We write about products that we feel offer the best value to most parents – the ones that our users would recommend to their own friends and family.