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Does anyone have a heated clothes airer?

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Scaredypup · 10/09/2022 09:26

Am I stupid to spend yet more money on another gimmick in a bid so save money in the long run? In the winter I rely on the heating to dry clothes. I do a load a day and if it doesn’t dry I start running out of places to put it.
i also hate airers as they’re an eye sore but I have one in my room all year round so wouldn’t want a huge one.
Are they worth it?


This thread is quite old now so some of the suggestions may be out of date, but if you’ve landed here looking for product recommendations, we’ve recently updated our guide to the best heated airers with lots of options, as tried and tested by Mumsnet users and editors. We hope you find it useful. Flowers

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Am I being unreasonable?

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Wifflywafflywoo · 10/09/2022 09:28

Yep I have the two and three tier Lakeland ones. Got them on a 20% off offer. I've had the two tier one for three years, it's amazing. I got the three tier one a few weeks ago as I refuse to use the tumbler anymore for bigger items.

Wifflywafflywoo · 10/09/2022 09:29

O and buy the covers for them too. Game changer

Oblomov22 · 10/09/2022 09:29

Lakeland 3 tier. Had for 15+ years. Fabulous.

StatisticallyChallenged · 10/09/2022 09:30

They dry a load in a day, generally a good bit less if you get a cover or drape a duvet cover over to trap in the heat.

The lakeland one uses 300W of electricity - i find it tends to need about 10 hours to dry a load so 3kwh. My heat pump tumble dryer uses less energy (1.8kwh) so I've mostly stopped using the airer. But it will be cheaper than putting heating on just to dry clothes

disneyprincess87 · 10/09/2022 09:30

I've got one and it's very useful to speed up the drying process, especially with the cover that goes over the dryer. I bought a small one and I wish I bought a larger one. They aren't miraculous but if you don't have a tumble dryer/energy conscious etc it's a good alternative.

HippeePrincess · 10/09/2022 09:30

I have a 3 tier one and have had it for about 9 years, I could not be without it. It also heats up the space for little money so I think this winter it’ll be an added bonus.

Bien22 · 10/09/2022 09:31

Bought one about 6 months ago. I think they’re worth it as I have it on for about 3 hours, then turn it off and the clothes are dry overnight - no slightly damp smell you sometimes get when clothes have taken a bit too long to dry. I didn’t buy a Lakeland one as too expensive but I have heard good reports about them. In the winter, we are planning on putting heating on less so think the heated airer will help a lot and doesn’t cost loads to run.

Sherrystrull · 10/09/2022 09:31

I've been looking at getting one. Would it work in a garage do you think?

PianoHouseBanger · 10/09/2022 09:31

Yes I have the dry soon from lakeland.
As above, get the cover. I also put a heavy blanket over the cover which speeds drying up.

Personally, I find the best way is my dehumidifier with a laundry setting.

I hang everything on a dryer, in the spare room, close the door and let the dehumidifier run for a few hours.

Lookingforrecommendations · 10/09/2022 09:32

We looked into it, it works out cheaper to tumble dry

StatisticallyChallenged · 10/09/2022 09:33

Sherrystrull · 10/09/2022 09:31

I've been looking at getting one. Would it work in a garage do you think?

Works fine in my garage but it's not remotely damp - might not be so good in a small damp garage I'd guess

Vapeyvapevape · 10/09/2022 09:35

I hope they work as I have just ordered a Lakeland one for the same reason Op . I hung clothes in the airer the other day and they're just not drying and I don't want to put the heating on at all yet.

Timeforabiscuit · 10/09/2022 09:36

Yes, love my lakeland with a cover, don't have space or venting for a tumble dryer.

Kangaruby · 10/09/2022 09:36

I like mine, when wfh in the winter, I find it warms up my study too, so get clothes dry and I stay warm.

FredrikaPeri · 10/09/2022 09:37

Yes. It's awesome. Needs covering. But a king size sheet does the job 👍

Scaredypup · 10/09/2022 09:48

Lookingforrecommendations · 10/09/2022 09:32

We looked into it, it works out cheaper to tumble dry

I don’t put clothes in the tumble dryer in case of shrinking. I only use it for towels ect.

OP posts:
autumnboys · 10/09/2022 09:52

Yes, we’ve had one for about five years and I really rate it.

nonevernotever · 10/09/2022 09:53

Yes I've got the three tier one with the extra hooks for socks etc and I love it. We don't have a tumble dryer so we line dry whenever we can and use the heated dryer the rest of the time. We tend to hang things over two or even three rails, rather than just on one rail which speeds up the drying too. Wouldn't be without it.

TestingTestingWonTooFree · 10/09/2022 09:54

I have a cheap one and find it far better than my washer/dryer.

MistressIggi · 10/09/2022 09:56

I had a Lakeland one, I sold it on in the end and bought a tumble dryer. It took too long for me and I don't like leaving it on when I'm not in the house. Takes up about as much space as a condenser dryer (which you can put anywhere).

MrsPelligrinoPetrichor · 10/09/2022 09:59

Lookingforrecommendations · 10/09/2022 09:32

We looked into it, it works out cheaper to tumble dry

I always suspected this especially when people start talking about also adding a dehumidifier also!

Marshmallow12345 · 10/09/2022 10:01

A dehumidifier, think it was about £50 off Amazon, has been amazing for getting our stuff dry. It's always dry in 24 hours, often half that if it's spread out nicely. We worked out how much it cost to run last year and it's was pennies a day, so even with price rises it won't be much.

HerbertChops · 10/09/2022 10:03

I bought the 3 tier Lakeland 12 years ago when had first baby. It’s great, all my sisters and my mum have them now, they really make a difference. Would definitely recommend.

whatdodos · 10/09/2022 10:04

Sherrystrull · 10/09/2022 09:31

I've been looking at getting one. Would it work in a garage do you think?

I keep mine in my garage and it's fine! I tend to put clothes on it overnight (not recommended safety wise) and most is dry in the morning. I don't have a tumble dryer

MakeMineALarge1 · 10/09/2022 10:06

@Scaredypup had a drier for over 25 years, never had one thing shrink in it

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