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Best kettle and toaster set 2024: stylish matching appliances

Want your kitchen to look coordinated, clean and uncluttered? Here are the best matching toaster and kettle sets, as recommended by Mumsnet users.

By Lucy Cotterill | Last updated Apr 18, 2024

Best Kettle and toaster set

Whether you’re preparing breakfast on those manic mornings before school or simply brewing up a relaxing cuppa before bed, your kettle and toaster are likely to be some of the most frequently used appliances in your kitchen. In the current climate, cost is a big factor when shopping for new appliances, however, other features such as a quiet boil, limescale filter, variable temperature settings and coordinating designs may also be high up on your wishlist. 

While it's by no means essential, opting for a matching kettle and toaster – or more specifically, models that match in colour, brand and design – can help create a clean and coordinated style across your kitchen countertops. Some kettles and toasters are sold specifically as sets, while others are sold separately in coordinating or complimenting designs.

To bring you our pick of the best kettle and toaster sets you can buy today, we first took to the Mumsnet forums to gain tried-and-tested feedback, gathering options to suit every budget, style and colour scheme. We then researched and scrutinised wider customer feedback and the views of consumer champions, ensuring our Mumsnetter recommendations consistently lived up to expectations, without being simply style over substance.

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Best kettle and toaster set overall

Russell Hobbs Midnight Blue Eclipse Stainless Steel Four-Slice Toaster and Kettle

What we like
  • Stylish ombre design

  • Four-slice toaster with independent variable browning control

  • 55% faster toasting than previous models

  • Quiet boil with 1.7-litre capacity

  • Rapid boil can heat up a cup in 45 seconds 

What we don't like
  • Costly 

Key specs

Price on writing for set: £129 (also sold separately) | Kettle dimensions: 8.86 x 6.22 x 9.65 cm |  Toaster dimensions: 12.87 x 11.42 x 8.03 cm | Kettle capacity: 1.7 litre | Toaster capacity: Four slice | Colours available: Midnight Blue and Copper Sunset

What Mumsnet users say
FawnDrench · Tried & Tested
Russell Hobbs four-slice. Just works perfectly and toasts evenly (and has several additional functions which we've never even used). Very reliable - still going strong after 15 years.
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FrazzledMCPremenopausalWoman · Recommended
The Russell Hobbs one is awesome - mine has lasted four years so far.
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Our verdict

With a striking ombre design available in a choice of two colours, this durable stainless steel kettle and toaster set will make a modern and stylish addition to your kitchen. 

It may be more expensive than some, but with a four-slice toaster, you certainly get more toast for your money. It's also a great option for families who all want to eat breakfast at the same time – you can even set two different browning levels for each side, ideal if your family struggle to agree on the perfect amount of browning.

Quiet and efficient with a rapid boil, the Russell Hobbs Eclipse Kettle can boil one cup in just 45 seconds, while the 1.7-litre capacity can easily cater for large groups and gatherings when required. Thanks to the clearly marked water window, you can also avoid wasting water by only boiling what you need.

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Best budget kettle and toaster set
What we like
  • Affordable price tag

  • Glossy, ridged textured finish with chrome accents 

  • 1.7-litre kettle capacity

  • Easy-to-read water gauge 

  • Removable limescale filter good for hard water areas 

  • Lift-and-look feature

What we don't like
  • Some reviewers found the toaster browned unevenly

Key specs

Price on writing for set: £46 | Kettle dimensions: ‎12.6 x 6.18 x 9.09 cm | Toaster dimensions: ‎11.22 x 6.81 x 7.6 cm | Kettle capacity: 1.7 litre | Toaster capacity: Two slice | Colours available: Black, blue, cream or grey

What Mumsnet users say
Nat6999 · Recommended
I have a Breville matching toaster and kettle. The toaster works well and was enough to pay as I change them every three to four years.
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mamacoast · Tried & Tested
My last toaster was a Breville and lasted for 15 years. Just replaced it with another Breville. I think it looks stylish and I am confident that it will have longevity too.
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Our verdict

An affordable kettle and toaster set that doesn’t scrimp on style, the Breville Bold range has a glossy textured design in a choice of five colourways – from traditional black and grey to a more striking blue for those who are seeking a splash of colour on their countertops.

Built with practicality in mind, the Breville Bold Kettle sits on a 360-degree base with built-in storage, while the concealed element and removable limescale filter make maintenance easy even in hard water areas. With a capacity of six to eight cups, we love that the water window is visible from both sides, helping you save water and energy by only topping up when you need to.

While large families may prefer a four-slice option, this toaster has variable temperature settings and a convenient look-and-lift feature, allowing you to check on your toast as often as you wish during the cycle. While some found it browned inconsistently, others praised the high lift of this toaster, helping you remove items easily without the risk of burning your fingers.

Most stylish kettle and toaster set

Russell Hobbs Inspire Electric Kettle and 4-Slice Toaster

What we like
  • Choice of five colours 

  • Stylish high gloss textured design with chrome accents 

  • Kettle boils one cup in just 45 seconds

  • Lift-and-look feature (so you can check browning without cancelling timer)

  • Variable browning control

What we don't like
  • The view of the water window is restricted by the handle 

Key specs

Price on writing for set: From £79 (also sold separately) | Kettle dimensions: 9.25 x 6.22 x 10.51cm | Toaster dimensions: ‎ 29.5 x 29.8 x 19.5 cm | Kettle capacity: 1.7 litre | Toaster capacity: Four slice | Colours available: Black, grey, red, white or cream

What Mumsnet users say
candlefloozy · Recommended
Russell Hobbs in black and chrome. Looks beautiful!!
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Our verdict

The Russell Hobbs Inspire range may be made from plastic, but with a textured, high gloss design and chrome accents, the products create a clean and stylish look for your kitchen without an eye-watering price tag.

Available in a choice of five colours to match your kitchen aesthetic, reviewers praise the Inspire Kettle for its rapid boil – producing one cup in just 45 seconds. With a 1.7-litre capacity, you can expect to get around seven cups per boil when the kettle is full, although the view of the water window is frustratingly a little restricted by the position of the handle. 

The complementing Russell Hobbs Inspire Toaster can accommodate up to four slices with variable temperature control so you can easily adjust to suit your family’s needs. We love the ‘lift-and-look’ feature, allowing you to take a sneak peek at your toast without cancelling the cycle. 

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Best retro kettle and toaster set
What we like
  • Classic vintage design with a high gloss finish 

  • 1.7-litre kettle capacity

  • Rapid boil

  • Concealed element and removable limescale filter 

  • Defrost, reheat and bagel settings on the toaster

What we don't like
  • Costly

  • The view of the water window is restricted by the handle 

  • The toaster takes up quite a lot of countertop space

Key specs

Price on writing for set: £230 (sold separately) | Kettle dimensions: H27 x 23cm diameter |  Toaster dimensions: H21 x W30 x D31cm | Kettle capacity: 1.7 litre | Toaster capacity: Four slice | Colours available: Cream

What Mumsnet users say
smileannie · Recommended
We have got these. Top quality. Comes in other colours too. Pricey but had approx five years now and with a bit of care, they look brand new.
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Our verdict

If you’re prepared to invest a little more, we love the De'Longhi Vintage Icona range, with an elegant high gloss finish and vintage design that’ll add some retro vibes to your kitchen. 

Sitting on a 360-degree swivel base, the Icona Jug Kettle has a large easy-grip handle and a 1.7-litre capacity, boiling up to seven cups quickly and efficiently. With a concealed element that doesn’t make contact with the water and a removable, washable limescale filter, it’s also easy to look after and maintain, even if you live in a hard water area.

The toaster is certainly on the large side, so you’ll need plenty of space on your countertops. However, despite the large number of buttons and settings, most reviewers found it incredibly easy to use. We love the variable temperature settings as well as the bagel, defrost and reheat options – it even adjusts automatically to the thickness of your bread for consistent browning every single time.  

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Best quality kettle and toaster set
What we like
  • Stylish brushed stainless steel design

  • Interchangeable panels to add colour if desired 

  • Concealed element and removable limescale filter 

  • ‘Peek and Pop’ option to check browning mid-cycle  

  • Bagel and defrost settings 

What we don't like
  • The kettle’s 1.5-litre capacity is smaller than some

  • Costly 

  • View of the water window restricted by the handle 

Key specs

Price on writing for set: £205 (sold separately) | Kettle dimensions: 22cm x 14cm x 24cm | Toaster dimensions: 29 x 28 x 21cm | Kettle capacity: 1.5 litre | Toaster capacity: Four slice | Colours available: Black and stainless steel 

What Mumsnet users say
Ohpulltheotherone · Tried & Tested
Dualit Architect might be a good alternative. I paid approx £200 for my kettle and four-slice toaster in 2014 and they’re still going strong. The toaster handle sticks occasionally but no rust/limescale on the kettle at all. Def recommend.
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RogueV · Recommended
I have Dualit Architect kettle and toaster - three-and-a-half years and still going strong, I believe Dualit are meant to last for ages! (Toaster has a great toastie attachment too).
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Our verdict

If your kettle and toaster get some significant use, you’ll need a set that can last the test of time. While it certainly doesn’t come cheap, the Dualit Architect range is praised for its longevity and high-quality design, made from brushed stainless steel with interchangeable panels should you wish to add a pop of colour.

While the 1.5-litre kettle capacity is lower than some, its patented unique-shaped spout makes pouring your cuppa quick and simple, without unwelcome splashes or drips. The concealed element and removable limescale filter are also easy to look after and maintain, making it a great kettle for hard water areas.

The matching Dualit Architect Toaster is available in a choice of two-slice or four-slice models, with the latter offering additional flexibility via independent temperature settings. We love the bagel setting that toasts one side while simply warming the other, and the ‘Peek and Pop’ option, that allows you to check your toast midway through the cycle without cancelling it completely. 

Best luxury kettle and toaster set
What we like
  • Iconic 50s design with great colour choices

  • The kettle has seven temperature levels and a keep warm function 

  • Extra-wide toaster slots

  • Bagel function on the toaster 

  • 1.7-litre kettle capacity 

  • Removable limescale filter

What we don't like
  • Very high price tag 

  • The kettle is heavy when full 

  • Some reviewers reported uneven toasting

Key specs

Price on writing for set: £380 (sold separately) | Kettle dimensions: 24.8 x 17.1 x 22.6cm | Toaster dimensions: 19.8 x 31 x 19.5cm | Kettle capacity: 1.7 litre | Toaster capacity: Two slice (four slice also available) | Colours available: Choice of nine shades

What Mumsnet users say
Tailfeather · Tried & Tested
I have a lovely Smeg set in white.
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Ihaveawonderfulpartner · Recommended
Smeg pink toaster and kettle. Love them and if they die I'll get exactly the same again.
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Our verdict

If you’re overhauling your kitchen and are happy to splash out on a truly iconic design that matches the aesthetic of the brand’s famous fridge freezer, the 1950s style Smeg kettle and toaster set comes in a choice of nine different shades – from the muted pastel blue and green shades to bolder choices such as baby pink and red. 

Whilst they undoubtedly look great out on display, they also have some impressive functionality too. The Smeg Kettle has a 1.7-litre capacity, with seven temperature settings so you can adapt to the drink of your choice. There’s even a keep warm function – handy for busy parents who can be easily distracted once the kettle has boiled. 

While some reviewers reported inconsistent toasting, the majority praised the extra-wide toaster slots and the bagel function, which toasts the cut side of the bagel while simply warming the other. If you prefer to prepare more toast in one session, however, it may be best to opt for the slightly dearer four-slice alternative. 

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Best compact kettle and toaster set
What we like
  • Compact size takes up less space on countertops

  • High-quality stainless steel

  • Glass kettle allows a clear view of the contents 

  • Variable browning along with ‘a bit more’ and ‘quick look’ features 

  • Wide slots to accommodate thicker bread and pastries 

What we don't like
  • 1-litre kettle capacity less suited to large gatherings (maximum four cups)

  • Costly

Key specs

Price on writing for set: £215 (sold separately) | Kettle dimensions: 19 x 14 x 14cm |  Toaster dimensions: 19.7 x 18 x 27.8 cm | Kettle capacity: 1 litre | Toaster capacity: Two slice | Colours available: Stainless steel

What Mumsnet users say
Davros · Tried & Tested
Sage tea maker and toaster. By far the best appliances I've ever had.
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TheFutureIs · Recommended
Another vote for Sage, I have a kettle and espresso machine and both are fab! Don't have a toaster but would assume it would also be great.
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Our verdict

If your kitchen is less spacious and more bijou in style, the size of some kettles and toasters may be enough to put you off thanks to their risk of cluttering your countertops and taking up valuable space. 

This small but perfectly formed kettle and toaster combo from Sage has packed some great features into a much smaller footprint, making them ideal for those who are more limited on space.

We love the combination of stainless steel and glass on the 1-litre Sage Compact Kettle. While its maximum four-cup capacity is best suited to small groups than large gatherings, you get a clear view of the contents at all times, helping you reduce water wastage by only boiling what you need.

While it doesn’t come cheap, the complimenting Sage Smart Toaster can accommodate pretty much every toasting need. From bread and bagels to hot cross buns and pastries, the extra-wide slots produce consistent browning. We love the aptly named ‘a bit more’ and ‘quick look’ features, which allow you to get the perfect toast, whatever your preferences, and mean you can minimise the risk of having to throw away inedible, burnt toast in your kitchen bin

Best minimalist kettle and toaster set

Swan Nordic 1.7 Litre Jug Kettle and 4-Slice Toaster

What we like
  • Excellent value for money

  • Elegant Scandinavian-style design in a choice of four colours 

  • 1.7-litre kettle capacity

  • Automatic switch off and boil dry protection

  • Variable browning with six temperature settings

What we don't like
  • Some reviewers found inconsistent browning 

  • Doesn’t offer the ability to check on the toast mid-cycle

Key specs

Price on writing for set: £83 | Kettle dimensions: ‎22 x 16 x 25.5 cm | Toaster dimensions: 29 x 33 x 20.1 cm | Kettle capacity: 1.7 litres | Toaster capacity: Two slice | Colours available: Blue, green, slate grey and cotton

What Mumsnet users say
midsomermurderess · Tried & Tested
I like the Swan Nordic collection. The logo is, not surprisingly, a swan.
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Our verdict

With a muted colour palette and elegant Scandinavian style, the Swan Nordic Collection is ideal for those seeking a more subtle kettle and toaster set for their kitchen. Available in a choice of four neutral colours, we love the matte finish and wooden handles, with other complimenting items such as a microwave and slow cooker in the range.

With a 1.7-litre capacity, the Swan Nordic Kettle is fast boiling and easy to use, with automatic shut off and boil dry protection to prevent it from overheating if it’s turned on with insufficient water in the tank. 

In a coordinating style, the Nordic two-slice toaster offers variable browning with a variety of temperature settings, as well as a reheat and defrost mode – ideal for those busy mornings when your bread is fresh out of the freezer.  

Best kettle and toaster set from a supermarket

George Home Black Digital 1.5L Kettle and 2-Slice Toaster

What we like
  • Budget-friendly set 

  • Variable temperature on kettle

  • Quick boil 

  • Digital countdown on the toaster 

  • Large toaster slots reduce the need to turn bread halfway through 

What we don't like
  • No water window on the exterior of the kettle 

  • The kettle is noisier than some

  • The toaster only has a two-slice capacity (however, four-slice is also available) 

Key specs

Price on writing for set: £60 in total (sold separately) | Kettle dimensions: 16 x 27.8 x 23.1cm |  Toaster dimensions: 17.3 x 18.6 x 27.1cm | Kettle capacity: 1.5 litre |  Toaster capacity: Two slice | Colours available: Black

What Mumsnet users say
DreamingofThailand · Recommended
George Home toasters at ASDA are amazing, you can lift the toast up to check how done it is without having to press cancel and start over again. Just missing the bagel function though.
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Shiningbrightly1 · Recommended brand
ASDA four-slice toaster comes in various colours and I compared it in the shop to expensive extra-deep toasters and it was the same. Literally all bread including extra thick white bread fits in sideways down and toasts perfectly. Also fits big crumpets and hot cross buns etc. Get one! ASDA own brand.
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Our verdict

If you’re a little more limited on budget, but don’t want to sacrifice functionality, you can’t go wrong with these affordable digital appliances from ASDA. Sold separately with a matching black plastic design, they come well regarded amongst consumers and Mumsnet users, with the kettle claiming the Best Buy and Eco Buy title from consumer champion Which?

While it’s a little noisier than some during use, the ASDA GDK101B-22 Digital Kettle boils impressively fast, with variable heat settings to ensure the perfect temperature for your tea or coffee. It has a capacity of 1.5 litres – however, we do wish the water volume gauge was visible from the outside to avoid wasting water and energy. 

With a matching sleek, minimalist design, the ASDA Digital Two-Slice Toaster makes the ideal accompaniment to the kettle. The digital countdown timer is a huge plus point, allowing even the most impatient of users to count down the seconds until their toast is ready. It doesn’t perform quite as well as the kettle, however, with some users reporting uneven or inconsistent browning across both sides of their bread.

Should my kettle and toaster match?

Ultimately this comes down to personal choice. If you like to keep your kettle and toaster out on display and have a coordinated kitchen, a matching kettle and toaster set help you achieve a consistent style on your countertops. 

However, if you prefer more freedom of choice over individual appliances, you can buy separate kettles and toasters that have a similar aesthetic e.g. stainless steel, vintage, bright and colourful.

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How to choose the best kettle and toaster set

  • Toaster size - Some kettle and toaster sets have a choice of two different-sized toasters - two-slice or four-slice. For large families or those who want to prepare more toast simultaneously, you may be best to pay extra for the larger-sized appliance. 

  • Kettle size - Check the capacity or volume of your kettle to ensure it’s suitable for your needs, particularly if you have a large family or tend to host for friends regularly. Does the kettle have a clear water window so you can reduce water wastage and only boil what you need? Is there a minimum water level for the days when you’re catering for one? 

  • Appearance - What kind of look do you want to achieve in your kitchen? Do you want a modern and sleek look or prefer a more vintage and traditional design?

  • Material - Do you have a preference in terms of material? Many kettle and toaster sets, particularly those on the lower end of the budget scale, are made from plastic, while more expensive varieties tend to be made from stainless steel.

  • Colour scheme - Are you happy with the traditional shades of silver, grey or black for your kettle and toaster, or are you hoping to add a pop of colour? 

  • Functionality - As well as thinking about appearance, it’s important to consider the functionality that matters to you. Whether that’s a variable temperature setting for your toaster, or a limescale filter for your kettle, consider the features that will ultimately make your life that little bit easier in the mornings.

  • Cost - It goes without saying, cost is a big factor here as the price points can vary considerably. Cheaper kettles and toasters can last longer than you may think, but for the best longevity with considerable use, stainless steel options tend to be built to last longer than their plastic counterparts. 

What is the best kettle and toaster set?

The Russell Hobbs Eclipse Kettle and Toaster Set takes our top spot for the best kettle and toaster set you can buy today. 

While it’s not the cheapest option on our list, its stylish and modern design, combined with excellent performance and useful functionality, makes this a reliable and practical choice for most families. 

How we chose the best kettle and toaster set

Recommendations from real parents

As always, we first looked at what Mumsnetters on our Housekeeping forum were recommending. To bring you our definitive list of the best kettles and toaster sets, we first sought the trusted opinions of Mumsnet users, getting their feedback on the matching kettles and toasters that they rate, recommend and use in their own kitchens.

We also looked out for any negative reviews, where Mumsnet users highlighted kettles or toasters that they felt were poor quality, overpriced or didn't last the test of time. 

Expert opinions

Next up, we considered reviews and feedback from trusted industry experts. We want to be confident that the products we recommend are fit for purpose, so we looked out for award-winning products or those that were well regarded in the marketplace, including those recommended by consumer champions.

Authentic consumer reviews

Finally, to bring you our definitive list of the best kettle and toaster sets on the market, we thoroughly investigated genuine, in-depth customer reviews on retailer sites such as Amazon, John Lewis, and Argos to get wider consumer experiences regarding the products on our shortlist.

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Working from home four days a week, Lucy is well acquainted with her own kettle – the Dualit Architect, which is still going strong despite regular use. She’s also written a number of Mumsnet round-ups on the top small kitchen appliances - including the best kettles for hard water and eco-friendly kettles, so she's somewhat of a Mumsnet expert when it comes to sniffing out the top kitchen buys for families.

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