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Best Christmas tree lights to add some festive sparkle to your home

On the hunt for the perfect Christmas tree lights to make the big day twinkly and magical? Take a look at our roundup of the best lights for Christmas 2021, according to Mumsnetters.

By Poppy O'Neill | Last updated Jan 7, 2022

Christmas tree lights

It’s that time of year again: the Christmas countdown has begun. If the slog of seasonal admin gets you down, the prospect of coming home to a lovely, cosy, festive sanctuary is one of the best parts of Christmas.  

Nothing gives your home a Christmassy look quicker than a set of fairy lights. They instantly transform a room and are the main event when it comes to decorating your tree. 

With lots of options around - from warm white to colourful options, battery-operated to solar powered lights - choosing the right lights might feel like yet another thing to add to your growing to-do list. That’s why we’ve taken the leg work out of shopping for tree lights this Christmas. So put your feet up, grab a cup of something mulled and check out our roundup of the best Christmas tree lights on offer.

Here are the best Christmas tree lights to buy in 2021.

1. Best overall Christmas tree lights: John Lewis LED Lights

John Lewis Christmas tree lights

Price: £28 | Buy now from John Lewis & Partners

"We have John Lewis lights. About 7 years old now" - livingthegoodlife

For a classic, festive string of lights that’ll stand the test of time, look no further than John Lewis. This string of 480 lights is just right for a 4 - 6ft tree, with longer and shorter versions also available. 

We love the soft, warm white of the bulbs, which will give your tree a cosy, classy look. As the bulbs are LEDs, they consume up to 90% less energy than incandescent bulbs, plus they last longer. The lights are suitable for use indoors or outdoors, and are mains operated. 

Key specs

  • Cable length: 8m lights / 44m total
  • Number of lights: 480
  • Indoor/outdoor use: Both

2. Best budget Christmas tree lights: Argos Warm White Multi-Functional LED Lights

Argos Christmas tree lights

Price: £8 | Buy now from Argos

"We have warm led lights from Argos. They are individually quite small so not overpowering" - ritzbiscuits

For a cheap and cheerful set of lights, this set of 80 lights from Argos comes highly recommended. At £8, they’ll look great on a small tree, or draped around a mirror. The clear cable means they’ll blend in with any colour, and the small LED bulbs give a lovely, subtle glow. The lights come with 8 settings, from a gentle twinkling to flashing to static, giving you plenty of choice on how to set the mood. 

Key specs

  • Cable length: 4.74 lights / 9.74 total
  • Number of lights: 80
  • Indoor/outdoor use: Both

3. Best energy efficient Christmas tree lights: NOMA Fit and Forget Christmas LED Lights

Noma Christmas tree lights

Price: £29 | Buy now from Amazon

LED lights are considerably more energy efficient than the old-style effervescent bulbs, so if you’re looking for a greener, more cost-effective string of Christmas lights, LED is the obvious choice. We especially like this set from NOMA that comes with a handy timer, so you don’t need to worry about forgetting to switch off your Christmas lights. They’re pre-set to come on for the same eight hours every day, or you can customise the settings. 

Key specs

  • Cable length: 10.3m
  • Number of lights: 400
  • Indoor/outdoor use: Both

4. Best Smart Christmas tree lights: HBN Remote Control Plug

HBN remote control plug

Price: £20 | Buy now from Amazon

"Buy a remote control plug (don't need an Alexa/hive anything like that) and provided you take the remote to bed with you, switch them on in the morning without getting up" - MaggieFS

"I've got my lamps my TV and my tree all on the one remote control. It's brilliant" - RedGlitter

Instead of investing in a set of smart Christmas lights this winter, wise Mumsnetters spend their money on a remote control plug, which transforms any set of fairy lights. You don’t need any extra apps or technology to set this HBN set of three plugs up, just use the remote control to operate the plugs and you’ll be able to switch your Christmas lights on from anywhere within 100ft. 

What’s more, once Christmas is over and the lights are back in the cupboard under the stairs, you can use the plug for lamps with hard-to-reach switches, boiling the kettle or switching off the kids’ nightlights after they’ve fallen asleep. 

5. Best warm white Christmas tree lights: The Range LED Lightchain

The Range Christmas tree lights

Price: £20 | Buy now from The Range

"I got these ones from The Range. I would say they are truly warm white" - l12d04

"Another vote for The Range! I also didn't want harsh white and found these ones perfect" - bluebell94

For the ultimate festive glow that’s not too bright and not too subtle, Mumsnetters recommend these LED lights from The Range. At £20 for 600 bulbs, they’re amazing value, plus they can be used in or outdoors and have eight light settings. 

The bulbs are quite close together, giving a powerful glow despite the low energy consumption typical of LED bulbs. The perfect warm white is the holy grail of Christmas lights, and we think these are winners. 

Key specs

  • Cable length: 14.97m
  • Number of lights: 600
  • Indoor/outdoor use: Both

6. Best colourful Christmas tree lights: Christmas Workshop Multi Coloured Fairy Lights

Christmas Workshop Christmas tree lights

Price: £10 | Buy now from Amazon

"I have these, no flowery shades, but remind me of fairy lights when I was a child in the 80s" - RavenT

"I have 4 boxes... They're beautiful but the bulbs do go quickly - which is why I've bought so many (one box is for spare bulbs). Totally worth it" - Fuckinellitsme

For a proper 80s Christmas tree like the one from The Snowman, these fairy lights from Christmas Workshop are a real blast from the past. Complete with old-style bulbs, they’re super bright and feature all the nostalgic colours you remember from childhood. Because of the bulb type, they don’t last very long, and they use more energy too. But if LED lights just don’t give you the festive warm and fuzzies, these retro lights will transport you back in time. 

Key specs

  • Cable length: 6.5m lights / 8m total
  • Number of lights: 100
  • Indoor/outdoor use: Indoor only

7. Best long Christmas tree lights: Wilko Warm White Multifunctional LED Lights

Wilko Christmas tree lights

Price: £35 | Buy now from Wilko

"Wilko lights are good, they do 1000 for about £30 and if you need to add any more they have connectors so need for an extra plug" - MissRainbowBrite

With a massive 64.9m long cable, these Christmas tree lights from Wilko are perfect for even the biggest projects and the tallest trees. They come with a plastic reel to avoid a tangled nightmare next December, and they can be used indoors or outdoors, as long as they’re connected to a mains power source. With a lovely warm white glow and a clear cable, these are a versatile set of lights that’ll suit any Christmas decor. 

Key specs

  • Cable length: 60m lights / 64.9m total
  • Number of lights: 1,000
  • Indoor/outdoor use: Both

8. Best Christmas tree lights with a timer: Lezonic Star Fairy Lights

Star Fairy Christmas tree lights

Price: £8 | Buy now from Amazon

"I got some pretty star lights from Amazon for the front porch. The timer is set for 6 hours on,18 off; and they're still going 3 weeks after hanging them. I'm going to leave them up until the batteries run down, just to see how long they'll last" - sueelleker

These battery-powered Christmas lights from Lezonic are a tasteful alternative to simple LED bulbs. They have a timer function that switches them on for 6 hours each day, so you can set them up and forget about them. There are eight different light effects and you can even adjust the brightness. The lights and battery case are waterproof, so they’re safe to leave out in the rain and - if we’re lucky - snow. 

Key specs

  • Cable length: 7m
  • Number of lights: 60
  • Indoor/outdoor use: Both

9. Best outdoor Christmas tree lights: Bolweo Solar Powered String Lights

Bolweo Christmas tree lights

Price: £9 | Buy now from Amazon

"I have these in my garden. Really pretty, don’t need much sunlight for them to work, but they are copper wired so not sure if that’s what you want. I love them as I can wind them around anything and the wires are quite strong and barely noticeable" - 3catsandcounting

The wire cable on these string lights from Bolweo make them easy to wind around trees and fences, and the solar power means they have zero running costs. They’re thin and discrete, so they barely show up during the day, then at night your garden is magically transformed into a festive wonderland. The drawbacks of using solar power during the British winter are obvious, so you’ll need to place the panels in the sunniest position available in order to get the most out of these pretty lights. 

Key specs

  • Cable length: 5m
  • Number of lights: 50
  • Indoor/outdoor use: Both

10. Best candle Christmas tree lights: Lights4Fun Christmas Candle Indoor Fairy Lights

Candle Christmas tree lights

Price: £36 | Buy now from Amazon

For a Victorian look this Christmas, these candle-shaped lights by Lights4Fun are pretty and about a million times safer than the real thing. The string of lights is nice and long, so this set is perfect for a large tree, and the green cable will subtly blend in with your tree. Featuring LED bulbs which stay cool to the touch, they’re held in an 8cm-tall candle-shaped case, giving a subtle, traditional look. We only wish these lights had the option of a twinkling light effect to make them even more cosy. 

Key specs

Cable length: 14.7m lights / 17.7m total

Number of lights: 50

Indoor/outdoor use: Indoor

How to buy the best Christmas tree lights

Look for LED Christmas tree lights for the best, most long-lasting bulbs. Make sure the lights you buy fit with your idea of a cosy Christmas - for example, ‘bright white’ and ‘warm white’ lights give quite a different look - and don’t forget to check whether they’re mains or battery powered. 

Are LEDs better than bulbs?

LEDs consume around 90% less energy than traditional effervescent bulbs, and they don’t get hot, so they’re the obvious choice from an environmental, financial and safety perspective. 

How many lights are needed to dress a Christmas tree?

Christmas tree light specialists Lights4Fun recommend 5m and 100 lights for every 2ft of Christmas tree, if you want an even, generous spread. 

What are the best Christmas tree lights to buy?

We rate the warm white lights from John Lewis as the best Christmas tree lights to buy. They score highly in terms of durability, colour and twinkliness.

How we chose our recommendations 

Because we know that there’s nothing like a real recommendation from a real parent, we first headed to the Mumsnet forums to find out which Christmas tree lights discerning Mumsnet users had bought for their homes. We compiled a list of the lights they recommended for being beautiful, functional and great quality.

We then did some research across the wider web, looking at which Christmas tree lights had won accolades or been featured in ‘best buy’ lists across websites and print media, and what customers’ reviews said about them.

Having collated all that information, we picked the lights we thought would make the best buys in several categories.

Why you should trust us 

We work hard to provide unbiased, independent advice you can trust. We do sometimes earn revenue through affiliate (click-to-buy) links in our articles. This helps us fund more helpful articles like this one.