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Best Christmas tree decorations

'Tis the season to bring out the baubles and unwind the fairy lights (good luck) – and why not not treat your tree to a few new trimmings this year? Shop this selection of Christmas tree decoration ideas from Mumsnetters.

By Mumsnet HQ | Last updated Oct 21, 2021

Christmas tree decorations

Personalised baubles, £9

These handpainted, custom baubles can make for a lovely Christmas tradition, as this Mumsnetter explains: “My son was given a bauble with his name on it on his first Christmas. Only he can hang it up, and the tree isn't done until he has placed it on there.”

Glass bird baubles, £19.99

Don't overlook national charities over the festive season, who often have as they often have beautiful decorations like these from the RSPB. Plus, 'tis the season for giving a little back.

6m silver tinsel, £10.95

“A Christmas without sparkly tat is no Christmas at all” according to one Mumsnetter. Well, quite. Use this tinsel to give your tree a touch of cheesy glam, then sellotape the rest to the bannister – just like the old days.

Queen Victoria tree decoration, £12

Opening stockings, Christmas lunch, and the Queen's speech – is there a more pleasing set of festive traditions? Bring some monarchical charm to your tree with this sweet stuffed Queen Victoria from London's V&A museum shop.

Buy now from the V&A shop

Christmas lights, £20

There's nothing quite like the moment when the tree's finally decorated, and it's time to switch on the lights. We particularly like that these energy-saving, pure white LEDs, can be set to a timer, so they'll merrily pop on in the evening infusing your living room with a beautiful glow.

Luxury glass London baubles, £19.50

London can be a fairytale place at Christmas, with its lit up streets, decorations and high street bustle. Bring a bit of the capital into your home with these hand-finished glass baubles from M&S.

Hanging lit glass angel bauble, £6

Don't be fooled by this delicate glass bauble from M&S. While at first glance, it's a pretty glass bauble, look at it again at night and you'll see it really shine. Flick the switch, and the built-in LED will illuminate the glass angel inside. Lovely.

Habitat Pom Pom Garland

If you prefer a less traditional Christmas, why not swap the tinsel for a string of colourful pom poms? This garland from Habitat look whimsical and homemade without the effort.

“We're tinsel fans here, but I am considering a pom pom garland this year”

Star-shaped lights, £9.99

These little star-shaped Christmas lights will easily wrap around any part of your tree. They're battery operated, so you won't need to worry about hanging wires, and they'll also look lovely repurposed for windowsills all year round.

Into the Woods Glass Bauble, tub of 20, £10

All of John Lewis's Into the Woods range is “gorgeous”, according to one Mumsnetter. Pick up this set of assorted glass baubles in shades of green and gold to give your tree an enchanting, woodland look.