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The best baby blankets for your little one

There’s a vast amount of baby bedding available; organic navy knits, cloud-soft bamboo muslin and hip-friendly swaddles. To help you choose, here’s our choice of the best baby blankets to buy in 2023.

By Gemma Lumley | Last updated Sep 20, 2023

best baby blankets uk

Along with picking out the best cot mattress for your little one, a baby blanket is an essential bedtime buy for all new parents. The best baby blankets come many forms - a stunning gift from a proud grandparent wanting to wrap the new baby in luxuriously soft cashmere, or a practical square of cellular cotton, which will be an endlessly washed source of warmth.

Fabric, weight and size are all important decisions when choosing; consider that your baby’s blanket may become a playmat, garden den, bedtime cover-up, a source of snuggles or a precious heirloom. Mumsnetters know how important sleep is - both yours and your baby's - in those early years, and we've spent hours finding out which products are worth their salt. Take a look at our guides to the best white noise machines and the best mattress protectors for the baby sleep heroes Mumsnetters swear by.

The correct baby bedding is a vital part of sleep safety. But don’t panic, as there are simple guidelines to follow which will keep your baby safe. Choose breathable blankets and lightweight layers for the nursery, only use heavier blankets in the pram on colder days, keep the bedroom between 16-20° C make sure your little one doesn’t shuffle down under the blankets and cover their heads.

These are the best baby blankets to buy.

Best baby blankets - editor's pick

Little Green Sheep Organic Knitted Cellular Baby Blanket
Best overall

Little Green Sheep
Organic Knitted Cellular Baby Blanket

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Clair de Lune Cellular baby cot blanket
Best budget

Clair de Lune
Cellular baby cot blanket

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Mimixiong Double layer cellular blanket
Best for winter

Double layer cellular blanket

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1. Best overall baby blanket: Little Green Sheep Organic Knitted Cellular Baby Blanket

Little Green Sheep Organic Knitted Cellular Baby Blanket

Price on writing: £29.95 | Buy now from The Little Green Sheep

Key specs

Size: 75 x 75 cm | Care: Machine washable at 30 | Material: 100% organic cotton | Colour options: Navy; grey; linen; white

Reasons to buy

  • Comes beautifully bundled with a gift tag

  • Great size for travel and snuggles

  • Rich, gender neutral colours

Reasons to avoid

  • Needs to be washed at lower temperatures

What Mumsnet users say

“Our most used blanket two years on is a thin knitted one by ‘Little Green Sheep’. Used in the pram and over the bouncer chair or on the sofa when tiny to nap. And now it’s still the main one we use in the pram or car seat, or snuggled under on the sofa.” (Recommended by Mumsnet user Caspianberg)

Our verdict

The Little Green Sheep Knitted Blanket is soft, breathable and washes beautifully at 30 degrees. This one is a gorgeous deep navy, but it also comes in elegant linen, dove grey and classic white colours to suit any decor.

Crafted from 100% certified organic cotton, it is sustainable, environmentally friendly and kind to delicate skin. The weight of the knit is lovely, too; it will surround your little one in comfort while allowing air to flow.

The size of this versatile blanket is perfect for keeping newborns warm, as a neat crib or pram cover and also as a machine-washable play mat. The thoughtful packaging also means it would make a beautiful and luxurious gift.

2. Best budget baby blanket: Clair De Lune Cellular Baby Cot Blanket

Clair de Lune Cellular baby cot blanket

Price on writing: £12.99 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Size: 150 x 100 cm | Care: Machine washable at 40 | Material: 100% Cotton | Colour options: Blue; grey; pink; white

Reasons to buy

  • Made in high-quality, ethical Oeko-Tex factories

  • Traditional cellular design

  • Fantastic value

Reasons to avoid

  • May need washing before use

What Mumsnet users say

“Cotton cellular blankets are good. They regulate temperature well and they have holes in them so are safer against accidental suffocation.” (Type of blanket recommended by Mumsnet user elliemara)

Our verdict

The Clair de Lune Cellular Cot Blanket is practical, excellent value and a must for any new baby. The breathable cellular design has been a bedding essential for generations as it both traps and releases air to keep your little one warm in chilly weather and cool during the summer months.

These robust blankets are made from 100% sustainable cotton and are made in ethical OEKO-TEX factories, so you know they are high quality and safe. They can be machine-washed at 40 degrees and dry quickly too.

These large blankets are ideal if you need bedding for your new arrival’s nursery and travel system. They are versatile, will look and feel great for years and won’t cost a fortune if you need to buy more than one. They also come in a smaller size too, which you can get for just £9.50.

3. Best blanket for newborn babies: Love to Dream Swaddle Up Original Baby Blanket

Love to Dream Swaddle Up Original Baby Blanket

Price on writing: £39.39 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Size: 53 x 27 cm | Care: Machine washable | Material: 97 % cotton 7% elastane | Colour options: Grey

Reasons to buy

  • 30-day Love to Dream money-back guarantee

  • Super soft fabric

  • Beautiful designs available

Reasons to avoid

  • Expensive

What Mumsnet users say

“With both my babies, the 'Love to Dream' swaddles have been great.” (Suggested by Mumsnet user PaySeeWhiTa)

Our verdict

The Love to Dream Original Swaddle blankets are a fabulous solution to keeping a tiny baby warm, safe and settled. Swaddling can make newborns sleep better because it reminds them of the womb and the three-step fit of this innovative product makes that super simple.

We loved all the thoughtful features such as a double zip for the middle of the night nappy changing; the Hip Dysplasia Institute approved shape and the clever ‘arms up’ design which encourages a natural sleeping position.

Made from a single layer of breathable cotton, these soft and stretchy blankets are easy to machine wash and will dry quickly. Love to Dream Swaddles aren’t cheap, and you’ll probably need at least two, so they would be the perfect item for a new baby gift list.

4. Best super soft baby blanket: Mamas & Papas Welcome to the World Baby Blanket

Mamas & Papas Welcome to the World Baby Blanket

Price on writing: £28.95 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Size: 80 x 100 cm | Care: Machine washable | Material: 100% cotton | Colour options: Grey and white elephant

Reasons to buy

  • Part of a coordinated nursery range

  • Can be tumble dried

  • Beautiful gender neutral design

Reasons to avoid

  • Light colour palette will mark easily

What Mumsnet users say

“Mamas & Papas also have lovely blankets.” (Brand recommended by Mumsnet user HJWT)

Our verdict

The Mamas and Papas Super Soft Baby Blanket is part of a beautiful, high-quality nursery range, so your home will have an elegant but fun coordinated look. It feels luxurious and is the perfect receiving blanket for your newborn to snuggle up in.

Made from naturally antibacterial bamboo cotton, these silky blankets are ideal for delicate baby skin. They can be machine washed and tumble dried repeatedly without showing signs of wear.

The versatile size and breathable knitted construction are suitable for a cot, pushchair or tummy time mat, and they can be folded in winter or used as a single layer on warmer days.

5. Best breathable baby blanket: John Lewis & Partners Organic Cotton Cellular Blanket

John Lewis & Partners Organic Cotton Cellular Blanket

Price on writing: £15.00 | Buy now from John Lewis & Partners

Key specs

Size: 90 x 70 cm | Care: Machine washable at 40 | Material: 100% organic cotton | Colour options: Grey; pink; white; blue

Reasons to buy

  • Comes packaged ready to gift

  • Great value

  • Certified organic cotton

Reasons to avoid

  • Needs a first wash to soften

Our verdict

The John Lewis and Partners cellular blanket range is crafted from premium quality, fully certified GOTS organic cotton and is available in various practical sizes and pretty pastel colours.

Soft-to-touch and with a silky satin trim that babies will love to stroke, these blankets feel special and make a lovely, inexpensive gift and an affordable complete set of bedding. They wash well at 40 degrees and will dry quickly.

Cellular blankets have been a must-have for new babies for generations. The unique fabric structure allows air to flow and remains breathable when folded, allowing you to buy slightly bigger sizes that will be useful for longer.

6. Best baby blankets for summer: The White Company Satin Edged Cellular Baby Blanket

The White Company Satin Edged Cellular Baby Blanket

Price on writing: from £20.00 | Buy now from The White Company

Key specs

Size: 150 x 100 cm | Care: Machine washable | Material: 100% cotton | Colour options: Grey; blue; white; pink

Reasons to buy

  • The White Company is a lovely brand to gift

  • Extra soft

  • Available in different sizes

 Reasons to avoid

  • Muted colours only

What Mumsnet users say

“I bought a cellular from The White Company with silk edging, it’s lovely.” (Tried and tested by Mumsnet user iforgotwhatiwasgoingtosay)

Our verdict

The White Company Cellular Blankets are gorgeous, they are more expensive than other brands in a similar style, but we think they are worth the extra. The brushed cotton feels soft and kind to delicate skin from purchase.

These lovely blankets are machine washable, won’t take long to dry and will look and feel snuggly for many years of use. We loved the silky edges that are cool on the skin, and babies will love stroking.

Cellular blankets are completely breathable as the holes encourage airflow. They will also trap air, so your little one will be cosy and warm in winter and cool but protected from drafts on hot days.

7. Best warm baby blankets for winter: Mimixiong Knitted Pram Blanket

Mimixiong Double layer cellular blanket

Price on writing: £15.99 | Buy now from Amazon

Key specs

Size: 75 x 95 cm | Care: Gentle machine wash/hand wash | Material: 100% Acrylic | Colour options: Teal sheep print

Reasons to buy

  • Double-sided design

  • Would make a lovely gift

  • Great value

Reasons to avoid

  • Cool machine wash only

Our verdict

We adored the design of the Mimixiong Knitted Pram Blanket; it’s reversible, with black and white stripes on one side and sweet fluffy sheep on a teal background on the other, all finished off with rainbow trim.

The double-layered, knitted fabric is ideal for cold winter days in the pram or as a sleep blanket in a cooler room. The thick material also means it would make a comfortable play mat for tummy time.

This stunning yet affordable blanket is made from strong acrylic so that it will be a valuable piece of baby and toddler kit for many years; however, that does mean it needs to be machine washed on a cool setting.

What temperature should my baby’s room be?

Many new parents think that a baby’s room needs to be warm, but a cooler room is much safer and better for quality sleep.

Sleep safety charity The Lullaby Trust recommends a nursery temperature of 16-20° C. with 18°C being the optimum.

How to use a baby blanket safely

Safe sleeping is a priority for all new parents; the thought of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is terrifying. However, following guidelines from The Lullaby Trust and the NHS will reassure you that you’re doing everything to protect your child.

  • Cellular blankets are great because they are breathable and can be easily layered by folding.

  • Put your baby in a feet-to-foot position (baby feet at the foot of the cot) and tuck them securely into the blanket.

  • Blankets should be tucked in, so they are always below shoulder height.

  • Layer up lightweight blankets rather than use one thick one; this allows you to control how warm your baby is with more ease.

  • A folded blanket counts as two layers.

  • Cotton cellular blankets are breathable and allow air to flow.

  • Your baby’s head should always be uncovered.

  • Never use a quilt, duvet or pillow for babies under a year.

  • Don’t let your baby get too hot (or cold) a place to check is the back of the neck or chest, if it feels hot and sweaty remove a layer of bedding or sleepwear. Remember that their tiny hands and feet will always feel cooler than the rest of the body.

Is it OK to cover my baby with a blanket?

Yes, it’s safe. For naps and bedtime, use layers of lightweight blankets, adding more or less depending on the temperature. For the pram or pushchair, thicker blankets can create warmth. However, never allow your baby’s head to be covered up.

Please visit the NHS’s guide to reducing the risk of SIDS for essential safety tips.

What's the best baby blanket to buy?

The Little Green Sheep Knitted Blanket is Mumsnet's best baby blanket to buy for 2022. It's gentle to senstive skin, warm and versatile - plus the company that makes them is environmentally conscious.

How we chose our recommendations

We’ve thoroughly investigated the best baby blankets you can buy in 2022, including researching a wide range of trusted sources to find the blankets that come up tops. Here's how we thoughtfully selected our top picks.

Recommendations from real Mumsnet users

Many of our users within the Mumsnet community are new parents facing the challenge of keeping their little ones warm and cosy, and we wanted to find soft and robust bedding to help. So, we weighed up Mumsnetters' tried and tested reviews and recommendations on the muslins, crib covers and travel blankets they’ve used and rated from their own parenting experiences, including their advice on fabric softness, practicality and washability.

Expert opinions

A gorgeous baby blanket, especially one that has been lovingly crafted from cashmere or merino wool, can be expensive. So we were keen to be sure that the bedding we recommended was safe for sleep and would last for years while still looking and feeling great. Therefore we listened to babycare experts at various parenting sites  and the sleep safety charity The Lullaby Trust on which types of blankets they rate and trust to perform well.

Authentic customer reviews

Finally, we evaluated trusted bestseller lists and authentic reviews from various retailer sites to see which products were highly rated. Then we weighed up the pros and cons of each baby blanket to determine which were best suited to keeping babies of all ages safe and comfortable.

Whether you’re after a beautiful gift for a new mum or a breathable layer for your newborn’s crib, here are the best baby blankets to buy in 2023.

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