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Best Moses basket mattresses for a safe night's sleep

Find the perfect safe place for your baby to lay their head with our pick of the very best Moses basket mattresses. 

By Mumsnet HQ | Last updated Feb 23, 2022

baby in Moses basket

A Moses basket isn’t used for as long as a cot or other type of newborn bed, but your newborn will spend many hours in theirs as they'll initially sleep for up to 18 hours in every 24.

As such, you’ll want to be sure that the mattress that goes in their Moses basket is both safe and comfortable. 

It’s advised that you buy a new Moses basket mattress for each child (although reusing the basket itself is fine). However, it may not be something you want to splash hundreds of pounds on as it does have a limited life span.

With all that in mind, we consulted both safe sleep experts and real parents to put together this guide to buying the right Moses basket mattress for your baby so you can rest easy while your baby sleeps soundly. 

Here are the best Moses basket mattresses to buy in 2022.

1. Best overall Moses basket mattress: Mother Nurture Classic Foam Moses Basket Mattress

Mother Nurture Moses basket mattress

Price: £13.59 | Buy now from Amazon

Size: 74 x 28 x 4cm; 65 x 28 x 3.5cm; 67 x 30 x 4cm

This standard-sized Moses basket mattress is a reliable buy with lots of little extras that you might not expect from a mattress at this price point.

It’s similar in price and size to the Clair de Lune Palm Moses Basket Mattress (see below) and would also fit the Clair de Lune Palm Moses Basket, but it offers just that little more.

The 4cm-thick mattress is hand sewn using only the highest quality materials and is constructed from three layers for maximum comfort: a nursery-grade foam for good support, the Kidtech sleep surface for durability and, finally, a hypoallergenic water-resistant Cosyquilt sleep surface. This cover can be removed and machine-washed at 40 degrees. 


  • Water-resistant, machine-washable cover
  • Quilting for added comfort
  • Available in three sizes


  • Some parents feel it comes up slightly longer than stated

2. Best budget Moses basket mattress: John Lewis & Partners Basic Fibre Moses Basket Mattress

John Lewis Basic Moses basket mattress

Price: £10 | Buy now from John Lewis & Partners

Size: 74 x 28 x 4cm

“I was given both a second hand Moses basket and crib and bought basic John Lewis mattresses which have been great and used for two DC.” (Tried and tested by Mumsnet user FoxtrotSkarloey)

John Lewis comes up trumps again with a functional but good quality Moses basket mattress that’s part of its popular ANYDAY range.

If you’re trying to keep your newborn essentials shopping list on budget, this is a great buy. The mattress is a generous 4cm thick and is made from a 100% recycled PET fibre core, with a polypropylene cover.

Parents say it has a medium-firm feel and offer good support for a baby’s posture. The cover is made from a micropore material, which increases air circulation and breathability, but is wipe-clean only - the only downside.

However, for a tenner, we think this mattress offers a lot and stands up well next to Moses basket mattresses at more than twice the price.


  • Excellent price
  • 4cm thickness
  • Good breathability - better for children with allergies


  • Cover isn’t removable for washing
  • Slightly less firm than some Moses basket mattresses

3. Best foam Moses basket mattress: Clair de Lune Palm Moses Basket Mattress

Clair de Lune Moses basket mattress

Price: £12.99 | Buy now from Amazon

Size: 74 x 28 x 2.5cm

“We’ve got a Clair de Lune one [...] and still got lots of life left in it.” (Recommended by Mumsnet user user1493413286

This foam and spun-bound fabric mattress is a great buy from a trusted baby equipment provider.

It’s designed to fit the Clair de Lune Palm Moses Basket, but also fits the Noah Pod and is a standard size so should be just fine in most Moses baskets - just make sure you measure up first.

It’s only 2.5cm thick but feels firm and well-padded - however, we’d like it to be a little thicker for a comfier feel. The removable cover is machine-washable at 40 degrees and is water-repellent, making it easy to clean up after any spit-ups. 


  • Removable, water-repellent cover
  • Standard size, so will fit lots of Moses baskets


  • Quite thin but feels robust

4. Best fibre Moses basket mattress: John Lewis & Partners Premium Fibre Moses Basket Mattress

John Lewis Premium Moses basket mattress

Price: £25 | Buy now from John Lewis & Partners

Size: 66 x 28 x 4cm; 74 x 28 x 4cm

This foam Moses basket mattress is an upgrade of the budget Basic Fibre Moses Basket Mattress we feature above.

With a removable, washable cover (something that's missing from the basic version), the fibre-filled mattress is nice and thick at 4cm, though parents say it has more of a medium feel, which may be a deal-breaker if you'd prefer the peace of mind of a very firm mattress.

The sides are hand-stitched and the quilted cover feels comfy while remaining breathable, helping to keep your baby at the right temperature with its microfibre fabric.

The whole thing has the quality feel you’d expect from John Lewis. Plus, of course, if you’re in there gathering up all your baby essentials, it’s nice and easy to tick another thing off the list without a fuss. 


  • Removable, machine-washable cover


  • Medium feel might not feel firm enough for some
  • £15 more expensive than the John Lewis & Partners Basic Fibre Moses Basket Mattress - the only real difference being the machine-washable cover

5. Best machine-washable Moses basket mattress: Linens Limited Deluxe Quilted Moses Basket Mattress

Linens Limited Moses basket mattress

Price: £12.49 | Buy now from Amazon

Size: 74 x 28 x 3.5cm

The cover of this mattress by Linens zips off easily and can be chucked in the washing machine at up to 60 degrees, making it a very practical choice for new parents.

At just a couple of pounds more than the John Lewis & Partners Basic Fibre Moses Basket Mattress, the ability to remove and wash the cover is quite a bonus.

The 3.5cm-thick mattress can be turned to keep it fresh and has a luxury quilted hypoallergenic panel on one side for comfort, plus a plain base panel on the other. The mattress itself is made from a dense anti-dent foam, which supports your baby really well, and the cover is both water-resistant for practicality and breathable to help with temperature regulation.

The hypoallergenic quilted cover is also suitable for children who suffer from dust mite allergies. 


  • Quilted hypoallergenic cover
  • Standard size makes it easy to find Moses basket sheets


  • Although reversible, both sides of the cover aren’t quilted

6. Best hypoallergenic Moses basket mattress: Suzy Microfibre Hypoallergenic Moses Basket Mattress

Suzy microfibre Moses basket mattress

Price: £27.99 | Buy now from Amazon

Size: 74 x 28 x 4cm

For any parent concerned about allergies, this mattress by Suzy offers a bit of reassurance. The cover prevents against bacteria and dust mites, and is both removable and washable - parents who've purchased this mattress have been particularly impressed by the fact that the zip to remove the cover goes the whole length of one side, making middle-of-the-night laundry changes much easier.

The 4cm-thick, high-density foam feels firm and the quilted cover is very cosy, adding a bit of softness.

For what it is, we feel this mattress is slightly pricier than it could be. Yes, it’s hypoallergenic, but then so is the Linens Limited Deluxe Quilted Moses Basket Mattress at half the price. And yes, the quilting is lovely, but the Mother Nurture Classic Foam Moses Basket Mattress also offers that for a lot less too.

So we’re not convinced this mattress offers quite as much bang for your buck as some, but it’s still a solid buy, particularly if allergies are a concern for you. 


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Removable cover


  • Pricier than similarly designed Moses basket mattresses

7. Best small Moses basket mattress: Mamas & Papas Small Moses Basket Mattress

Mamas & Papas small Moses basket mattress

Price: £19 | Buy now from Amazon

Size: 67 x 30 x 3.5cm 

“Mamas & Papas have a mattress guide on their website which I found very helpful in explaining the options. We got my son’s mattress from there and have been very happy with it.” (Rated by Mumsnet user mycatlikestwiglets)

What sets this mattress apart from the others is not just its non-standard size (the majority of Moses basket mattresses are 74 x 28cm) but the fact that it’s so easy to find compatible Moses baskets, sheets, stands and more from Mamas & Papas. The brand also offers a larger mattress size.

This mattress works with the Mamas & Papas Dream Upon a Cloud Moses Basket but will fit other designs of these dimensions too.

The fibre mattress is 3.5cm thick and uses active probiotic treatment to ward off dust mites and other allergens. Its temperature-regulating design keeps your baby cosy, but not too warm, all night long.

The mattress cover is both removable and washable, but you can actually wash the mattress core with this model, which is something that isn’t possible with most, and would be a bonus if you had to deal with a big nappy overflow or a massive puke.


  • Completely washable
  • Anti-allergen


  • Not as thick as some Moses basket mattresses

8. Best eco-friendly Moses basket mattress: The Little Green Sheep Natural Moses Basket Mattress

The Little Green Sheep Moses basket mattress

Price: £50.96 | Buy now from Amazon

Size: 74 x 28 x 3cm; 66.5 x 30 x 3cm (custom sizing also available)

“We've ways bought The Little Green Sheep mattresses for Moses basket/SnüzPod/cot and have been really pleased with them.” (Tried and tested by Mumsnet user lobsteroll)

If being green is at the top of your agenda when it comes to baby buys, The Little Green Sheep is worth getting to know - and its Natural Moses Basket Mattress is a really lovely offering.

We must be honest and point out that, at nearly £60, it really ought to be pretty lovely, but eco-friendly products do tend to come at a premium. The mattress is made from just four ‘ingredients’ - coconut, cotton, natural latex and wool - which provide a firm, safe base for your baby to sleep on, and one which won’t create pressure points.

Parents who’ve bought the mattress say it keeps its shape really well. The coconut and latex makes up the core of the mattress, a layer of temperature-regulating, breathable wool surrounds it, and then a cotton herringbone cover holds it all together. So far so good.

However, the main issue consumers have with this mattress is that, green as it is, it’s not waterproof and is sponge-clean only. The Little Green Sheep also recommends that you buy one of its mattress protectors, so the price can start to mount up.

The Little Green Sheep makes Moses basket mattresses in three sizes, so as well as this standard size there are also mattresses designed to fit Mamas & Papas and Mothercare Moses baskets. There’s also an option to buy a fully customisable mattress if you happen to have an unusually sized Moses basket.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Handmade natural product
  • Lots of size options


  • Right at the pricier end of the market
  • Sponge-clean only
  • Need to buy additional mattress cover
  • Less thick than other Moses basket mattresses

What thickness should a Moses basket mattress be?

Moses basket mattresses are usually somewhere between 3.5 and 5cm in thickness. Some expert advice suggests that they should be a minimum of 5cm but many of the well known and respected manufacturers make them at 4cm thick, and much less.

While Moses basket mattresses do feel much thinner than normal mattresses - more like a pad - The Lullaby Trust advises that it should simply be “firm, flat and waterproof.”

Are all Moses basket mattresses the same size?

No. The standard width is 28cm and standard lengths usually 74cm or 65cm, but double check before you buy to ensure that your chosen mattress will fit your Moses basket snugly - gaps around the edges should not exceed 3cm - and that you’re buying the correctly sized fitted sheets.

If you have an unusually sized Moses basket, there are lots of companies that make bespoke mattresses for Moses baskets. 

Can you use a secondhand Moses basket mattress?

It’s recommended that you buy a new Moses basket mattress for each baby, even your own children. The NCT says, “It might not seem like a big deal to reuse mattresses from your eldest child’s Moses basket or cot, or accept a hand-me-down from a friend. But bear in mind that doing this could mean a small increase in your baby’s risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). That applies if you’re using one that’s come from outside your house and if you lent it to somebody else in between babies.”

The NHS says, “If you're borrowing a crib or a cot, or using one that's been used by another of your children, you should ideally buy a new mattress. If you cannot do this, use the cot mattress you have, as long as it's firm (not soft), flat, fits the cot with no gaps, is clean, dry, waterproof and not ripped or torn.”

In reality, lots of Mumsnetters say they did reuse a mattress between siblings. But if you’re going to reuse it, do make sure that it’s in good condition.

What else should I consider when buying the best Moses basket mattress? 

As well as size and ensuring a good fit, there are a few more things to look out for:

  • Materials: Most Moses basket mattresses are made from foam, which is comfortable but also firm and supportive. But you can also buy mattresses made from hypoallergenic and natural materials. Even if your mattress is foam, you can look out for brands that have been treated to discourage dust mites, and many mattresses will come with a hypoallergenic cover. 
  • Firmness: You want a mattress that's nice and firm and definitely not too soft as this helps to reduce the risk of SIDS. 
  • Waterproof cover: As well as being a safety feature recommended by sleep experts and doctors (you don’t want any germs getting into the mattress and growing there), a waterproof cover is also more practical. Your baby will posset regularly on the sheets and it can sink through quickly, so look for mattresses with covers that can be quickly and easily removed for machine-washing.

How should I wash a Moses basket mattress?

It’s best not to wash a Moses basket mattress, unless the packaging specifically states you can, so check the instructions and recommendations for the product.

Most should come with a removable, machine-washable cover anyway, so there should be no need to wash the mattress itself.  

What is the best Moses basket mattress?

We think the best Moses basket mattress is the Mother Nurture Classic Foam Moses Basket Mattress as it offers great value for money as well as lots of safety features, including nursery-grade foam for maximum support. 

How we chose our recommendations

Before we began researching the best Moses basket mattresses, we first scrutinised the latest safe sleep advice from trusted organisations such as The Lullaby Trust, the NCT and the NHS so we could be confident that all the mattresses we were recommending were safe.

We also consulted renowned consumer organisations such as Which? to gather information on how to choose the best quality products and also those that would offer the most value for money. 

Finally, we scoured the Mumsnet forums, where real parents offer honest and impartial advice about the products that have worked for them, as well as analysing reviews from customers and consumer experts on various other websites.

We took all the mattresses that came most highly recommended by consumers and parents to draw up a shortlist of 20 products and then narrowed it down to the eight you see here, which we think offer enough choice for every family. 

Why you should trust us

At Mumsnet, we believe parents should be able to access impartial and honest advice about products and services they may purchase.

We consult real parents as well as experts so we can offer the benefit of honest experience and we don’t take payment for our reviews from companies.

Our team of reviewers is made up of experienced consumer and parenting journalists who between them have a wealth of experience and knowledge at their fingertips.