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Grobag review

The Gro Company has been dominating the baby sleeping bag game for the best part of 20 years with its safe, stylish and reliable Grobags. The side-zip Grobag is its bestseller and the best baby sleeping bag to buy according to parents.

By Mumsnet HQ | Last updated May 27, 2021

baby in grobag

The Gro Company’s products look undeniably premium but it’s their safety credentials which are truly impressive. Grobags have the Lullaby Trust seal of approval and were the inspiration for the current British safety guidelines. The company's side zip bag is its most popular and it’s not hard to see why. It’s designed to make night-time nappy changes easier and is perfect for young babies who have outgrown their swaddle.


  • Great quality

  • Approved by the Lullaby Trust

  • Internal zip guards

  • Studs under the arms to make sure your baby doesn’t slip down into the sleeping bag

  • Comes with a free nursery thermometer

  • Great for night-time nappy changes

  • Washes well

  • Great style options


  • The polyester filling comes in two tog ratings, so you'll need to buy different sleeping bags for summer and winter

Key features of the Grobag

  • Available in sizes 0-6 months, 6-18 months and 18-36 months

  • 100% woven cotton outer with 100% cotton jersey lining

  • Quick-dry polyester filling on the 2.5 tog (1.0 tog is 100% jersey cotton throughout)

  • Available in a variety of colours and style to suit every baby

  • RRP: £34.99

  • Machine washable and tumble-dryer friendly

How easy it is to use day to day?

The fabric of the Grobag is top notch – not only is it soft and snuggly but it washes incredibly well and doesn’t get that lumpy effect that other, slightly cheaper, sleeping bags tend to suffer from.

Our tester even spilled spaghetti Bolognese on the Grobag, but we are pleased to report that the stain came off after just one wash. Double-stitching in the internal seams means there are no loose edges, even after numerous washes – it wears incredibly well.

How does the Grobag look?

If we told you we spent over an hour happily browsing the website, it might give you an idea of just how lovely the Grobag designs really are. From loud, bold colours to fun animal prints, there is a design for everyone out there. Our tester loved the more subtle colours but the bright and bold options are lovely, too.

Our tester's baby used the stunning interstellar sparkle jacquard Grobag, which has beautiful grey and turquoise stars set on a white quilted background. It was fun, looked great and our tester's baby certainly loved it (he ended up carrying it around with him instead of his faithful blue rabbit).

One of the great things about the Gro Company is it has lots of fabulous unisex choices and has the traditional pinks and blues, if that’s what you prefer. We challenge you not to find a design that you love.

How does the Grobag feel?

The Grobag is soft and snuggly. Its comfort factor lies in the fact that it is double stitched, so there are no loose threads to irritate a baby and the internal zip guards means there is no chance of the zip rubbing on your baby's skin. Safe and snuggly? Full marks, and one of the many reasons it won our Mumsnet Best award.

How do I wash the Grobag?

Ease of washing and washing well are high on our wishlist for a product like this. So, there was only one thing to do to test this out. After feeding tester's baby his favourite spaghetti Bolognese for supper, we “accidentally” spilt some on his sleeping bag, and were very impressed to find it came out after just one wash.

However, what surprised us even more was the fact the Grobag felt softer after being washed than it did before it went into the machine. It also didn’t get that lumpy effect that other, slightly cheaper sleeping bags tend to suffer with after being washed numerous times.

grobag with star pattern

Is the Grobag safe?

You’re in the safest of hands here. The Grobag is double-stitched so there are no loose threads. It has internal zip guards to prevent the zip rubbing on your baby’s skin and the neck opening is sized in line with British Safety Standards so you don’t have to worry about it being too tight or loose around your baby’s neck.

We were incredibly impressed by the free nursery thermometer that comes with the sleeping bag so that you can monitor the temperature of the room and then decide which tog sleeping bag you should use. For a sleep-deprived parent, extra help like this goes a long way and having all this information to hand is just perfect.

Is Grobag good value for money?

The fact you have to buy different togs might mean that the price can quickly rocket. The solution? Perhaps Grobag should think about doing a bumper pack with various togs to make it more affordable for the average mum. But that would be our only complaint.

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