Double buggies are designed to transport more than one child from A to B. They typically come in one of two forms: tandem, where one sits above or in front of the other, or twin, where both children sit side-by-side. Some double buggies also convert to a single buggy, perfect for siblings where the older child outgrows the need for a buggy before the younger.

Why might you need one?

If you are expecting twins, or a second baby to an older sibling spaced just a few years apart, you will almost certainly choose to invest in a double buggy. Not only are they useful for transporting small babies who cannot yet walk, but a double buggy makes an invaluable resting place for toddlers with limited energy for excursions and day trips, providing both a comfortable spot for that midday nap and a safe space for busy situations.

This guide is exclusively about double buggies; see our separate guides if you are looking for a single pram, a lightweight stroller or a travel system.

Things to consider


Double buggies are not the cheapest of travel solution on the market, with prices ranging from £119.99 (Joie Aire Twin) to £1,360.00 (iCandy Peach Blossom Twin). Working out your budget beforehand will certainly help, as some buggies come with extras (eg rain covers) that need to be purchased separately.

Age Range

Whilst most double prams on the market are suitable from birth, pressure to keep double buggies compact means they tend to be on the small side. Whilst on paper the buggies are able to carry the children until they outgrow them, in reality children can physically outgrow the buggies before they are capable of walking the distances required not to need one. If you have twins, this is less of an issue as they should grow at the same rate. However, if you have children of different ages, there's a danger your eldest will outgrow the buggy while your youngest still needs it. In this case, it could be a good idea to buy a double that converts to a single, so you'll still be able to use it.

A family expecting to use the double buggy with one or more newborn babies will want to consider whether their new pram is suitable from birth, such as the Bugaboo Donkey2, or whether, as with the iCandy Peach Blossom Twin, they will require additional carrycots. Conversely, a family with an older child should consider the maximum weight limit for the double buggy (some brands offer a desirable maximum weight of 25kg, which is approximately age five to six so should more than last the course). They could also look for a double buggy that converts to a single buggy, more common with the tandems than twins, such as the Silver Cross Wave and the Britax B-Ready Double.

When the toddler is tantrumming and the baby is crying and you just need to get out, you will be grateful of a double buggy.


When considering your double buggy options, take a moment to assess your lifestyle and the role that the double buggy will have within that. If you take public transport regularly, you may prefer to go for a tandem double buggy rather than a side-by-side twin, which may not fit down narrow bus aisles. Conversely, parents who drive everywhere will be more invested in whether the double buggy fits compactly into the boot of their car. Those who live outside a city, or who have an active all-weathers dog to walk, such as our tester, will almost certainly want to consider a double buggy that rates highly for its off-road abilities.

Top tip: Definitely measure your front door before you purchase a twin-style double buggy, as you will need to be certain that your buggy is able to fit through it!

In-Store Checklist

What is your budget? Be mindful of your personal non-negotiable features in a double buggy and where you might be able to compromise in order to save money.

Where will you be pushing your double buggy? Do you need to be able to navigate mud and rough terrain or will it mostly be pushed on smooth pavement?

Will your double buggy need to fit through narrow aisles, such as on buses and trains? Will you take it shopping regularly and need to get through narrow shop doorways?

Do you need it from birth?

Do you expect one child to outgrow it before the second? Does the buggy accommodate this (ie can you remove one seat?)

Will you have space to store it?

Will it fit in your home and car?

Storage – is there room to carry a massive twin changing bag as well as your shopping? Can you hang a bag from the handles without risk of it overbalancing?

What’s included? Are you paying loads extra for 'sold separately' basic accessories or is it good value for money?

Test it out in store, including the folding mechanism, reclining mechanism, and adjustable handlebar.

Does it feel comfortable to walk around with? Can you turn it easily in tight spaces, and manoeuvre it over the kerb?

Aesthetically, do you LOVE it? Do not splurge on a double buggy that you will feel unhappy to walk about with every day!


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