10 surprising things to make with your blender

Fruit smoothies? That's SO last year. Lidl asked Mumsnetters to get creative with their ideas for making the most of their blenders, juicers or nutrition mixers

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1. Hidden vegetable pasta sauce

Pasta sauce

"I've been making pasta sauce in my blender with lots of hidden vegetables. I whizz up the beef mince as well, as the children claim not to enjoy eating it when it's lumpy, making a smooth vegetable and meat sauce that the kids LOVE!"

2. Veggie blender burgers

Veggie burgers

"Add a tin of kidney beans, two slices of bread, a carrot, one bunch of spring onions, one bunch of coriander and five mushrooms to a blender. Blend it all together. Add more bread if needed. These can then be cooked in the oven or even frozen for a quick meal. My daughter loves this - they contain no salt and are packed with protein and veg."

3. Carrot and cinnamon ice cream

Girl eating ice cream

"Carrots, cinnamon, vanilla ice cream - whizz it up and if it's to go, take it in a flask to keep it cool. Sounds weird but I promise it is AMAZING!"

4. Instant frappuccino


"Put ice cubes, milk, sugar and some coffee granules in the blender for one minute. Miles better than Starbucks - it goes all thick and creamy!"

5. Broccoli stalk smoothie


"Here's a juice to use up the tough stalk from a head of broccoli, which tastes surprisingly good: three medium apples, one medium beetroot, one large broccoli stalk, one inch of root ginger."

6. Stir-in pasta sauce

"I fry two red onions and a clove of garlic in a pan, then pop this mixture into a blender with 5 roasted red peppers from a jar Lidl do a massive one for £1.79!). Blitz, and stir through cooked pasta. It is really thick and creamy, and the kids love it. And it can be made within 10 minutes of coming home."

7. Homemade cough mixture

Cinnamon and cloves

"Take a hand-sized piece of ginger root (cleaned and peeled), 250ml orange juice, one tsp black peppercorns, one tsp cloves, a finger-sized piece of cassia bark or cinnamon stick, a jar of honey or golden syrup. 

Blend all the ingredients apart from the honey/syrup and boil in a pan for five minutes. Strain into a measuring jug through a fine metal sieve, tea strainer or muslin. Add a quantity of honey/syrup that is equal to the amount of liquid you have and mix together. 

Allow to cool and store in the fridge in a glass bottle or jar. Take with a spoon or add to a cup of hot water."

8. 'Everything in!' smoothie

"Add a cube of frozen spinach to a packet of Lidl frozen mixed berry selection (it has strawberries, which no others I've tried have), plus anything that's on the turn in the fruit bowl like pears, nectarines, plums etc. Add in some chia seeds and a spoonful of Lidl's milled linseed with goji berries. Blitz till it's smooth with some apple juice."

9. Almond butter

"I've just made almond butter and it's a lovely, healthier alternative to peanut butter. Very simple to do."

10. Cold morning hot breakfast drink


"We love this breakfast drink - take a cup of very hot milk and add banana, cinnamon, honey, PB2 powder or Horlicks and a handful of oats. Whizz up and drink while it's hot."

And one thing to make, just for yourself

Watermelon cocktail

"A refreshing cocktail made from approximately three cups of very cold seedless watermelon, the juice of two limes and 60ml rum."


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